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10 Bizarre Ways to Avoid Being Dinner

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If you're a wild animal, you might spend your days actively trying to NOT become another animal's dinner. And some animals have come up with some pretty ...


SciShow science Hank Green education learn assassin bugs moths bats echolocation jamming california ground squirrels hot tail gopher snakes tail flagging bombardier beetles hydrogen peroxide benzoquinones synchrotron X-ray imaging black-capped chickadees triggerfish boxer crabs pom-pom crabs symbiotic relationships hagfish mucins Thomson's gazelle Pronking stotting ground beetle larvae epomis larva weird odd camp queer kooky outre grody outré usual common normal regular serious abnormal atypical bizarre deviant different flaky mental nonstandard off-base off-color out of line peculiar psycho strange unusual aberrant anomalistic anomalous curious deviate deviating divergent eccentric exceptional extraordinary fantastic funny gross heteroclite heterodox heteromorphic irregular preternatural screwy spastic uncommon unexpected unnatural unorthodox foreign incongruous inconsistent prodigious rare unrepresentative untypical convoluted elaborate embellished extravagant flamboyant florid gilt grotesque ornamented ornate overdecorated rich rococo absurd balmy beyond all reason cockeyed derisory fatuous foolhardy foolish goofy half-baked harebrained idiotic ill-conceived impracticable imprudent inane inappropriate insane irresponsible loony ludicrous nonsensical out of all reason outrageous preposterous puerile quixotic ridiculous senseless short-sighted silly unworkable wild exotic marvelous mysterious novel oddball puzzling quaint remarkable singular unconventional unique wonderful baroque crazy style fashion form means process move idea system thing step course manner use measure policy action plan shot habit hook stroke design plot custom vehicle usage scheme kick hang-up tack wont wise outline mode groove modus end trend path line road walk street march avenue row space access gate door track trail drag extent artery lane room ride orbit length entry byway denial egress halt block exit tone nature detail state aspect sense status point fettle trait gait trick shape guise praxis whole address attitude bearing carriage comportment demeanor deportment manners mien posture stance tenue ways a piece abroad abstracted apart arm's length asunder away backwoods beyond range far far back far-flung far-off farther further in the background in the boonies in the distance in the sticks inaccessible indirect isolated middle of nowhere not home obscure out of earshot out of range out of reach out-of-the-way outlying remote removed retired secluded secret separate sequestered telescopic unapproachable wide of yonder a good way a long way afar bit deep distant end of rainbow far piece far-removed faraway good ways long miles piece stone's throw methods and means methods and resources wherewithal admittance approach connection contact entrance entree entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door passage route way acceptance certification confirmation designation initiation permission reception recognition welcome conduct ways and means admission Way Ways dodge avert evade bypass escape shun shy jump hide shake divert eschew elude desist recoil duck flee shirk ditch skirt skip weave face meet allow help stay seek want abjure abnegate avoid cease constrain curb decline deny oneself do without fast fence-sit forbear forgo give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from pass pass up quit refrain refuse renounce sit on one's hands sit on the fence sit out spurn starve stop take the cure take the pledge withhold deflect deter fend off foil forestall frustrate halt look away preclude prevent rule out shove aside shunt stave off turn turn aside turn away ward off back down back pedal beg off blow it off cancel chicken out cop out get cold feet go back on recant renege resign scratch shy from surrender throw in the towel weasel out welsh wiggle out worm out attend be cautious be wary guard against heed keep eyes open keep on one's toes keep one's distance look out mind mind p's and q's notice refrain from steer clear of take care take heed walk on eggs watch one's step watch out bar blackball blacklist brush off cut off embargo exclude hold aloof from ice out ostracize outlaw pass by prohibit proscribe reject shut out snub strike withhold patronage back out bow out funk out give way have no stomach for make concessions pull out turn yellow wimp out withdraw yield abstain beware boycott A-void Avoid slut slag snog marry avoid pod essex girl living life world abstract deadness essence self soul texture entity marrow