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cramped limited meager microscopic miniature minuscule modest narrow paltry poor short slight small-scale young baby bantam diminutive little mini minute petite petty scanty shrimp toy trifling wee bitty humble immature inadequate inconsequential inconsiderable insufficient picayune piddling pint-sized pitiful pocket-sized puny runty scrubby stunted teensy teeny trivial undersized unpretentious adequate big fat great huge important large liberal rich significant substantial sufficient tall thick unlimited unrestricted wealthy wide consequential giant useful benevolent broad-minded considerate distinguished enormous excellent famous fine generous giving immense kind insignificant light negligible minor lower set mean inferior secondary bush-league ineffectual lesser small-time unessential minor-league small-fry superior major first-rate first-class base ignoble illiberal selfish vulgar grudging noble babyish dwarf midget small tiny youthful brief abrupt bluff blunt boiled down breviloquent brusque compendiary compendious concise crisp curt hasty laconic pithy sharp short and sweet skimpy snippy succinct surly terse to the point long lengthy expansive long-lived lasting enduring indefinite wordy long-winded briefer briefs awkward circumscribed close closed in confined crabbed crowded hemmed in illegible incommodious indecipherable irregular jammed in packed pent restricted squeezed tight tucked up two-by-four uncomfortable uncrowded open free empty unobstructed uninhibited Lilliputian bitsy button peewee pocket teensy-weensy teeny-weeny undersize weeny Smalls lil mad Small employment field trade work bag biz calling career craft dodge function game line livelihood occupation pursuit racket specialty vocation métier what one is into entertainment fun pastime amusement avocation hobby recreation surrender unemployment firm shop corporation partnership factory store venture house organization institution market cartel monopoly setup outfit syndicate mill trust establishment concern Mom and Pop fly-by-night operation megacorp shoestring operation transaction deal industry trading manufacturing selling exchange undertaking bargaining dealings traffic barter free enterprise affairs merchandising commercialism contracts sales industrialism buying and selling capital and labor problem issue interest duty task affair happening point assignment question topic matter responsibility lookout palaver subject hanky-panky beeswax carrying on goings-on irresponsibility action activity agility alacrity alertness animation ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash energy enterprise flurry force functioning going haste hoopla hopper in the works life liveliness motion movement operation plan power process proposition reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity rest yielding peace harmony slowness dullness stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness weakness stillness repose quiet calmness calm apathy lethargy laziness inaction inactivity idleness bargain arrangement bond compact contract convention covenant engagement negotiation pact pledge promise stipulation treaty understanding break misunderstanding disagreement rip-off art day gig gig handicraft hang life's work lifework metier mission nine-to-five play province rat race slot swindle walk of life capital IRA cash estate finances financing fortune funds gold interests investment kitty means money nest egg principal property resources savings stake stock substance treasure ways and means wealth wherewithal small debt poverty clientele audience clientage clientry clients constituency cortege dependents following patronage patrons public regulars management ownership club baton billy blackjack bludgeon conk buster convincer cosh cudgel hammer hickory mace mallet nightstick persuader quarterstaff rosewood sap shill shillelagh staff swatter truncheon works Business lil mad belief concept conclusion design feeling form intention interpretation meaning notion objective opinion perception plan scheme sense solution suggestion theory thought understanding view aim approximation brainstorm clue conception conviction doctrine end essence estimate fancy flash guess hint hypothesis import impression inkling intimation judgment object pattern purpose reason significance suspicion teaching viewpoint believed abstraction concrete disbelief reality thing insignificance measurement truth communication account advice announcement briefing bulletin communiqué conversation converse declaration directive disclosure dispatch excerpt goods hot story ideas info information inside story intelligence language lowdown message missive news note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity report revelation scoop skinny speech statement summary tidings translation utterance warning word work withholding cover question suppression concealment silence quiet secret ignorance ideologies Weltanschauung articles of faith credo creed culture dogma outlook philosophy principles system tenets ideology Idea lil mad idea moment second short time breath breathing crack flash instant jiffy sec shake twinkling bat of an eye nothing flat sixtieth of hour sixty seconds split second minute min Min lil mad Min. belief concept conclusion design feeling form intention interpretation meaning notion objective opinion perception plan scheme sense solution suggestion theory thought understanding view aim approximation brainstorm clue conception conviction doctrine end essence estimate fancy flash guess hint hypothesis import impression inkling intimation judgment object pattern purpose reason significance suspicion teaching viewpoint believed abstraction concrete disbelief reality thing insignificance measurement truth appearance aura beard blind countenance dream facade front guise idea illusion image mirage phenomenon reflection screen seeming semblance sound specter vision leaving departure absence fact certainty disappearance actuality appearances apprehension awareness comprehension grasp intellect intelligence ken knowledge perspicacity ease misunderstanding calmness ignorance approach attitude course crack fling lick manner means method mode modus operandi new wrinkle offer procedure program shot stab style technique way whack wrinkle distancing approaches assumption credence credo creed dogma faith fundamental gospel gospel truth ideology law postulate precept principle say-so tenet theorem nonbelief proof unbelief skepticism doubt Idea lil mad apathetic indifferent laid-back nonviolent quiet static unflappable uninvolved bearing cool flat idle long-suffering patient yielding acquiescent asleep compliant docile enduring forbearing going through motions hands off inert latent moony motionless nonresistant phlegmatic poker-faced quiescent receptive resigned sleepy stolid submissive tractable unassertive unresisting walking through it caring concerned interested agitated impatient active dynamic lively blah callous cold could care less couldn't care less don't give a damn draggy emotionless impassive insensible languid passive stoic unconcerned unemotional unfeeling uninterested unmoved unresponsive untouched what the hell wimpy sympathetic feeling responsive compassionate dormant abeyant closed down comatose down fallow inoperative lethargic lurking on the shelf out of action potential prepatent sidelined slack sluggish slumbering smoldering suspended torpid conscious alert awake frigid aloof austere chilly cold-hearted cold-shoulder forbidding formal frosty icy impotent lifeless passionless repellent rigid stiff unapproachable unbending unloving warm hot loving lovable amorous amicable friendly half-hearted irresolute lackluster listless lukewarm neutral perfunctory spiritless tame tepid unenthusiastic enthusiastic halfhearted whole-hearted desirous henpecked browbeaten constrained dominated in fear of one's wife intimidated led by the nose meek nagged obedient subjected to nagging timid under one's thumb wife-ridden lil mad Passive cash compensation earnings interest livelihood pay proceeds profit revenue royalty salary wage assets avails benefits commission dividends drawings gains gravy gross harvest honorarium means net payoff receipts returns bottom line cash flow in the black take home debt loss bills expenses acquisition accomplishment achievement allowance annuity award benefit bonus dividend donation fortune gain gift grant income increment inheritance premium prize remuneration return reward riches security wages wealth winnings want need failure defeat lack dearth penalty punishment misfortune forfeit poverty acquisitions basis conclusion core crux determination essence fiber final decision fundamentals key point last word main idea main point main thing meat and potatoes name of the game nitty-gritty nuts and bolts point reality sum and substance what it's all about whole story circumstances capital chances class command degree dowry financial status footing lifestyle lot net worth outlook position precedence prestige property prospects prosperity rank rating resources situation sphere standing state station status substance times way of life worldly goods poorness balance emolument gate groceries lucre piece of the pie salt stipend take-home takings losses payment endowment benefaction bequest bestowal boon bounty dispensation fund funding gifting gratuity largess legacy nest egg pension presentation provision stake subsidy trust weakness inability drawback disadvantage lil mad Income incomes
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