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3 Crazy Convenient Vending Machines

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Most vending machines are all about easy access to candy, chips and soda, but The List's Jimmy Rhoades has 3 that mix crazy with convenience... Now on the ...


insane kooky mad nuts nutty silly wacky ape berserk cuckoo lunatic potty psycho screwball barmy bats in the belfry batty bonkers cracked crazed daft delirious demented deranged dingy dippy erratic flaky flipped flipped out freaked out fruity idiotic mad as a March hare mad as a hatter maniacal mental moonstruck nutty as fruitcake of unsound mind out to lunch round the bend schizo screw loose screwy touched unbalanced unglued unhinged balanced calm collected rational reasonable sane sound believeable dislike hate realistic responsible sensible smart ridiculous irresponsible ludicrous goofy preposterous outrageous strange absurd weird foolish odd bizarre loony eccentric wild balmy cockeyed fatuous foolhardy half-baked harebrained impracticable imprudent inane inappropriate nonsensical peculiar puerile quixotic senseless short-sighted unworkable beyond all reason derisory ill-conceived out of all reason regular normal serious wise usual logical careful passionate hysterical keen eager ardent beside oneself devoted enamored fanatical smitten zealous happy unenthusiastic campy crazy daffy fooling around for grins freaky gagged up illogical incongruous irrational jokey joshing laughable off the wall sappy stupid tomfool unreasonable certain practical bugged out dotty mentally incompetent moronic inclement cool bananas brainsick crackers crazy as a loon distraught disturbed loco maniac mentally ill not all there nutty as a fruitcake sick sick in the head stark raving mad unsound healthy manic violent blissful beatific delighted dreamy ecstatic elated enchanted enraptured euphoric floating flying gone heavenly in ecstasy in seventh heaven in the twilight zone joyful joyous on cloud nine rapturous sent spaced-out turned-on unhappy miserable grieving wretched upset sorrowful disordered psychotic Crazy supertranslate acceptable advantageous agreeable available beneficial comfortable conducive favorable good handy helpful opportune proper suitable timely user-friendly commodious accommodating adaptable adapted aiding assisting contributive decent fit fitted in public interest ready roomy seasonable serviceable suited time-saving well-planned bad disadvantageous disagreeable harmful hindering hurtful hurting improper inappropriate injurious inopportune mean misbehaving unacceptable unfavorable unhandy unhelpful unpleasant unsuitable useless awkward distant far inconvenient ineffectual out-of-the-way unadaptable unavailable unsuited accessible immediate adjacent adjoining at hand central close contiguous next on tap all around at elbows at fingertips close at hand close-by easy to reach in neighborhood next door nigh on deck within reach approachable attainable come-at-able convenient getable obtainable reachable unapproachable formal unsociable unfriendly uncongenial unreachable inaccessible appropriate applicable appurtenant apropos apt becoming befitting belonging congruous correct deserved desired due felicitous fitting germane just on the button 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motorcar pickup ride roadster sedan station wagon subcompact touring car truck van wagon wheels wreck cars Rube Goldberg device rig contraptions brainchild coinage convenience creation discovery equipment harness invention material utensil disorganization
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