spirit body human thing beast person animal mortal plant being brute bum creature critter invertebrate living thing mutt pet stray varmint vertebrate wild thing acting as by its nature comparatively equally essentially for instance functioning as in the manner that in the same manner with just as just for like serving as similarly such as as long as cause considering for for the reason that inasmuch as now seeing that since whereas in the character of under the name of as a result of as things go by cause of by reason of by virtue of due to for the sake of in as much as in behalf of in that in the interest of in view of now that on the grounds that over owing to seeing thanks to through individual party personage because feast banquet repast blowout eats fete spread chow regale supper feedbag ribs potluck din-din ball bazaar charitable affair charity performance concert dance dinner exhibit exhibition fair pancake breakfast raffle barbecue big feed blow carnival carousal clambake entertainment fest festival festivity fiesta gala jollification merrymaking picnic potlatch refreshment treat wassail blue plate board breakfast brunch carryout chow time collation cookout dessert fare feed grub lunch luncheon mess munchies refection regalement snack special square meal table tea together banquet affair amusement at-home bash carousing celebration cocktails coffee klatch coming-out diversion festive occasion fun function get-together movable feast orgy prom reception riot shindig social soiree splurge spree buffet gathering levee matinee shindy social gathering benefit meal party dinners Dinner art system skill lore branch wisdom ignorance disorder ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment erudition experience fashion finish gentility good taste grace improvement kindness learning manners nobility perception polish politeness practice proficiency refinement savoir-faire science tact training urbanity apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing breeding catechism coaching culture direction discipline drilling edification guidance inculcation indoctrination information learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing scholarship schooling study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring bookishness brains intellectuality knowledge letters pedantry savvy scholarliness studiousness advice ammo break chapter and verse clue confidence counsel cue data dirt dope dossier earful illumination info inside story instruction intelligence leak lowdown material message network notice notification orientation propaganda report scoop score tidings tip what's what whole story word accomplishments acquaintance apprehension attainments awareness cognition comprehension consciousness discernment doctrine dogma education expertise facts familiarity goods grasp insight judgment know-how light observation philosophy picture power principles recognition substance theory acquirements literature research Science SCIENCE! xkcd bitches bitck works red rocket. sceince scientist scientific method understanding universe astronomy astrology mad scientists evil geniuses frankenstein don&39;tgonearthe castle curve arc bend braid twine roll jerk ply warp coil plug pull turn wind yank helix line convolution curlicue flourish hank meander spiral swivel torsion undulation wrench zigzag twist Hank hanks lush raw fresh leafy bosky dying adult old new immature young innocent callow gullible ignorant inexpert naive unversed youthful worn fir sap jade sage moss pine forest sea grass olive apple willow beryl kelly pea lime bice vert ecological biodegradable environmental field lawn turf plaza sward all thumbs amateurish artless blundering bulky bumbling bungling butterfingers coarse floundering gawky graceless green having two left feet having two left hands incompetent inept klutzy lumbering maladroit oafish rude stiff stumbling uncoordinated uncouth unfit ungainly ungraceful unhandy unpolished unrefined unskilled unskillful crude guileless inexperienced infant jejune jellybean juvenile kid low tech not dry behind ears puerile sophomore tenderfoot unbaked unfledged unripe unsophisticated untrained untried adolescent baby babyish childlike foolish frivolous infantile infantine kid stuff environmentalist guardian preservationist tree hugger accepting believing born yesterday dupable easy mark falling for overtrusting simple swallow whole taken in trustful trusting uncritical unquestioning unsuspecting unsuspicious unwary crispy crumbly crunchy crusty firm friable plump ripe short unwilted awkward childish conservationist credulous crisp GREENS greens sustainable development green energy environmentalism global warming training science study culture learning teaching literacy tutelage guidance breeding