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2017 Maps of Meaning 7: Images of Story & MetaStory

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In this lecture, I discuss how the basic or archetypal categories we use to frame the world are represented in image, where they existed long before their nature could be articulated. These categories include the individual (hero/adversary), culture (wise king/tyrant), and nature (destruction/creation). The heroic individual (the knower) is typically masculine, as is culture (the known), while the unknown is feminine. These categories can be conceptualized, as well, as explorer, explored territory, and unexplored territory. The most abstract category is the dragon of chaos, the monster who guards what is most valuable. It is from this most primordial of categories that the other three emerge. Our existence as prey and predator is reflected in the ambivalent representation of the absolute unknown.Want to support this channel?Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jordanbpetersonSelf Authoring: http://selfauthoring.com/Jordan Peterson Website: http://jordanbpeterson.com/Podcast: http://jordanbpeterson.com/jordan-b-p...Reading List: http://jordanbpeterson.com/2017/03/gr...Twitter: https://twitter.com/jordanbpeterson


Jordan Peterson Jordan B Peterson Maps of Meaning The Architecture of Belief Mythology Psychology Personality Lecture Jung Eliade Symbol Psychoanalysis Literary criticism Existentialism Phenomenology course jordanbpeterson psy toronto freud carl jung university of toronto clinical psychology 2017 parasocial design drawing graph outline picture plan print sketch atlas delineation diagram draft elevation globe plat portrayal projection tracing ground plan topographical depiction depression countenance aspect biscuit cast demeanor expression face features gills kisser look looks map mask mien mug phizog physiognomy poker face potato puss visage architecture arrangement blueprint chart comp composition conception constitution construction depiction doodle dummy form formation idea layout makeup method model paste-up pattern perspective scheme study tracery treatment being disorganization designs air appearance clock dial disguise display facet finish frontage frontal frontispiece frown glower grimace guise light lineaments obverse paint pout presentation profile scowl seeming semblance show showing silhouette simulacrum smirk surface top character smile hiding personality rear behind back grin reality faces formulate codify coin compose concoct contrive cook up couch define detail develop devise draw up dream up evolve express forge frame give form to hatch indite invent make make up originate particularize phrase prepare put set down systematize vamp work work out stop halt ruin raze destroy disorganize MAP parasocial M.A.P. connotation content context definition effect essence explanation hint implication interpretation nuance sense significance spirit subject substance understanding value acceptation allusion bearing denotation drift force gist heart import intimation meat nitty-gritty pith point purport stuff suggestion symbolization tenor thrust upshot use worth bottom line name of the game nature of beast nuts and bolts subject matter exteriority outside exterior intent purpose interest idea end goal trend object design plan animus meaning message word meaning application connection pertinence reference relation relevance weight bearings association coloring overtone undertone connotations connotative hinting implying referring suggesting parasocial Meaning appearance copy drawing figure form icon illustration likeness model photograph picture portrait statue angel carbon double effigy equal equivalent facsimile idol match photocopy reflection replica reproduction similitude simulacrum carbon copy carved figure chip off old block dead ringer simulacre spitting image difference original concrete entity impression perception idea thought notion vision conception conceit construct apprehension phantasm intellection trope mental picture images parasocial Image image adventure anecdote article autobiography biography book comedy description drama fable fantasy feature fiction history information legend memoir myth narrative novel record report tale tragedy version allegory apologue beat chronicle cliffhanger epic folktale gag narration nonfiction parable potboiler recital relation romance saga scoop sequel serial spiel yarn conte fairy tale long and short of it news item old saw non-fiction truth prevarication falsehood falsity canard fib untruth misrepresentation fabrication cock-and-bull story white lie untruism account ABCs annal blow by blow bulletin detail explanation lowdown make play by play run-down score story tab take the picture the whole picture accounts emblem figuration moral symbol symbolism symbolization typification blurb column commentary composition discourse editorial essay exposition item paper piece spread theme think piece treatise write-up articles stories parasocial story? Story Jordan Peterson parasocial bedpan chamber jerry pisspot potty thunder mug chamber pot jordan Jordan parasocial Peterson parasocial affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the parasocial The building construction engineering planning architectonics style composition framework formation constitution make-up architecture domicile edifice erection fabric home house hut pile superstructure ziggurat buildings agreement balance beauty combination concord configuration consonance content design distribution form harmony layout placing proportion relation rhythm spacing symmetry weave disagreement unevenness discord imbalance disproportion compositions build character contents disposition essence frame habit habitus nature physique structure temper temperament type vitality disorganization disarrangement arrangement assembly cast conception contour cut development elevation erecting fabrication figuration figure format foundation improvisation invention makeup making manufacture mold origination outline plan prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape system systematization turn truth ruins ruin disfigurement