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4 Logical Paradoxes!!

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CGP Grey and I's Coincidence: http://www.cgpgrey.com/blog/letter-to-jake-on-the-agonies-of-parallel-creation My Twitter: http://twitter.com/jakerawr ***Click ...


Vsauce3 Vsauce vsause jake roper jakerawr paradoxes ship of theseus teleportation education science thought experiments last move rest stay live act hold cease idle lose pass stop leave quit die halt befall occur abide be contained in be expressed by be found in dwell inhere lie repose subsist be left be long lived be timeless bide carry on carry through cling exist go on hang on have no end hold on hold out keep on linger live on never say die outlast outlive perdure persist prevail remain ride out run on stand stay on stick to superannuate survive sustain wear wear on wear well be extant be latent be present breathe continue endure happen obtain be beside be buried be established be even be fixed be found be interred be level be located be on be placed be seated be smooth belong beset extend have its seat in occupy reach spread stretch be alive draw breath get along get by have life lead maintain make it remain alive act as act as broker act for act in place of appear as assume the role of be agent for be attorney for be proxy for betoken body buy for copy correspond to do business for emblematize embody enact epitomize equal equate exemplify exhibit express factor hold office imitate impersonate mean perform personify play the part produce put on reproduce sell for serve serve as show speak for stage stand for steward substitute typify consist represent Ares ares Are You you yous freak monster sameness aberration abortion anomaly chimera curiosity geek grotesque malformation miscreation misshape monstrosity mutant mutation oddity queer rarity sport weirdo Frankenstein abnormality barbarian beast behemoth brute centaur colossus demon devil dragon fiend giant hellion horror leviathan lusus naturae mammoth ogre phoenix savage titan villain werewolf whale atrocity deformity dreadfulness enormity eyesore freakishness frightfulness grotesqueness heinousness hideousness alteration change deviant deviation evolution innovation modification novelty permutation transfiguration transformation variation vicissitude alter modify vary mutate Mutant Mutants mutants strange mongoloid creep creeper sick disgusting crazy region the region indiana chicago gary hammond highland merrillville dyer lansing munster griffith east chicago 219 nwi northwest indiana chav good wiked jamie king voices hallucinations loonly weird un cool dorky retarded invasion aliens epic battle vsauce Vsauce lout rube oaf boor hind yahoo gawk chuff yokel swain churl hick dolt blockhead bucolic buffoon bumpkin clodhopper hayseed jake mucker peasant rustic hillbilly clown Jake jacob babycakes jakers lover jimmy johnson dick peter dong cute funny loveable hair amazing cool kool penis man hot trustworthy sweet breathtaking beauty crap stare sleuth reporter agent spy informer fink eye snoop tail scout bull shadow analyst cop gumshoe dick fed sergeant nark flatfoot peeper shoofly shamus P. I. bird dog slewfoot Sherlock Holmes bloodhound constable eavesdropper plainclothes officer police officer private eye private investigator prosecutor roper detective Roper ropers X-Men xmen X-men freak monster sameness aberration abortion anomaly chimera curiosity geek grotesque malformation miscreation misshape monstrosity mutant mutation oddity queer rarity sport weirdo Frankenstein abnormality barbarian beast behemoth brute centaur colossus demon devil dragon fiend giant hellion horror leviathan lusus naturae mammoth ogre phoenix savage titan villain werewolf whale atrocity deformity dreadfulness enormity eyesore freakishness frightfulness grotesqueness heinousness hideousness alteration change deviant deviation evolution innovation modification novelty permutation transfiguration transformation variation vicissitude alter modify vary mutate Mutant Mutants mutants strange mongoloid creep creeper sick disgusting crazy region the region indiana chicago gary hammond highland merrillville dyer lansing munster griffith east chicago 219 nwi northwest indiana chav good wiked jamie king voices hallucinations loonly weird un cool dorky retarded invasion aliens epic battle anomaly variation deviation evolution mutant novelty deviant change sameness inaction about-face accommodation adaptation adjustment amendment conversion correction difference diversification exchange fixing flip-flop metamorphosis mid-course correction modification mutation reformation remodeling reshaping revision shift switch switch-over transformation transmutation turn variance abnormality congenital anomaly congenital defect congenital malformation deformity disability addition advance break compression contraction development distortion diversity innovation modulation permutation reconstruction refinement reversal