finish tuition nurture reading pedagogy tutoring coaching drilling rearing neglect accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment aura backdrop capacity credentials cultivation deeds education environment framework grounding history practice preparation qualification seasoning tradition upbringing acculturation advancement civility development edification elevation enlightenment illumination polish progress refinement social well-being conduct control curb domestication drill exercise inculcation indoctrination limitation method orderliness regulation restraint self-command self-control self-government self-mastery self-restraint strictness subordination will willpower bodhi broad-mindedness civilization comprehension information insight instruction knowledge open-mindedness sophistication wisdom awareness clarification inspiration perception revelation ability acquaintance apprehension attainments cognition consciousness dirt discernment doctrine dogma dope erudition expertise facts familiarity goods grasp inside story intelligence judgment know-how light lore observation philosophy picture power principles proficiency recognition scholarship schooling scoop substance theory background discipline Education enroll get read study pick up receive master gain grasp review prepare imbibe peruse grind attain cram con take in soak up ignore release teach pass neglect lose miss spend see hear detect tumble gather dig up assimilate comprehend digest follow get into incorporate latch onto learn sense understand catch on check check out check up on confirm determine dig discover divine double-check establish eye eyeball find out fix get down cold get down pat get hold of get it down get the hang of identify learn the ropes look-see make certain make sure peg pick up on settle size size up tell verify ingest osmose take up add up to ascertain boil down to certify demonstrate figure figure out have a hunch make out unearth work out bring to light catch come across come upon conceive contrive debunk design devise discern disclose distinguish elicit espy explore ferret out get wind of get wise to glimpse invent light upon locate look up nose out notice observe originate perceive pioneer realize recognize reveal smoke out spot think of turn up authorize base circumstantiate constitute corroborate decree disambiguate enact formulate legislate make predicate prescribe prove ratify rest show stay substantiate validate absorb Learn killer gun slayer victim adversary agent antagonist archenemy asperser assailant assassin attacker backbiter bad person bandit betrayer calumniator competitor contender criminal defamer defiler detractor disputant emulator falsifier fifth column foe guerrilla informer inquisitor invader murderer opponent opposition other side prosecutor rebel revolutionary rival saboteur seditionist slanderer spy terrorist traducer traitor vilifier villain butcher contract killer executioner gunman hatchet man hired gun hired killer marksman markswoman professional killer rifleman shooter sniper trigger man triggerman cut-throat exterminator gunman/woman gunperson hit person hit-man/woman hunter soldier cutthroat enforcer hit-and-run homicide manslaughterer perpetrator slaughterer trigger person bully delinquent gang member gangster goon gorilla hood hooligan mobster punk rioter rowdy ruffian troublemaker sharpshooter enemy hit man thug Assassin assassins ASSassin college hide and seek tag kill kills assassins creed slap ass masturbate video games crowd muse matt bellamy dom howard ninja hardcore killer virus germ pest ant flea gnat rage zeal mania craze fad apathy lethargy breakdown flaw defect failure error trouble problem fault hitch strength benefit annoy harass pester irk chafe needle vex nettle plague abrade gall badger aid help spy tap not bother animal bugs insects pests adherent beau believer booster boyfriend buff bug cat devotee disciple enthusiast fan fancier fiend follower freak girlfriend groupie hound junkie lover nut partisan patron rooter suitor supporter swain sweetheart wooer worshiper be at be on the back of bother bum dog drive up the wall exasperate get get on one's nerves get to give a hard time grate hack irritate nag peeve pick on pique provoke tease wig alarm argue arouse bug up burn up confuse debate discompose disconcert discuss dispute disquiet distract disturb egg on examine excite ferment flurry fluster incite inflame make flip move perturb psych push buttons rouse ruffle spook stimulate stir turn on unhinge upset ventilate work up worry ache complaint condition disease disorder dose flu illness indisposition infirmity malady syndrome T-off agitate ask for it bedevil beleaguer bore break displease distress fire up gnaw harry heat up henpeck hit where one lives madden make waves