destruction Architecture parasocial acceptance assumption conclusion confidence conviction expectation faith feeling hope idea judgment knowledge notion opinion position suspicion theory thinking trust understanding view admission assent assurance avowal axiom certainty conjecture credence credit deduction divination fancy guess hypothesis impression intuition mind mindset persuasion postulation presumption presupposition profession reliance supposition surmise theorem thesis disagreement disbelief distrust doubt ignorance reality ambiguity calculation confusion fact measurement physicality proof truth uncertainty nonbelief concept fundamental creed tenet ideology principle doctrine law credo precept dogma say-so gospel postulate gospel truth unbelief skepticism accepting assuming belief hunch inference posit premise shot shot in the dark sneaking suspicion stab supposal theorization unexpected realness naturalness genuineness assumptions attitude air angle approach bent bias character demeanor disposition frame of mind headset inclination leaning like it is mental state mindtrip mood perspective philosophy point of view posture predilection prejudice proclivity reaction routine say so sensibility sentiment set slant stance stand standing standpoint temper temperament twist where one is at fairness attitudes all sewn up authoritativeness certitude cinch definiteness dogmatism firmness indubitableness inevitability lock lockup open and shut case positiveness positivism rain or shine setup shoo-in staunchness steadiness stock store sure bet sure thing surefire sureness surety validity wrap-up questionableness hesitation assuredness inevitableness fear parasocial Belief belief legend lore tradition conviction myths stories mythicism mythos actuality history reality truth folklore ballad custom fable folk story myth mythology oral literature superstition wisdom fact fiction folk tale narrative saga tale non-fiction legends adage doctrine enlightenment erudition experience information knowledge learning letters saw saying scholarship science teaching ignorance religion church communion creed cult denomination devotion higher power morality observance orthodoxy pietism piety prayer preference religiosity ritual sacrifice sanctification sect spiritual-mindedness spirituality standards theology veneration agnosticism neglect disbelief atheism carelessness parasocial Mythology attitude medicine therapy behaviorism mental make-up mental processes personality study psych science of the mind way of thinking where head is at ethos beliefs code culture habits ideology mentality mind mindset principles psyche psychology spirit traits values body physicality ethoses brainpower brains cast character comprehension disposition frame of mind headset intellect intelligence quotient makeup mental age outlook personality rationality reasoning routine sense turn of mind understanding wit disbelief Psychology parasocial charisma charm identity makeup nature psyche self temper temperament complexion disposition dynamism emotions individuality magnetism singularity likableness selfdom selfhood VIP big cheese big enchilada big kahuna big name celebrity dignitary famous person heavyweight high muckamuck luminary mogul notable personality public figure star superstar top banana worthy nonentity nobody being character entity essence essentia essentiality marrow quintessence soul spirit substance texture inanimate deadness abstract celebrities ace big deal big gun big shot big stuff bigwig celeb cynosure figure hero hotshot immortal lion magnate mahatma major leaguer name personage somebody someone the cheese unknown obscurity commoner card case clown crank customer duck eccentric freak nut oddball oddity original queer spook wack weirdo zombie standard normality regularity characteristic affection aspect attribute badge bag bearing bent caliber cast component differentia distinction earmark endowment essential faculty flavor frame idiosyncrasy inclination lineament mannerism mark mood originality particularity peculiarity point property quality specialty streak stripe style symptom tendency thing thumbprint tinge tone trademark turn virtue unimportance abnormality inability hatred hate dislike whole parasocial Personality address discourse instruction allocution disquisition harangue oration pitch soapbox spiel talk chalk talk pep talk sermon rebuke scolding going-over censure castigation preaching reprimand reproof dressing-down chiding moralism preachment talking-to praise compliment expound teach recite orate spout deliver declaim speak prelect get on a soapbox give a talk hold forth be quiet listen admonish scold chide preach sermonize flay berate moralize rate reprove tell off exprobate give going-over give piece of mind rank on flatter laud approach bespeak call deliver speech deliver talk discuss give speech give talk greet hail lecture memorialize pontificate root for stump take the floor pass overlook slight shun ignore disregard cut avoid refrain dissertation addressed addresses addressing parasocial Lecture Jung parasocial badge design emblem figure image indication logo motif pattern token type attribute denotation device mark note numeral regalia representation stamp Logos brand brand name identification imprint label logotype symbol tag allegory apologue fable figuration moral myth parable story symbolism symbolization tale typification truth non-fiction aspect character characteristic facet idiosyncrasy particularity peculiarity point property quality quirk sign speciality trait virtue attributes cordon insignia marker medallion motto pin ribbon scepter shield hallmark heraldry trademark welt Symbol parasocial Symbols analysis therapy psychoanalysis parasocial close reading criticism lower criticism textual criticism exploration investigation interpretation revealing unmasking exegetics psychoanalytic criticism hermeneutics literary criticism classical scholarly belletristic bookish erudite formal learned lettered literate well-read illiterate academic brainy intelligent literary pedantic scholastic smart studious unschooled stupid ignorant cultured able accomplished advanced aesthetic appreciative au courant blue-stocking chivalrous