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05-10-2017: Paducah, Texas - Area of Circulation (Small Hail) within Tornado Warned Storm - RFD

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***NOT FOR BROADCAST***Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to [email protected] is some, raw-edited, video of a tornado-warned storm near Paducah, Texas from May 10, 2017 showing Circulation as it crossed the road ahead of us. This storm dropped a brief period of rain, small hail, rfd.


LSM LSMwx LiveStormsMedia StormChasing TVNews TVwx HDVideo 2017 Paducah paducah Going Paducah Paducah Drive By Texas field operation range space breadth compass distance expanse size sphere stretch width sector city square neighborhood zone locality section county state territory kingdom division domain parcel plot vicinity patch precinct dominion tract turf ward quarter enclosure block belt neck of the woods township principality whole bailiwick area beat diocese district jurisdiction province realm bed border frame garden piece row strip layer region amplitude comprehensiveness dimension extensiveness fullness gamut greatness inclusiveness largeness magnitude measure orbit reach scale scope spread sweep vastness circuit ambit circle circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution course cycle gyration gyre journey lap limit line perambulation perimeter periphery round route tour turn turning twirl way wheel whirl wind winding center middle interior 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