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2009 Dapper Dan sports highlights

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Highlights in Pittsburgh sports are shown through the pages of the Post-Gazette in this video, produced for the 2009 Dapper Dan sports banquet. Features ...


Dapper Dan Post-Gazette Steve Mellon Steelers Penguins Super Bowl Stanley Cup 2009 enby classy dashing rakish spry stylish bandbox brisk chic chichi clean dainty doggy dressed to kill dressed to nines jaunty natty nice nifty nimble nobby posh prim ritzy sassy sharp showy smart snazzy snug spiff spiffy spruce swank swanky swell trim turned out well turned out plain unstylish dirty dishevelled ruffled rumpled scruffy shabby sloppy tousled ungroomed wrinkled current dap dapper elegant exclusive faddish last word latest thing mod modern modish trendy voguish with-it adventurous alert animated daring dazzling debonair exuberant fashionable fearless gallant gay keen lively plucky rousing spirited sporty swashbuckling swish vivacious admirable aristocratic athletic august beautiful becoming clean-cut comely fair fine good-looking graceful impressive lovely majestic noble personable pulchritudinous robust smooth stately strong suave virile well-dressed well-proportioned airy bold brash breezy buoyant carefree careless cocky devil-may-care devilish easy exhilarated flip flippant forward free fresh frisky frolicsome gamesome high-spirited hilarious impetuous impish impudent jocose joking jolly jovial light nervy perky playful prankish provocative reckless rollicking self-confident sportive sprightly swaggering venturesome a la mode dressed to the teeth dressy fly groovy high-class in fashion in the mainstream in vogue jazzy latest modernistic new now ostentatious polished pretentious sleek slick snappy tony up-to-date upscale uptown urbane accurate apple-pie order correct exact fastidious finical finicky immaculate in good order in good shape methodical neat as a pin orderly precise proper regular shipshape spick-and-span spotless systematic tidy well-groomed well-kept slow dull old unfashionable indefinite unintelligent stupid old-fashioned unimpressive calm drab boring apathetic lethargic handsome ungiving small poor disagreeable rough awkward ugly homely stingy insignificant unattractive unsophisticated lifeless unhappy sad serious depressed more stylish unpolished worn inelegant dowdy neat unpracticed messed up disorderly false unkempt slovenly untidy unclean disorganized questionable inaccurate Dapper enby darn dawn dean damn dang dank dab dam dna fan den din don dun tan day ban can dad dap das lan man pan ran van wan da's Dan enby dan D.A.N athletics fun game pastime action amusement ball disport diversion exercise frolic gaiety games picnic play pleasure recreation fun and games physical activity work sadness unhappiness seriousness vocation adventure business distraction enterprise festivity jest joke lark line merriment merrymaking occupation plan proceeding pursuit romp scheme sport sports undertaking teasing nonsense pleasantry drollery derision scorn jesting raillery mockery banter laughter tomfoolery trifling badinage horseplay jollity mirth escapade practical joke jollification kidding mummery gloom praise flattery laughingstock target buffoon butt mock plaything jestee object of derision object of ridicule don exhibit model show off be dressed in have on profession surrender entertainment task passiveness inactivity enby S'port Sport climax feature focal point focus peak best part high point high spot main feature Highlights enby highlights highlight HIGHlight appertain diaper day dipped tapped oppidan diaper days dropped in dropped on dapped upped on wrapped in depend on dumped on Dapper Dan enby dapper dan stalesmelling streamline steamrolling smelling stakemen steeling steersmen most vermilion watermelon settle on sweetsmelling stallion stumble on steam iron snivelling stale smelling swivelling set seal on stockmen sets seal on smile on straw men seedsmen set motion stakeman stamp on sweet smelling stive stove starve sieve stele stave Steve enby steve million mellow mealing melons mewling milling mulling fell on melon hellion mellows sell on tell on felon mellon enby Mellon mellons Mellons settlers steels steles steeler stylers steepers steerers steelest stealers steelier steeples settles steers stales steals stoles styles sellers stealer steller tellers steel Steelers enby steelers pensions plugins pannikins pennons inguinas plaguings sanguines pidgins engines piggins enjoins inguens pentagons popguns pinkens pinions plug ins plungings ongoings renegings wronguns noggins peignoirs pinings anginas spongings pannings pigeons piquings purgings bangings hangings ingoings longings pantings pop guns rangings pagans