miff nudge push button ride rile tick off turn off work on vermin admirer aggravate ailment Bug B.U.G. tick vermin pest mite bee fly louse gnat moth spider ant beetle flea aphid cootie bedbug hornet canker larva arachnid arthropod bumblebee butterfly cockroach daddy longlegs dragonfly fruit fly grasshopper ladybug mosquito praying mantis termite yellowjacket tractor woolly bear insect caterpillar Moth M.O.T.H. sock blow bop swat bang slam rap belt whop praise bats gaga advance aggress ambush assail assault bash bat bean beat beset besiege biff blast blister boff bombard boot brain bust charge chop down clip clock club combat cook harm hit hurt infiltrate invade jump kick knock block off knock cold knock for a loop larrup lay siege to light into molest mug overwhelm pounce upon punch raid rush set upon slog soak stab storm strike take the offensive turn on wallop box bump collide crack cuff smack smash stroke whack batter break bruise buffet cane castigate clout crush cudgel drub flagellate flail flog hammer knock lambaste lash lick maltreat mash maul pelt pound pummel punish ram slap slug spank thrash thresh thump thwack trounce whale whip clobber strap switch flash flicker flutter glimmer glitter nictate nictitate scintillate shimmer sparkle squint bonkers attack blink Bat BATs mammal vampire wings echolocation nocturnal old lady bitch crabby mean crusty wank baseball masterbate shit shower sherlock rat Echolocation clog ram wad cram halt bear push bind pack tamp refuse loosen clear help free open let go yield allow pull untie ad hoc ad lib at first glance automatic by ear casual expedient extempore immediate impromptu improv improvisatory improviso informal jamming made-up makeshift off the cuff off the top of head offhand on impulse on-the-spot snap spontaneous spur-of-the-moment taking for ride thought out loud tossed off tossed out unplanned unpremeditated unprepared unstudied winging it ad-lib autoschediastic extemporary fake toss off toss out unrehearsed improvised barricade block blockade bolt caulk close dam deadbolt dike fasten fence jam latch lock plug seal secure trammel wall burden choke congest curb dam up encumber entrammel fetter fill glut hamper impede leash obstruct occlude shackle stop up stopper stuff tie extemporaneous off-the-cuff bar Jamming Cal california California dirt soil park field turf dust arena sod sand loam sky found coach rest inform fit bottom fix tutor stay train teach prime settle hide move end free dock land bar level floor down fell beach build cause ground grounds interest justification motive rationale rationalization reason regard sake amphitheatre boards bowl circus coliseum course diamond gridiron gym gymnasium hippodrome ice pit platform ring rink square stadium stage basement basis bed bedrock foot footing groundwork infrastructure pedestal root seat seating stand substratum substructure support underpinning construct depend derive establish hinge locate plant predicate prop set up station base resting place understructure account Ground save treasure hide collect gather stash garner cache stockpile deposit keep store acquire amass lay up scrimp sock away buy up lay away pile up put by stow away waste divide give spread heap hill hoard invest lay aside mass mound pile salt away speculate squirrel accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce maintain park plant put away put in the hole screen secrete squirrel away stash away cut back cut down on go easy on nurse preserve safeguard skimp steward store up support sustain take care of use sparingly bin crop cull cut get glean harrow mow pick plow pluck reap stow strip take in adumbrate blot out camouflage cloak curtain disguise dissemble eclipse go into hiding go underground harbor hold back hole up hush up keep from keep secret lie low lock up mask not give away not tell obscure protect put out of the way reserve shadow shelter shield shroud smuggle stifle suppress take cover tuck away veil withhold put aside for rainy day bank conserve harvest Squirrel slut hoe bitch whore paris hilton squirrelling to squirrel squirrelled squirreler fire firefighter fire department squirl probie cadet noob newbie hot tail humid torrid warm heated white sultry red close fiery stuffy tropic baking piping arctic out frigid dry cold cool mild calm old sharp spicy acrid racy dull bland fierce intense stormy angry ardent eager excited fervent fervid furious lustful raging touchy violent aroused popular fresh trendy approved dandy favored glorious groovy keen latest neat nifty peachy recent super just out kind carnal erotic lewd accomplished ace adroit brainy capable clean crack crackerjack deft dexterous expert hot hotshot know stuff masterful masterly no dummy no slouch nobody's fool on the ball on the beam practiced