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2 cars severely damaged on Okeechobee Boulevard

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West Palm Beach police are investigating an early Thursday morning wreck on Okeechobee Boulevard involving two vehicles.


Okeechobee Boulevard Crash in West Palm Beach West Palm Beach traffic auto automobile bus convertible jeep limousine machine motor pickup ride station wagon truck van wagon bucket buggy compact conveyance coupe hardtop hatchback heap jalopy junker motorcar roadster sedan subcompact wheels wreck clunker gas guzzler touring car acutely badly critically dangerously extremely firmly markedly painfully seriously sharply sorely sternly strictly gravely hard hardly intensely rigorously roughly with an iron hand mildly compassionately lightly keenly severely suddenly deeply exceedingly greatly adequately calmly little morally alarmingly carelessly daringly desperately harmfully hazardously perilously precariously recklessly riskily unsafely unsecurely carefully on guard safely securely affectingly distressingly feelingly genuinely mournfully movingly passionately profoundly sadly surely thoroughly to the quick incompletely slightly exactly absolutely altogether bang completely correctly 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