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15. Human Sexual Behavior I

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May 5, 2010) Robert Sapolsky explores behavioral patterns of human reproduction. He focuses on proximal and distal motivations, orgasm and fertility ...


Science Interdisciplinary Bioengineering Genetic Sociobiology Darwin Physiology Evolution Neurobiology Sexual Species Natural Selection Learning Organism Environment Heritability Reproduce Reproduction Survive Gene Variability Mutatio animal mortal personal anthropoid biped hominid individual anthropological anthropomorphic bipedal civilized creatural ethnologic ethological fallible fleshly forgivable hominal hominine humanistic vulnerable immortal inhuman unmanly Cro-Magnon Cro-Magnon race Homo sapiens Paleolithic man cave dweller caveman cavewoman human Robin Hood all heart benevolent big big-hearted bleeding heart charitable considerate generous good good scout humane humanitarian kind magnanimous openhanded philanthropic self-sacrificing beast body conscious thing creature entity human being living thing organism person personage soul thing being party actual carnal corporal corporeal gross material natural normal organic physical sensual somatic substantial tangible unspiritual life character child wight plant nonentity inanimate abstract Cro-Magnon man altruistic selfish stingy uncharitable deadness concept bodies one thought immateriality spirit mind nothingness nothing fantasy bodily mental spiritual soulful humans Humans Human warm blood soft skin ugly disguisting ape gorilla mammal domintion deviation weird aliens non skinned scales ignorant social aggression stupid irresponsible argonimorphic animals earth world destruction carnal erotic intimate passionate reproductive sensual animal animalistic bestial fleshly generative genital genitive loving procreative sharing venereal voluptuous wanton chaste cold cool dull frigid asexual adult bawdy dirty fleshy hard-core immoral indecent lascivious lewd obscene off-color offensive porn porno raunchy sexual sexy smutty steamy amative amatory amorous aphrodisiac blue concupiscent earthy erogenous fervid filthy hot impassioned kinky lecherous prurient purple raw romantic rousing salacious seductive spicy stimulating suggestive titillating barnyard boorish breezy callous cheap coarse corporeal crass foul ignorant improper impure in the gutter indelicate inelegant insensitive loudmouthed low low-minded lustful rank ribald rough rude scatological sleazy swinish tasteless ugly uncouth uncultured undiscriminating unfeeling unrefined unseemly unsophisticated crude desirous horny libertine libidinous licentious orgiastic pornographic unchaste vulgar X-rated arousing bodily debauched delightful epicurean exciting heavy hedonic moving pleasing sensuous stirring tactile unspiritual bland pure decent clean moral gross modified partial part thin sophisticated good sensitive nice vague obscured hidden polite net slender skinny healthy honest kind mental abstemious sexuals Sexual -sexual definitions urban dictionary website majority food sex fuck hump oral metrosexuality metrosexual metrospiritualism labels act action attitude conduct demeanor management nature performance practice presence role style address air bag bearing carriage code comportment convention course dealings decency decorum deed delivery deportment ethics etiquette expression form front guise habits mien mode morals observance propriety ritual routine savoir-faire seemliness speech tact talk taste tone way ways social graces tenue way of life cessation idleness inactivity inertia repose rest stoppage bad manners carelessness immorality impropriety indecency listening quiet silence thoughtlessness behavior aspect display look manner poise port pose set stand cast gait pace positure stance step actions appearance posture affection appreciation ardor capacity compassion concern cultivation culture delicacy discernment discrimination emotion empathy faculty fervor fondness heat imagination impression intelligence intensity intuition judgment keenness palpability passion pathos pity reaction refinement sensibility sensitivity sentiment sentimentality sharpness spirit sympathy tangibility tenderness understanding warmth bearings feeling thing solid concrete ineptness mercilessness unconsciousness numbness insensibility frigidity coolness incompetence inability ignorance indifference apathy hatred hate dislike physicality Behavior biology psychology bahaiour movement art discipline education information learning skill system technique branch erudition lore scholarship wisdom body of knowledge disorder disorganization ignorance ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment experience fashion finish gentility good taste grace improvement kindness manners nobility perception polish politeness practice proficiency refinement savoir-faire science tact training urbanity apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing breeding catechism coaching culture direction drilling edification guidance inculcation indoctrination learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing schooling study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring bookishness brains intellectuality knowledge letters pedantry savvy scholarliness studiousness advice ammo break chapter and verse clue confidence counsel cue data dirt dope dossier earful illumination info