proficient quick savvy sharp as a tack skilled skillful slick smooth there up to speed versed whiz wizard ambrosial appealing attractive captivating charming cute darling dear delectable delicious delightful dishy dreamy fetching heavenly luscious pleasing precious sexy suave amative amatory aphrodisiac attached boy crazy doting enamored fond girl crazy have a crush on horny hot and heavy impassioned in love infatuated lovesick lovey dovey passionate romantic sweet for sweet on tender turned on affronted annoyed antagonized bitter chafed choleric convulsed cross displeased enraged exacerbated exasperated ferocious fuming galled hateful huffy ill-tempered incensed indignant inflamed infuriated irascible irate ireful irritable irritated maddened nettled offended outraged piqued provoked resentful riled sore splenetic storming sulky sullen tumultous/tumultuous turbulent uptight vexed wrathful agog avid blazing burning desirous hungry lovey-dovey lusty spirited thirsty vehement zealous aggressive antagonistic at loggerheads battling bellicose cantankerous combative contentious fighting flip have a bone to pick have chip on shoulder have it in for hostile hot-tempered mean militant on the outs ornery pugnacious quarrelsome scrappy truculent warlike adept adorable amorous belligerent HOT hots Hot rear butt end reverse train behind stub tag tush rump rudder fag end tag end wagger start front head hound stalk pursue eye track dog trail shadow bedog run away aback abaft aft after astern back of backward final following hind hindmost in the wake of posterior rearmost rearward tail back end backside extremity far end hindpart hindquarters stern tail end tailpiece bottom buttocks derrière fanny seat breech can fundament bum derriere base edge foot haft handle hilt shank stock stump tip back tails Tails gofer bearer runner express envoy herald carrier sender slave servant serf peasant drudge laborer farmhand master martyr gudgeon stooge pawn gull dupe patsy mark wretch prey fool quarry sucker butt clown gambit hunted pigeon culprit dispatcher emissary go-between gopher intelligencer internuncio farm worker unskilled laborer babe in woods casualty easy make easy mark fatality hireling immolation injured party innocent pushover sacrifice scapegoat sitting duck sitting target soft touch sufferer underdog courier peon victim Gopher vermin convolute convolve corkscrew fold intertwine intervolve lap loop make serpentine rotate scroll sinuate snake spiral spire turn twine twist wind wrap around wreathe writhe approach unnoticed crawl on all fours edge glide grovel gumshoe inch insinuate lurk pussyfoot scrabble scramble skulk slink slither sneak squirm steal tiptoe worm wriggle bow curve flex fork hook meander notch round zigzag black sheep blackguard bum cad coward dog good-for-nothing heel hound ne'er-do-well rat riffraff scoundrel scum skunk stinker toad villain wretch yellow dog buckle coil contort crimp crinkle crisp crook entwine form into ringlets frizz indent kink ringlet ripple roll scallop swirl twirl undulate wave arc arch bend bulge concave convex crumple curl deviate divert gyrate incurve inflect skew stoop swerve veer creep cur Snake Snakes bitch faggot snitch reptile snakes on a plane snakes samuel l jackson leroy soap backstabber informer sneaky motherfucker poser tell-tell taldle-tale solid snake metal gear solid otacon mgs conniving schemer back-stabber sneaky unfaithful waning fading tired limp tiring droopy leaden weak energized refreshed abatement backflow decay decrease degeneration depreciation deterioration diminution drop dwindling fading away flagging going out lessening low tide low water outward flow petering out recession refluence reflux retreat retrocession retroflux shrinkage sinking slackening subsidence sweep wane weakening withdrawal apathetic asleep on the job careless comatose dallying dilatory drowsy dull idle inattentive indifferent indolent inert lackadaisical laggard lagging languid languorous lethargic lifeless loafing neglectful out of it passive procrastinating remiss shiftless slack sleepy slothful slow slow-moving snoozy somnolent supine tardy torpid trifling unconcerned unenergetic unindustrious unpersevering unready weary ailing beat up bedraggled crummy decaying decrepit dingy dog-eared down-at-the-heel drooping faded frowzy gone to seed grubby in a bad way mangy messy neglected old overgrown poor poorly ragged ratty sagging scruffy shabby sickly sleazy slovenly squalid tacky tattered threadbare torn unkempt untidy unwell used up wilted wilting worn all in annoyed asleep beat bored broken-down burned out collapsing consumed dead on one's feet distressed dog-tired done for done in drained empty enervated exasperated fagged faint fatigued fed up finished haggard irked irritated jaded