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2017 Global Metals Awards-Industry Leadership in Steel - Nucor

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The 2017 Platts Global Metals Awards Industry Leadership Award winner for Steel was Nucor.


GMA Metals Awards Global Metals Awards Platts S&P Global Steel Nucor Steel Award Leadership Award US Steel Producer 2017 comprehensive international overall universal all-around all-inclusive all-out blanket catholic cosmic cosmopolitan earthly ecumenical encyclopedic exhaustive general grand mundane pandemic planetary spherical sweeping thorough total unbounded unlimited world local particular specific individual limited across-the-board all all-embracing all-encompassing broad broad in content complete encompassing everything extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic wide widespread all-round broad-spectrum expansive extended far-reaching inclusive wide-ranging wide-reaching far-ranging large broad-minded charitable diffuse eclectic generic indeterminate large-scale liberal open-minded receptive tolerant unbigoted unprejudiced unsectarian whole world-wide exclusive narrow partial narrow-minded absolute across the board compendious comprising containing discursive encircling full in depth infinite lock stock and barrel of great scope synoptic the big picture the whole shebang the works umbrella wall-to-wall empty incomplete needy restricted short unfinished circumscribed definite imperfect selective cosmogonal cosmogonic empyrean grandiose huge immense measureless vast worldwide little miniature minute small teeny tiny bounded globalization alloy hardware ingot mineral ore casting deposit foil leaf load mail plate solder vein native rock cleat batten bit block bollard chock metal spur support wedge wood whole blende bronze copper gold iron lead platinum rock silver tin zinc ores blendes bronzes coppers golds irons leads metals minerals platinums rocks tins zincs bedrock boulder cobblestone crag crust earth gravel lava lodge mass pebble promontory quarry reef rubble shelf slab slag stone gem jewel masonry stonework The Metal Metal Metallical accolade citation decision donation endowment gift gold grant honor presentation scholarship trophy verdict adjudication allotment bestowal conferment conferral decoration decree distinction order feather in cap gold star forfeit loss reward distribute confer hand out bestow allot donate assign present allocate accord apportion render concede adjudge endow dish out shell out fork out sweeten the kitty disagree take keep withhold refuse Awardal award Granny Awards Darwin Awards Coaches award grammy award Comment Awards business commerce corporation management production trade manufactory mob monopoly outfit traffic big business commercial enterprise megacorp multinational idleness indolence laziness lethargy unemployment worthlessness activity energy enterprise labor application assiduity attention care determination diligence dynamism effort intentness inventiveness pains patience perseverance persistence tirelessness toil vigor zeal inactivity apathy disregard hesitation ignorance indifference neglect negligence action agility alacrity alertness animation ballgame big idea bit bustle commotion dash deal flurry force functioning game happening hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt turmoil vim vitality vivacity inaction calm calmness dullness harmony peace quiet repose rest slowness stillness inertia stoppage attentiveness busyness commitment concentration consideration dedication deliberation study applications assiduities attentions commitments concentrations considerations dedications deliberations diligences efforts industries studies lethargies assiduousness doggedness industriousness sedulousness follow-through absorption contemplation debate engrossment heed heedfulness immersion mind scrutiny thinking thought thoughtfulness thoughtlessness industrial Industrial captaincy captainship care coaching direction encouragement guardianship guidance initiative lead navigation overseeing pilotage piloting shepherding steering stewardship superintendence superintendency supervision tutelage administration directorship generalship governance government influence management running sway authority command control domination dominion power reign rule subordination deference obedience submission subservience impotence ascendencies elevation glory leadership mastery paramountcy precedence prevalence sovereignty success supremacy failure ascendency ability absolutism aplomb authorization charge coercion compulsion constraint despotism expertise expertism expertness grasp grip hold jurisdiction know-how might prerogative primacy restraint right royalty skill strings tyranny upper hand ignorance inability weakness freedom release contradiction countermand opposition recall reversal revocation commands abilities authorities authorizations charges coercions compulsions constraints controls despotisms dominions expertisms governments grasps grips holds jurisdictions know-hows leaderships managements mights prerogatives restraints rights royalties skills tyrannies upper hands