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2017 Global Development Forum:The Dynamic Southeast Asia

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national all-around all-inclusive all-out blanket catholic comprehensive cosmic earthly encyclopedic exhaustive general grand international mundane overall pandemic planetary spherical sweeping thorough total unbounded unlimited limited particular individual specific traveled experienced polished seasoned sophisticated urbane well-traveled worldly naïve empty abandoned rustic domestic unexplored deserted small-town provincial insular unsophisticated worldwide common extensive multinational omnipresent ubiquitous Be reet International campaigning government backroom civics electioneering jungle legislature polity statecraft zoo affairs of state domestic affairs foreign affairs government policy hat in the ring internal affairs matters of state political science smoke-filled room stateship diplomacy address artfulness craft delicacy delicatesse discretion expedience finesse negotiation poise politics savoir-faire skill subtlety rudeness impoliteness bad manners ignorance governance 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