civilized courteous cultivated distingue educated elegant enlightened gallant genteel high-class highbrow informed intellectual knowledgeable liberal mannerly polished polite refined savant sensitive sophisticated tasteful tolerant traveled understanding up-to-date urbane versed well-informed unrefined rude inexperienced uncivilized uninformed unsophisticated uneducated uncultured acquainted with coached corrected developed enriched expert finished fitted formed initiated instructed nurtured prepared professional schooled scientific shaped skilled taught trained tutored versed in well-taught well-versed unprepared unaware inkhorn abstruse arid didactic doctrinaire donnish dry dull egotistic formalistic fussy hairsplitting nit-picking ostentatious overnice particular pedagogic pedantical pompous priggish punctilious schoolish sententious stilted conversant deep esoteric experienced grave grounded in the know judicious omniscient pansophic philosophic philosophical polymath posted professorial recondite sage sapient sharp solemn solid sound studied well-educated well-grounded well-rounded green immature more educated Literary parasocial assessment comment critique judgment opinion review appraisal appreciation commentary elucidation essay estimate evaluation examination exposition notice observation pan rating rave scorcher sideswipe study reviewal sleighride write-up heedlessness neglect approval compliment estimation guess praise supposition objection denunciation animadversion aspersion slap disparagement slam static cut stricture swipe reproof cavil hit faultfinding censure carping blast flak knock opprobrium vitriol quibble roast Bronx cheer put down zapper brickbats bad press call down caviling critical remarks nit-picking panning rap on knuckles slap on wrist sanction flattery accusation criticism perception slur attack abuse aggression belligerence blame calumny combativeness denigration impugnment libel pugnacity slander vilification support retreat flight defense health submission reprisal sustenance surrender shield shelter resistance protection aid commendation attacks barb affront dig gibe insult rebuff sarcasm scoff sneer kindness bashing assault beating beating up bias crime charge condemnation harassment hate crime hounding jumping offensive persecution strike torment beef bickering dispute grievance gripe grouse grumble protestation quarrel rhubarb squabble agreement concurrence Criticism parasocial existentialism parasocial Existentialism intentionality life-world lived experience meaning-making Phenomenology parasocial development line plan policy procedure program series system way advancement chain channels continuity flow furtherance manner march movement order polity progression row scheme sequel sequence string succession unfolding consecution red tape disorder disorganization cessation halt stoppage direction track route trail circuit road stream duct canal aqueduct trajectory passage scope conduit run aisle tack lap rut orbit range watercourse itinerary groove byway inaction progress term time lapse sweep duration passing conference session schedule curriculum period method preparation interest lecture meeting class seminar subject laboratory regimen matriculation speciality discussion group gallop spring dash follow speed chase scamper tumble scoot dart hurry hustle rush pursue hunt scurry surge career race gush hasten rest run away neglect ignore wait procrastinate dawdle dally retreat slow delay shun access admittance approach avenue connection contact course door entrance entree entry entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door path outlet conclusion egress aim ambition aspiration desideratum design desire end intent intention mark object objective purpose target where one is heading wish thoughtlessness avoidance hatred hate dislike aims alley artery clearing corridor gangway hallway lane opening walk aisles attitude concept crack fling idea lick means mode modus operandi new wrinkle offer shot stab style technique whack wrinkle leaving distancing departure parasocial PSY parasocial psy Psy Toronto parasocial toronto Freud parasocial freud Carl Jung parasocial Carl parasocial Jung parasocial University of Toronto parasocial university of toronto academy educational institution college school institution academic book-learned bookish collegiate erudite intellectual learned pedantic scholarly scholastic studious university simple practical plain ordinary untaught ignorant alma mater old school place of graduation place of matriculation association brainery halls of ivy halls of knowledge institute lyceum organization seminary faculties academics advisers body clinic corps department employees literati mentors pedagogues personnel professorate profs researchers scholars society staff tutors workers students need ineptness lack incompetence inability faculty higher education graduate school tertiary school parasocial University analytic impersonal scientific antiseptic cold detached disinterested emotionless objective unemotional feeling passionate subjective neutral aloof bystanding calm clinical collected cool disengaged dispassionate easy evenhanded fair-minded inactive indifferent inert middle-of-road nonaligned nonbelligerent nonchalant noncombatant nonparticipating nonpartisan on sidelines on the fence pacifistic poker-faced relaxed unaligned unbiased uncommitted unconcerned undecided uninvolved unprejudiced strong loud bright partial committal decided prejudiced involved concerned predisposed agitated excited interested biased impartial neuter caring active working parasocial Clinical attitude medicine therapy behaviorism mental make-up mental processes personality study psych science of the mind way of thinking where head is at ethos beliefs code culture habits ideology mentality mind mindset principles psyche psychology spirit traits values body physicality ethoses brainpower brains cast character comprehension disposition frame of mind headset intellect intelligence quotient makeup mental age outlook personality rationality reasoning routine sense turn of mind understanding wit disbelief Psychology parasocial
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