recalls oppositions countermands releases freedoms subordinations revocations reversals contradictions submissions inabilities weaknesses conduct carrying-on channels execution handling intendance manipulation organization oversight plan policy posture red tape regimen regulation strategy tactics transaction treatment wielding mismanagement disorganization disregard neglect order deviation wrong way brace fortify gird animate cheer embolden encourage harden hearten inspirit prepare rally ready reinforce strengthen buck up grit teeth make up one's mind weaken discourage dishearten bandage bind bolster buttress fasten hold up prop shove steady steel strap support tie tighten uphold detach disconnect fail free let down let go loose loosen release undermine unfasten untie brace up brighten buoy comfort console elate elevate enliven exhilarate give a lift gladden help incite let the sun shine in perk up pick up put on cloud nine put on top of the world snap out of it solace uplift upraise warm depress agitate decrease dull hurt sadden trouble upset worry bring down dissuade cure dry fire keep kipper pickle preserve salt smoke temper soften injure applaud boost cheer up energize enhearten excite galvanize give shot in arm goad inspire instigate praise prick prop up psych up push reassure refresh restore revitalize revivify rouse spur stir sway annoy bore calm deaden deter leave alone repress tire block confuse dampen deject dispirit encourages animates applauds boosts brightens bucks up buoys cheers cheers up comforts consoles emboldens energizes enheartens enlivens excites exhilarates fortifies galvanizes give shoots in arm gladdens goads heartens incites inspires inspirits instigates praises pricks props up pushes rallies reassures refreshes restores revitalizes revivifies rouses spurs steels stirs strengthens sways uninspires confuses dampens leaves alone bears troubles agitates upsets depresses dulls discourages hurts blocks dispirits dejects represses calms deters tires saddens annoys deadens weakens disheartens dissuades arouses braces builds up confirms invigorates pours it on punches up reinforces renews stiffens sustains stops halts injures decreases brings down nucor Gma gma GMA Platt platte platt to platt Steel Wheels Award accolade citation decision donation endowment gift gold grant honor presentation scholarship trophy verdict adjudication allotment bestowal conferment conferral decoration decree distinction order feather in cap gold star forfeit loss allocate allot assign bestow confer distribute donate hand out present reward accord adjudge apportion concede endow render dish out fork out shell out sweeten the kitty keep refuse take withhold disagree approval award badge kudos laurels accolades approvals awards badges decorations distinctions honors accede acquiesce admit allow give tender vouchsafe deny dispute dissent protest reject argue challenge contest disallow disapprove oppose question acquisition accomplishment achievement allowance annuity benefit bonus commission dividend earnings fortune gain income increment inheritance net premium prize proceeds profit remuneration return riches salary security wages wealth winnings debt defeat failure misfortune penalty poverty punishment dearth lack need want acquisitions accretions achievements acquirements acquirings additions attainments buys gainings gains learnings obtainments possessions prizes procurations procurements procurings properties purchases pursuits recoveries redemption retrievals salvage needs failures lacks dearths surrenders forfeits losses adjudicate arbitrate consider decide determine rate referee rule settle defer hesitate ignore leave Awardal Granny Awards Darwin Awards Coaches award grammy award Comment Awards architect contractor maker manufacturer artisan assembler constructor fabricator framer inventor mason originator craftsperson erector administrator CEO President ambassador authority boss bureaucrat captain chair chairperson chief commander consul controller custodian dean director exec executive front office governor head head honcho head person inspector judge leader manager mayor minister officer official organizer overseer person upstairs premier prez producer superintendent supervisor employee follower worker fitter author biographer columnist composer creator essayist ghost ghostwriter ink slinger journalist playwright poet prose writer reporter scribbler scribe scripter word slinger wordsmith work-for-hire writer builder wrecker builders architects artisans constructors contractors craftspersons erectors fabricators framers inventors makers manufacturers masons originators producers wreckers cause account agency aim antecedent basis beginning causation consideration determinant doer element end explanation foundation genesis ground grounds incitement inducement instigation leaven mainspring matter motivation motive object occasion origin prime mover principle purpose root source spring stimulation discouragement effect result conclusion finish neglect thoughtlessness consequence development fruit issue outcome outgrowth product The Producers
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