revolution surrogate tempering transition turnover variety vicissitude aberration alteration alterity crotch deflection departure detour digression disagreeing discrepancy disparity dissemblance dissimilarity dissimilitude distinction divagation divergency division fork otherness parting radiation ramification separation turning unlikeness varying flow fluctuation fluidity instability motion mutability unrest abortion chimera curiosity geek grotesque malformation miscreation misshape monster monstrosity oddity queer rarity sport weirdo birth defect divergence flux freak Mutation division medicine analysis diagnosis inquiry biology cytology etiology zoology histology connection ecology anatomy phytology pomology taxonomy morphology pathology physiology dendrology floristics strain line stock stemma stirps ancestry inheritance eugenics genesiology acquirement dissection embryology examination genetics investigation horticulture natural history paleo-botany phytogeography study of flora study of vegetation blood line derivation descent extraction generation heredity history lineage parentage pedigree progeniture congenital traits constitution genetic make-up inborn character botany genealogy genetic Genetics RNA gene DNA genius miracle prodigy stunner whiz portent normality stare gape goggle gaze wonder be awed expect accident earthquake force majeure freak accident hurricane inevitable accident marvel natural disaster phenomenon supernatural event tornado unavoidable casualty unforeseen event vis major admiration astonishment awe bewilderment confoundment confusion one for the books perplexity shock something else stopper stupefaction wonderment anomaly bibelot bygone conversation piece curio exoticism freak knickknack monstrosity nonesuch objet d'art oddity peculiar object rarity singular object trinket unusual object act action advent adventure affair appearance business calamity case catastrophe celebration ceremony chance circumstance coincidence conjuncture crisis deed development emergency episode experience exploit fact function holiday incident juncture matter milestone misfortune mishap mistake occasion occurrence pass phase predicament proceeding shift situation story thing tide transaction triumph turn charmer conjurer diabolist diviner enchanter enchantress exorciser exorcist feats or tricks archimage fortune-teller genie illusionist medicine person medium miracle worker necromancer prophet satanist seer shaman siren soothsayer sorcerer spellbinder thaumaturge theurgist trickster virtuoso voodoo warlock witch witch doctor wizard revelation sensation supernatural occurrence surprise thaumaturgy unusualness act of God amazement curiosity event magician Marvel art system skill lore branch wisdom ignorance disorder ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment erudition experience fashion finish gentility good taste grace improvement kindness learning manners nobility perception polish politeness practice proficiency refinement savoir-faire science tact training urbanity apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing breeding catechism coaching culture direction discipline drilling edification guidance inculcation indoctrination information learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing scholarship schooling study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring bookishness brains intellectuality knowledge letters pedantry savvy scholarliness studiousness advice ammo break chapter and verse clue confidence counsel cue data dirt dope dossier earful illumination info inside story instruction intelligence leak lowdown material message network notice notification orientation propaganda report scoop score tidings tip what's what whole story word accomplishments acquaintance apprehension attainments awareness cognition comprehension consciousness discernment doctrine dogma education expertise facts familiarity goods grasp insight judgment know-how light observation philosophy picture power principles recognition substance theory acquirements literature research SCIENCE! Science division medicine analysis diagnosis inquiry cytology genetics etiology zoology histology connection ecology botany bioscience physics chemistry biology dissection embryology examination investigation morphology physiology animal biology anthropology biological science environmental science natural science science of life study of living things life sciences pure science science of matter anatomy life science Biology bio science life class freshman year school dulaney evolution learning college garbage pointless idiotic annoying bitch teacher boring education teaching sensible relevant cogent coherent valid obvious rational lucid wise clear fair germane kosher sound subtle telling analytic legit unwise unsound unclear vague foolish stupid invalid obscure acceptable allowed applicable appropriate concedable fitting just justifiable lawful legal legitimate licit likely logical not impossible not unlikely