palanquins panics pungence pungency injuns penknives wrong'uns pinkies pinking pongees punkies in goings Penguin enby penguin penguins superb supernal superbity superiorly hyperbole hyperbola sprawl hyper bole superbly parboil hyper bola super superbowl enby super bowl Superbowl great magnificent marvelous outstanding sensational superb terrific topnotch cool divine keen smashing glorious groovy hot incomparable matchless neat peerless wonderful bad inferior insignificant ordinary poor unexceptional second-rate A-1 A-OK ace attractive best ever choice commendable copacetic crackerjack deserving dream estimable excellent exquisite fine good greatest hunky dory laudable meritable meritorious out of sight out of this world peachy praiseworthy rare solid super super-duper superior unreal valuable wicked worthy zero cool beyond compare boss capital champion chief choicest culminating finest first first-class first-rate foremost highest inimitable leading nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight paramount perfect preeminent premium prime primo principal sans pareil second to none superlative supreme tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed big league big-time consequential considerable eminent heavy-duty heavyweight influential main major league material meaningful momentous popular powerful prominent serious significant substantial super colossal weighty baby sitter concierge curator custodian house-sitter janitor keeper porter sitter superintendent supervisor warden watchperson admirable ugly shameful repulsive repugnant loathsome hateful detestable despicable contemptible imperfect unworthy unimportant best fewest not right secondary poorest low incorrect extra minor least worst last big unconfident shy humble ungiving infant dull bland small little ungenerous selfish juvenile infantile babyish baby adolescent blah tiny trivial subordinate bigger biggest caretaker Super enby super- basin dish pot urn boat casserole crock porringer saucer tureen vessel deep dish amphitheatre bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome ice park pit platform ring rink square stadium stage bay concavity depression dip ewer gulf hole hollow lagoon pan pool sag sink sinkage sinkhole tub valley washbasin washbowl watershed borscht bouillon brew chowder concoction consommé decoction dishwater distillation elixir fluid gumbo hodge-podge olio porridge potage potpourri pottage puree splash stock vichyssoise amphitheater aureole band belt bracelet circlet circuit circumference cirque coil colure compass cordon corona crown cycle disc disk ecliptic enclosure equator full turn globe halo hoop horizon lap meridian orbit parallel of latitude perimeter periphery record revolution ringlet round sphere tire turn vortex wheel wreath zodiac open-air theater stade theater alembic bag beaker bin bottle box bucket bunker caisson can canister canteen capsule carafe carton cask casket cauldron chamber chest churn cistern cradle crate firkin flask hamper hod hopper humidor hutch jar jeroboam jug kettle magnum package packet pail pod poke pottery pouch purse receptacle reliquary repository sac sack scuttle stein storage tank utensil vase vat vial whirl rotate fling hurl pitch revolve spin throw trundle play duckpins play tenpins arena solid rise increase broth circle center stagnation middle interior inside container enby Bowl b'owl stonelike set ones cap satinlike setting cap set one's cap set one cap set one's cap stanley cup enby Stanley Cup stable stably stale sternly stately stabler staler stance sanely staple standee stapler stabile stank stainless steely stingily stealer staidly stained startle snarly sadly stall stele stole stone stony style stand stang set angle stalin stolen stilly stingy stoner styler Stanley enby bowl drink mug beaker cannikin chalice cupful demitasse draught goblet grail potion stein taster teacup tumbler vessel cup jock jock strap jockstrap award championship cordon bleu crown decoration first prize laurels palms trophy victory Moirai afterlife break breaks certainty circumstance conclusion condition constellation course of events design divine decree doom expectation finality foreordination fortune future happenstance hereafter horoscope inevitability intent intention karma kismet lot luck objective ordinance portion predestination predetermination prospect serendipity the stars way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles what is written wheel of fortune world to come bucket pail scoop spoon casserole ceramic china container pitcher plate platter porringer pot pottery salver saucer tray athletic supporter blue ribbon destiny volition free will choice misfortune continuity theory concept whole dipper dish enby CUP(s) cups
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