inside story instruction intelligence leak lowdown material message network notice notification orientation propaganda report scoop score tidings tip whole story word accomplishments acquaintance apprehension awareness cognition comprehension consciousness discernment doctrine dogma expertise facts familiarity goods grasp insight judgment know-how light observation philosophy picture power principles recognition substance theory ineptness tactlessness rudeness impoliteness inelegance roughness crudeness bad manners clumsiness hurt harm incompetence coarseness inexperience inability cultures neglect destruction question silence misunderstanding stupidity impotence unbelief weakness inanity SCIENCE! Science xkcd bitches bitck works red rocket. mad scientists evil geniuses frankenstein sceince scientist scientific method understanding universe astronomy astrology school ghost thenamelessghouls papa emeritus papa emeritus ii papa emeritus iii ghost b.c. ghostband integrative multidisciplinary associative multifaceted synthesizing versatile ambidextrous collaborative combining many-sided protean interdisciplinary resolute firm inflexible single-minded ancestral hereditary historical abiogenetic digenetic eugenic genesiological genital matriclinous patrimonial phytogenetic sporogenous xenogenetic acquired domestic family genetic inherited bequeathed genealogical handed down heritable inborn inbred inheritable lineal maternal paternal traditional transmissible transmitted built-in characteristic congenital connate constitutional deep-rooted deep-seated distinctive elementary essential fixed fundamental immanent implicit in the grain inbuilt indigenous indispensable individual indwelling ingrained innate inner instinctive integral integrated internal intimate intrinsic inward latent native natural original part and parcel resident running in the family subjective unalienable in the blood in the genes passed down rooted ethnological folk national phyletic phylogenetic tribal familial inherent secondary incidental external added superficial unimportant minor auxiliary extra learned extrinsic racial Genetics genetics science fraud pseudoscience dna chemical imbalance Darwin darwins darwin beast handsome amazing beautiful e word darwin's birthday evolution bible thumper stained glass ass. babe amazing person fiver money chav dude charles darwin natural selection creationist intelligent design anatomy cytology ecology genetics horticulture morphology pathology phytology pomology taxonomy dendrology floristics natural history paleo-botany phytogeography study of flora study of vegetation analysis biology diagnosis dissection division embryology etiology examination histology inquiry investigation medicine physiology zoology botany connection Physiology change enlargement expansion growth progression transformation flowering increase maturation unfolding evolvement natural process working out decrease lessening reduction shrinkage stagnation blockage halt stoppage adding to addition adulthood advance advancement advancing augmentation augmenting boost buildup chrysalis developing elaborating evolution evolving hike improvement increasing making progress maturing maturity ongoing ontogenesis ontogeny perfecting progress reinforcement reinforcing spread spreading unraveling upgrowth upping appearance development emanation issue materialization amplification breadth diffusion dilation distance distension expanse extension inflation magnification multiplication opening out space stretch swelling accumulation architecture arrangement compilation configuration constitution construction creation crystallization deposit design dispersal disposition embodiment fabrication figure forming generation genesis grouping induction makeup manufacture order organization pattern production rank structure synthesis retrogression retreat decline withdrawal developments emergence compression abridgment formation disorganization ruin destruction Evolution pokemon charamander charmeleon leveling evilution creationism creationst natural selection theory science darwin charles biology population genome genus gene stupid and anti-science Neurobiology neuroscience brain chemicals glial cells neurons breed category collection description division group kind likes lot nature number order sort stripe type whole cast character class grade make quality species variety brand extraction family feather genus ilk line lineage pedigree progeny race stamp stock strain cultural level degree estate position rank social order sphere standing station status stratum branch caste classification color denomination department designation distinction domain frame genre grain grouping hierarchy humor kidney league mold name origin property province range rate school sect section selection set source style suit temperament value end effect result classes misrepresentation Species speceis weird specimen fucked up spec Darwinian theory Darwinism adaptation artificial selection biological evolution evolution evolutionism law of the jungle natural law phylogeny social Darwinism social evolution survival of the fittest theory of evolution natural selection continuation relic Darwinianism Neo-Darwinism organic evolution punctuated equilibrium survival natural selections Natural-Selection Natural Selection life the way of things religious fanatics natural-selection dacute1 natsel darwin theory lucky job selection natural