narcoleptic overtaxed overworked petered out played out pooped prostrated run-down sick of spent stale tuckered out wasted worn out bone-tired bushed dead dead tired discontented disgusted exhausted had it impatient knocked out out of gas punchy ready to drop sick sick and tired taxed wearied wearing wiped out zonked ebb lazy seedy FLAGGiNG Flagging flagg flag flaging flagger flager world domination capture the flag wave the flag climbing core swicked skill toprope rockclimb climb rope ropegun bombing plane aerial attach plane bombardier bomber Bombardier pest ant flea gnat swell sag bloat poke bilge bag belly jut pouch blob lessen shrink reduce lower hover flap pin drift float cover dangle lean wave bend attach remain drape swing hold stick flop deck rest nail adhere depend droop fix loll lop cling impend trail tack drop bow fasten beetle rise tick vermin mite bee fly louse moth spider aphid cootie bedbug hornet bulge pop indent recede veer nod tilt tip slant prop twist cock slope curve pitch cant sheer careen divert roll repose list turn place dip heel sink be off ascend forget loom extend menace aid keep help save pout point start emerge bulk project obscure push show depress balloon billow bug out dilate distend enlarge expand extrude overhang pop out protrude protuberate puff out stand out stick out be fastened be in mid-air be loose be pendent be poised decorate furnish incline stay up arachnid arthropod bumblebee butterfly cockroach daddy longlegs dragonfly fruit fly grasshopper ladybug mosquito praying mantis termite yellowjacket elongate lengthen be slanted bear on decline deflect fasten on hang on put weight on recline rest on bug hang insect Beetle beetles Hydrogen Peroxide hydrogen blanch blench fade darken yellow achromatize decolor decolorize etiolate grow pale lighten make pale peroxide wash out bleach Peroxide accelerator cyclotron atomic accelerator atomic cannon linear accelerator synchrotron particle accelerator radiograph actinism Roentgen rays cathode rays encephalogram fluoroscope radioactivity refractometry ultraviolet rays X-ray anatomize break up cut up decompose decompound determine disintegrate dissect dissolve divide electrolyze hydrolyze lay bare parse part resolve separate Photostat capture capture on film cinematize close-up copy film get get a likeness get a shot illustrate lens make a picture microfilm mug photo photoengrave picture print record reproduce roll shoot snap snapshot take turn Xerox breeding carbon carbon copy chip off old block clone ditto dupe facsimile fake flimsy generation imitation increase look-alike mimeo mimeograph mirror image multiplication offprint photocopy photograph pic portrayal procreation proliferation propagation recreation reduplication reenactment renewal replica replication reprinting repro revival stat transcription twin CT scan body scan brain scan x-ray image x-ray scan X ray analyze reproduction CAT scan spawning X-Ray develop devise produce design realize ponder form image feature fancy project purpose imagine spark cook up make up result ignore ruin end forget stop abort sketch detail paint relate state limn report sculpt hide portray term depict specify outline express name call recount label tell define recite picture impart expound draw trace narrate distort conceal listen obscure mystify mix up confuse cloud keep take behold conceive foresee grasp objectify predict regard see survey view vision visualize look upon think up phantom believe conjecture envision reckon suppose fantasize envisage infer guess think surmise dream up head trip spitball think likely trump up measure dislike hate neglect figure frame fantasy create scheme perceive plan fabricate invent harbor nurture think of break know read explain clarify solve enact comment render perform gloss decode adapt play gather mimic reenact make of fail direct echo typify embody follow show double glass copy mirror differ oppose reverse parody draft intend chart cast gauge get recognize apprehend catch discern pick up take in catch on get it mistake miss lose give act cover feel assume expect judge deem esteem sense hold credit reject doubt leave divine object reflect call up become pregnant brainstorm cogitate consider contrive depicture formulate meditate originate ruminate speculate characterize delineate illustrate interpret represent reproduce chronicle communicate construe convey image distinguish elucidate epitomize exemplify explicate illuminate make apparent make clear make sense of make vivid mark out particularize rehearse transmit write up anticipate conceptualize contemplate externalize form mental picture of have a picture of materialize view in mind's eye be inclined to think build castles in air conjure up see in one's mind describe chickadee Chickadee Chick-a-dee