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250,000 March against NHS privatisation

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On Saturday 4th march 2017 some quarter of a million British workers took to the streets of London to demonstrate their ongoing support of the National Health Service (NHS), which set out to provide healthcare freely given at the point of need, to all comers, from the cradle to the grave, and against the privatisation of our much beloved institution - that Tory politicians, and capitalist businessmen decry variously as 'Stalinist' and 'communist'. This, they imagine, will be a clinching argument that persuades us to allow them to dismantle it.If they are indeed correct, and 'giving away' free health care turns out to be a communist model of care and economy, then their greatest fears are realised: the British working class, led by its own experience of the NHS, is truly pro-communist despite all their anti-communist and pro free-market fundamentalist propaganda.The leaflet produce by the CPGB-ML can be read here: http://www.cpgb-ml.org/download/leafl...The march was followed by a meeting in which Dr Bob Gill explains in detail the manner in which the NHS is being privatised, with the conspiracy and collusion of successive administrations - Tory, Labour and Lib Dem alike - over the past 30 years and more.The crisis has been deliberately engineered and is coming to a crescendo, as Simon Stevens, former president of giant US medical insurance company 'United Health', and adviser to Blair on the implementation of PFI, has been placed in charge of winding up the NHS model, and rolling our an insurance based private healthcare system.Yet the opposition to the plans of the financial capitalists is hamstrung - not only by the Tory privateers, who openly declare their ideological position, but by the Labour party - yes even Corbyn's labour party, who feign full support of the NHS.Corbyn and his Labour party brethren, turn out to address these rallies, yet his Labour health secretaries are fully signed up to the NHS privatisation agenda. Corbyn and McDonnell's silence must be understood as complicity.We must build a grass roots mass movement against the privatization of our NHS, which serves only private greed, not public, healthcare or working class need.DONATE TO THE PRODUCTION OF BOB GILL's FILM; The Great NHS Heist, here: http://selloff.org.uk/______________________________________________Subscribe! Donate! Join us in building a bright future for humanity!http://www.redyouth.orghttp://www.cpgb-ml.orghttp://www.youtube.com/ProletarianCPGBMLhttp://www.lalkar.orgRed Youth Education Program: Each one teach one!https://redyouth.org/each-one-teach-o...Join the struggle!http://www.cpgb-ml.org/index.php?secN...Donate:http://www.cpgb-ml.org/index.php?secN...


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