plethora rationale common essential innate instinctive legitimate logical ordinary reasonable usual characteristic commonplace constant familiar general natal native probable regular uniform universal accustomed anticipated congenital connatural consistent counted on customary habitual inborn indigenous ingenerate inherent intuitive involuntary looked for matter-of-course prevailing prevalent relied on spontaneous typic typical unacquired uncontrolled abnormal atypical extraordinary irregular uncommon unreasonable unusual changing exceptional foreign inconsistent infrequent particular rare unsteady affected artificial different fixed modified pretended refined unnatural agricultural natural peasant rural rustic uncultivated undomesticated beastly bestial bodily brute brutish corporeal earthly earthy feral fleshy mammalian muscular physical sensual untamed wild zoological direct genuine guileless honest ingenuous innocent naive open plain pure sincere straight straightforward true unadorned unaffected uncontrived unpretentious unsophisticated up front bare exposed in the buff in the raw naked naked as a jaybird nude stark-naked stripped unclad unclothed undressed without a stitch autogenetic impulsive instinctual knee-jerk mechanical perfunctory reflex routine unconscious unforced unintentional unmeditated unthinking unwilled adulterated baseborn counterfeit fake false imperfect impure inferior misbegotten misborn mixed mongrel phony sham spurious suppositious ungenuine real simple easy provincial primitive frank artless candid childlike credulous folksy forthright homey ignorant laid-back trusting unfeigned unpolished unschooled unstudied unworldly being oneself inartificial simplehearted unassumed undesigning unembarrassed unlabored up-front sophisticated difficult complex cultured modern metropolitan intricate complicated dishonest raw crude whole agrarian unprocessed agrestal unbleached unmixed formal gentle animal mild pretentious contrived artful au naturel automatic thought-out by hand stilted manual bastard naturals Natural strangers randoms blind-date set-ups hook-ups afro black brother hair humble chill front flex organic nature enviroment choice collection draft election excerpt option pick alternative druthers choosing culling refusal rejection acceptance approbation appropriation approval assumption confirmation embracement embracing enactment endorsement espousal following maintenance ratification selection support taking on taking over taking up back-up opportunity other other fish in sea other fish to fry preference recourse redundancy sub substitute take it or leave it album analect compendium compilation digest garland omnibus treasury allotment assigning authorization certification commissioning delegation deputation designation empowering installation naming nomination ordination promotion adoption repudiation pass opposition disapproval restraint constraint obligation necessity compulsion alternatives anthology appointment appointments Selection culture information literature research schooling science study training erudition letters lore scholarship tuition wisdom ignorance accretion achievement acquirement acquiring addition attainment buy gain gaining learning obtainment possession prize procuration procurement procuring property purchase pursuit recovery redemption retrieval salvage winning advancement aestheticism breeding civility civilization delicacy discernment discrimination enlightenment gentility good taste grounding improvement manners polish progress refined taste refinement taste ability accomplishment address art capacity class courtesy cultivation dignity dress elegance elevation experience fashion finish grace kindness nobility perception politeness practice proficiency savoir-faire skill tact urbanity analysis ascertainment authentication calculation certification detection determination diagnosis disclosure distinguishing empiricism encounter espial experimentation exploration exposition exposure feeling hearing identification introduction invention locating location origination revelation sensing sighting strike unearthing verification acquisition want need failure lack dearth surrender forfeit loss acquisitions neglect unsophistication retrogression retreat decline rudeness roughness crudeness hurt harm destruction coarseness ineptness tactlessness impoliteness inelegance bad manners clumsiness incompetence inexperience inability cultures discoveries miss secret Learnings learnings Learning consultants strategy corporate learn knowledge understanding brain potential animal creature structure being body entity person plant morphon abstract concept inanimate beast conscious thing human human being individual living thing mortal organism personage soul thing egg incipient nucleus article existence item material matter presence quantity single singleton something stuff subsistence substance accomplishment act action actuality adventure affair case circumstance conception consideration construction creation data datum deed episode evidence experience factor fait accompli feature happening incident information manifestation occurrence particular performance phenomenon point proceeding specific statistic transaction truism blood relative children clay consanguinean family kids kin kith and kin offspring relatives uterine kin deadness embryo entities idea fact fabrication failure lie inertia inactivity death ruin destruction