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1000 new genomes: to sustain the products of the future.

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1000 new genomes: to sustain the products of the future.The culmination of nearly a decade of work has seen over 1000 new microbial genomes revealed. Professor Philip Hugenholtz of the University of Queensland said that releasing 1003 bacterial and archaic reference genomes would pave the way for future health, biotechnology and agricultural products. The study was led by the Joint Genome Institute of the United States Department of Energy DOE JGI. These findings will boost the applications of biotechnology and will be extremely useful for interpreting environmental data by Professor Hugenholtz, Australian co-author and fellow of ARC.The importance of sequencing reference organisms from culture collections for the exploration of dark microbial matter can not be overstated. Without reference organisms, it is similar to navigating a country without signs. We now understand that bacteria are involved in almost every aspect of everyday life, yet we have a poor understanding of how these organisms relate to each other and to the full breadth of their genetic abilities. Dr. Nikos Kyrpides, director of DOE JGI's Prokaryotic Super Program, said bacteria and archaea were the most biodiverse of free organisms on Earth. They have already conquered all the environments of the planet, so they have found ways to survive under the harshest conditions with different enzymes and with different biochemicals.Microbes play an important role in regulating Earth's biogeochemical cycles, processes that govern the circulation of nutrients in terrestrial and marine environments, for example. Discovering the functions of genes, enzymes and metabolic pathways through genome sequencing and analysis has broad applications in the biological, biomedical, agricultural and environmental sciences.#1000newgenomes #products #future #work #study #organisms #importance #microbes #bacteria #ymasciencia


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