chick-a-dee chickadees fighter aggressor antagonist assailant battler belligerent boxer brawler bruiser bully champion combatant competitor contender contestant disputant duelist gladiator heavy jouster mercenary militant opponent person-at-arms pugilist punching bag rival scrapper serviceperson slugger soldier tanker warlord warrior wildcat prizefighter palooka second sparring mate sparring partner Boxer Boxers boxers grump growler whiner fusser moan nag whine carp gripe fuss praise please AIDS HIV SIDA STD chancroid chlamydia clap crab louse crabs genital herpes genital warts gonorrhea herpes herpes simplex scabies social disease syphilis tabes dorsalis venereal disease pox the clap backtalk block bollix buck crab cramp crimp deny double-cross flummox foil foul up frustrate have bone to pick impede interfere knock props out louse up obstruct oppose resist sell sell out snafu stab in the back stonewall stump stymie take on take wind out of sails thwart baffle balk beat bilk buffalo check checkmate counter curb dash defeat disappoint disconcert ditch dodge duck elude faze get around give the run-around give the slip hang up hinder juke nullify outwit prevent rattle restrain run circles around run rings around shake shake off shuffle off skip stop throw monkey wrench in upset the apple cart bellyache blow off groan grouch grouse grumble kvetch murmur mutter squawk yammer yawp bear bellyacher bug crank crosspatch curmudgeon faultfinder griper grouser grumbler kicker malcontent moaner sorehead sourpuss cross Crab Crabs pom pom Pom-Pom pom poms Symbiotic Relationship symbiotic relationship united team common shared uniting joining divided disjoint disunited separate hindering hurting unhelpful useful crucial timely kind usable caring useless trivial minor harmful hurtful cold cool agreeing coacting coactive coadjuvant coefficient collaborating collaborative collective collegial collusive combined combining concerted concurring coordinated hand in glove harmonious in league interdependent participating reciprocal symbiotic synergetic synergic accessible accommodating advantageous applicable benevolent bettering conducive considerate constructive contributive convenient cooperative effectual efficacious essential favorable fortunate friendly good for important improving instrumental invaluable neighborly operative practical pragmatic productive profitable serendipitous serviceable significant suitable supportive sympathetic utilitarian valuable synergistic helpful Symbiotic affair accord rapport liaison contact link tie tie-in ratio network analogy tie-up hookup kinship bond divorce disunion imbalance division awareness cognizance conversance familiarity fellowship grasp intimacy ken relationship understanding carrying on cheating extracurricular activity fling fornication hanky-panky immorality infidelity matinee playing around thing two-timing affaire amour goings-on intrigue love rendezvous romance thing together alliance amalgamation banding together bunch cahoots clan coalition combination confederation conjunction connection crew crowd gang incorporation joining league merging mob outfit partnership ring syndicate union alikeness association closeness correspondence likeness relation resemblance semblance similitude entanglement love affair passion acquaintance adultery affiliation affinity relationships Relationship Hagfish hagfish Gazelle gazelle pronking Pronking Stotting stotting pest ant flea gnat swell sag bloat poke bilge bag belly jut pouch blob lessen shrink reduce lower hover flap pin drift float cover dangle lean wave bend attach remain drape swing hold stick flop deck rest nail adhere depend droop fix loll lop cling impend trail tack drop bow fasten rise tick vermin mite bee fly louse moth spider aphid cootie bedbug hornet bulge pop indent recede veer nod tilt tip slant prop twist cock slope curve pitch cant sheer careen divert roll repose list turn place dip heel sink be off ascend forget loom extend menace aid keep help save pout point start emerge bulk project obscure push show depress beetle balloon billow bug out dilate distend enlarge expand extrude overhang pop out protrude protuberate puff out stand out stick out be fastened be in mid-air be loose be pendent be poised decorate furnish incline stay up arachnid arthropod bumblebee butterfly cockroach daddy longlegs dragonfly fruit fly grasshopper ladybug mosquito praying mantis termite yellowjacket elongate lengthen be slanted bear on decline deflect fasten on hang on put weight on recline rest on bug hang insect Beetle beetles canker moth larva bug butterfly tractor woolly bear grub worm caterpillar maggot canker moth bug butterfly larva tractor woolly bear grub worm caterpillar maggot Larva
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