ignorance flesh and blood organisms Organism ottests ok tent nugyupm chinsu jang organism nich eye spasms junwho organ organi organis wannabe noob can't spell orgasm nub climate habitat setting situation status surroundings ambiance aura backdrop background circumstances conditions context domain element encompassment entourage hood jungle locale medium milieu neighborhood scene scenery terrain territory turf zoo neck of the woods stomping ground air ambience character color environment feel feeling flavor impression local color mood place property quality semblance sense space spirit taste tone accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment breeding capacity credentials cultivation culture deeds education framework grounding history practice preparation qualification rearing seasoning tradition training upbringing biosphere desert ecosphere ecosystem grassland tundra ambient disposition mise en scène temper tendency trend boonies country land landscape non-urban area environs Gaia foreground ignorance backgrounds biome countryside sky common sense smart fool idiot stupid global warming earth green globe artificial natural clone copy duplicate emulate imitate mirror photocopy portray print recreate reflect repeat replicate reprint Photostat Xerox dupe echo engross follow manifold match mimeo mimeograph parallel photograph pirate reawaken recount redo reduplicate reenact relive remake represent revive stereotype transcribe type carbon do again knock off restamp abort destroy kill stop counterfeit ditto forge reproduce trace be delivered of beget breed bring forth create develop engender form fructify generate invent make parturitate produce propagate provide yield afford bring bring about cause effect father get give rise to multiply occasion procreate progenerate result in sire spawn proliferate hatch impregnate fecundate bear mother produce young repopulate decrease throw away take halt shun evade dodge avoid refuse ruin begat leave fail begot begotten breeding copy facsimile imitation photocopy photograph picture print propagation recreation replica replication Photostat X-ray Xerox carbon clone ditto dupe fake flimsy generation increase look-alike mimeo mimeograph multiplication offprint pic portrayal procreation proliferation reduplication reenactment renewal reprinting revival transcription twin carbon copy chip off old block mirror image repro stat original decrease destruction subtraction double duplicate reproduction spit and image spitting image accouchement bearing children blessed event childbed confinement delivering delivery labor lying-in nativity parturience parturition producing travail visit from the stork act-alike look-alike computer archetype cast counterfeit counterpart ectype effigy ersatz forgery hard copy image impersonation impression imprint likeness microfiche miniature mirror model parallel pattern portrait reflection representation reprint rubbings similarity simulacrum simulation study tracing transcript type actor bogus bum deceit deception dummy fraud gyp hoax humbug imposture junque phony pseudo put-on sell sham x-ray opposite childbirth copies difference source origination unlikeness dissimilarity real thing truth openness reality uprightness truthfulness honesty frankness Reproduction breed mating mate love sex heterosexual romance romantic straight man woman reproduce multiply genes evolution bear endure exist get through handle keep last live recover remain ride out subsist suffer sustain weather withstand outlast outlive outwear persevere persist revive be extant be left carry on carry through come through cut it get on go all the way go the limit hold out keep afloat live down live on live out live through make a comeback make the cut pull out of it pull through remain alive see through stand up tough it out depart die discontinue neglect refuse reject give up leave quit stop cease abide act be alive breathe continue go on have being have place hold inhabit move obtain prevail rest stand stay survive keep on ride weather storm halt pass lose idle forsake migrate shun resist dispute despise are been came through fail Survive RNA chromosome heredity genetic code nucleic acid gene DNA Gene amazing gods gift ladies man huge wang penis male human gay wonder guy name texas art cool insane scooter crazy gangsta anxiety fluctuation insecurity uncertainty volatility vulnerability weakness alternation capriciousness changeability changeableness disequilibrium disquiet fickleness fitfulness flightiness fluidity frailty hesitation immaturity impermanence inconsistency inquietude irregularity irresolution mutability oscillation pliancy precariousness restlessness shakiness transience unpredictability unreliability unsteadiness vacillation wavering unfixedness calm balance constancy soundness stability steadfastness airheadedness dizziness flippancy frivolity giddiness inconstancy instability levity lightness mercurialness variability whimsicality whimsicalness unstableness unsureness aberration asymmetry break bump bumpiness change dent deviation distortion flaw hole hump imperfection jaggedness roughness shift spasm stop twist variation crookedness inequality unevenness insecureness rule custom conformity continuation regularity sameness perfection strength peace ease sureness certainty similarity evenness wobbliness ricketiness responsibility seriousness
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