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2 Days: PCT California Section B, Saddle Junction to Snow Creek, miles 179.4-207

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Day by day day-to-day DAY DAY Days Day for it for days to the days PCT Bear Flag State Cal El Dorado Gold Coast Gold Rush State Golden Bear State Golden Poppy State Golden State La La Land Sunkist State california area branch category chunk department district field part passage piece region sector segment zone belt bite classification component cut drag end fraction fragment hunk installment locality lump member moiety parcel precinct quarter sample share slice slot sphere split subdivision territory tier tract vicinity cross section whole entirety total block city county division domain dominion enclosure kingdom neck of the woods neighborhood patch plot principality section square state stretch township turf ward areas belts blocks cities counties divisions domains dominions enclosures fields kingdoms localities neighborhoods parcels patches plots precincts principalities quarters sections sectors spheres squares states stretches territories townships tracts turfs vicinities wards zones wholes arm affiliate authority command detachment ell extension force offshoot power projection wing body main incompetence weakness bit atom butt chicken feed chip crumb dab dash dollop dose dot driblet droplet excerpt flake grain iota item jot lick mite modicum molecule morsel niggle particle peanuts pinch portion scale scintilla scrap shard shaving shred sliver smidgen snatch snip snippet specimen speck splinter sprinkling stub stump taste tittle trace trickle agreement lot glob bits atoms butts chicken feeds chips chunks crumbs dabs dashes dollops doses dots driblets droplets ends excerpts flakes fractions fragments grains iotas items jots licks lumps mites modicums moieties molecules morsels niggles particles parts pinches portions samples scales scintillas scraps segments shards shares shavings shreds slices slivers smidgens snatches snippets snips specimens specks splinters sprinklings stubs stumps tastes tittles traces trickles agreements lots globs entireties bar brick cake cube ingot loaf oblong slab solid opening Section sectioned Sectional the section Sectionals howdah packsaddle pillion seat blame admonish ascribe attribute blast blow the whistle on censure charge chide climb all over condemn criticize denounce denunciate disapprove express disapprobation find fault with finger frame hold responsible impute indict jump all over jump down one's throat knock lay a bad trip on lay at one's door lay to let one have it lower the boom pass the buck point the finger rap rebuke reprehend reproach reprove roast saddle skin stick it to tax upbraid commend flatter endorse acquit free approve thank exculpate exalt applaud sanction absolve exonerate praise laud compliment blaming admonishing ascribing attributing blasting blowing the whistle on censuring charging chiding climbing all over condemning criticizing denouncing denunciating disapproving expressing disapprobation finding fault with fingering framing holding responsible imputing indicting jumping all over jumping down one's throat knocking letting one having it lying a bad trip on lying at one's door lying to passing the buck pointing the finger rapping rebuking reprehending reproaching reproving roasting saddling skinning sticking it to taxing upbraiding commending flattering endorsing acquitting freeing approving thanking exculpating exalting applauding sanctioning absolving exonerating praising lauding complimenting afflict burden choke clog commit cram crowd cumber encumber entrust fill heap impregnate instill lade pack penetrate permeate pervade pile ram saturate suffuse transfuse weigh pay help take out open retreat release aid deplete unblock charges assails assaults blindsides bolts bucks bushwhacks chases dashes invades jumps on lunges mugs rushes smashes stampedes storms tears pays cash pays by check pays frees fixes exonerates exculpates retreats waits mends assailing assaulting blindsiding bolting bucking bushwhacking chasing dashing invading jumping on lunging mugging rushing smashing stampeding storming tearing paying cash paying by check paying fixing retreating waiting mending delay hinder hold back impede inhibit load obstruct oppress overload slow down trouble weigh down unburden relieve support boost promote forward allow advance further facilitate assist Saddle confluence crossing intersection juncture terminal alliance annexation articulation assemblage attachment bond coalition coherence collocation combination combine concatenation concourse conjugation consolidation convergence coupling crossroads dovetail elbow gathering gore hinge hookup interface joining joint knee link meeting miter mortise node pivot plug-in reunion seam splice tie-in tie-up union weld concursion linking detachment disunion division divorce estrangement parting separation severance junction unification disconnection adapter clamp connection connector fastener tie opposition hatred hate enmity dislike aversion animosity alienation attachments adapters bonds clamps connections connectors couplings fasteners joints junctions links ties oppositions hatreds estrangements enmities divorces dislikes aversions animosities alienations aggregate amalgam amalgamation blending brew coalescence combo composite compound fusion medley merger miscellany mishmash mix olio order sequence solution soup stew succession synthesis dissolution combinations aggregates amalgamations blendings brews combos composites compounds consolidations fusions medleys mergers miscellanies mishmashes mixes olios orders sequences solutions soups stews successions syntheses unions dissolutions detachments disconnections divisions disunions separations partings assembly collection crush gang linkage mob multitude rout throng Junction Up The Junction Milford Junction Mingo Junction blizzard snowfall snow flurry slush sleet snowbank snowdrift snowflake powder snow snow blanket snow crystal snowstorm firn graupel beguile betray bluff burn cheat chisel con deceive delude double-cross dupe entice exploit finesse flimflam gyp have hoodwink impose on jockey juggle lure manipulate mislead play play for a sucker rook rope in scam seduce shave snow stick string along suck in take take in trick offer give repulse disenchant turn off refuse beguiled betrayed bluffed burned cheated chiseled conned deceived deluded double-crossed duped enticed exploited finessed flimflamed gypped had hoodwinked imposed on jockeyed juggled lured manipulated misled played played for a sucker rooked scammed seduced shaved snowed stuck sucked in took took in tricked was honest offered gave repulsed disenchanted turned off refused beguiles betrays bluffs burns cheats chisels cons deceives deludes double-crosses dupes entices exploits finesses flimflams gyps has hoodwinks imposes on jockeys juggles lures manipulates misleads plays plays for a sucker rooks scams seduces shaves snows sticks sucks in takes takes in tricks is honest offers gives repulses disenchants turns off refuses beguiling betraying bluffing burning cheating chiselling conning deceiving deluding double-crossing duping enticing exploiting finessing flimflaming gypping having hoodwinking imposing on jockeying juggling luring manipulating misleading playing playing for a sucker rooking scamming seducing shaving snowing sticking sucking in taking taking in tricking being honest offering giving repulsing disenchanting turning off refusing bewilder addle baffle ball up befuddle bemuse confound daze disconcert distract floor fluster mess with one's head mix up muddle mystify perplex puzzle rattle stump stupefy throw upset help clarify clear up orient comfort calm soothe explicate explain enlighten bewildering addling baffling befuddling bemusing confounding dazing disconcerting distracting flooring flustering mixing up muddling mystifying perplexing puzzling rattling stumping stupefying throwing upsetting helping clarifying orienting comforting calming soothing explicating explaining enlightening brook brooklet burn crick ditch race rill river rivulet run runnel spring streamlet tributary watercourse rindle arm branch channel creek estuary firth fjord inlet sound strait stream subdivision division body main arroyo gorge gully ravine bayou backwater outlet beck cove anchorage bay bight cave cavern frith gulf harbor hole lagoon nook retreat slough wash tidewater waterway square statute nautical far a good way a long way afar bit deep distant end of rainbow far piece far-flung far-off far-removed faraway good ways long middle of nowhere miles out-of-the-way outlying piece remote removed stone's throw ways Miles 207 The 207
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