okay passable permissible permitted pertinent possible probable proper reasonable right suitable tolerable tolerated warranted worthy A to Z consecutive graded indexed ordered progressive conclusive detailed diagnostic discrete dissecting explanatory expository inquiring inquisitive interpretive investigative judicious organized penetrating perceptive perspicuous precise problem-solving questioning ratiocinative scientific searching solid studious systematic testing thorough well-grounded articulate comprehensible consistent identified intelligible meaningful orderly reasoned after chronological connected constant continuing continuous ensuing following going on in order in turn increasing later numerical one after another running sequent sequential serial serialized seriate seriatim succedent succeeding successional successive understandable uninterrupted indirect inferable intelligent resulting subsequent admissible alphabetical consequent log-ical Logical- paradox Paradox mystery oddity anomaly enigma reverse error catch mistake success same truth contradiction dilemma lose-lose paradox quagmire adversity arduousness awkwardness barricade check complication crisis crux dead end deadlock deep water distress emergency exigency fix frustration hardship hazard hindrance hitch hot water impasse knot labor laboriousness mess misfortune muddle obstacle obstruction pain painfulness perplexity pickle predicament quandary scrape snag stew strain strait strenuousness struggle stumbling block tribulation trouble aberration ambiguity artifice bias casuistry cavil deceit deception deceptiveness delusion deviation elusion equivocation erratum erroneousness evasion falsehood faultiness flaw heresy illogicality inconsistency inexactness invalidity misapprehension miscalculation misconstrual misinterpretation non sequitur notion perversion preconception prejudice quibbling quirk solecism sophism sophistry speciousness subterfuge untruth adumbration allegory alliteration allusion analogue analogy anaphora anticlimax antistrophe antithesis aposiopesis apostrophe asyndeton bathos comparison conceit device echoism ellipsis euphemism euphuism exaggeration expression flourish flower hyperbole image imagery irony litotes malapropism manner of speaking metaphor metonymy onomatopoeia ornament oxymoron parable parallel personification proteron rhetoric sarcasm satire simile synecdoche trope tropology turn of phrase understatement way of speaking banter burlesque contempt contrariness criticism derision humor incongruity jibe mockery mordancy quip raillery repartee reproach ridicule sardonicism taunt twist wit another adverse antilogy antipode antipole antonym contra contrary contrast converse counterpart foil inverse obverse opposition other extreme other side other side of coin vice versa catch-22 difficulty fallacy figure of speech opposite Paradox move haul export shift route drop direct remit embark hold keep consign dispatch forward inscribe label mark postmark send ship superscribe transmit aeroplane airbus aircraft airliner airship cab crate jet kite plane ramjet ark barge bark bateau bottom bucket canoe catamaran craft dinghy dory gondola hulk ketch launch lifeboat pinnace raft sailboat schooner scow skiff sloop steamboat tub yacht address appoint assign authorize commend to commission commit confide convey delegate deliver deposit with give issue put in charge of relegate transfer turn over air ship airplane blimp boat shipping spacecraft vessel watercraft zeppelin accelerate dismiss express hand-carry hasten quicken railroad run with run with ball speed walk through Ship Theseus The Seus theseus what.cd what move along hipster the seus. theseus mythology zach awesome myth idiot troll boston hillbilly teleportation training science study culture learning teaching literacy tutelage guidance breeding finish tuition nurture reading pedagogy tutoring coaching drilling rearing neglect accomplishments acquirement actions atmosphere attainment aura backdrop capacity credentials cultivation deeds education environment framework grounding history practice preparation qualification seasoning tradition upbringing acculturation advancement civility development edification elevation enlightenment illumination polish progress refinement social well-being conduct control curb domestication drill exercise inculcation indoctrination limitation method orderliness regulation restraint self-command self-control self-government self-mastery self-restraint strictness subordination will willpower bodhi broad-mindedness civilization comprehension information insight instruction knowledge open-mindedness sophistication wisdom awareness clarification inspiration perception revelation ability acquaintance apprehension attainments cognition consciousness dirt discernment doctrine dogma dope erudition expertise facts familiarity goods grasp inside story intelligence judgment know-how light lore observation philosophy picture power principles proficiency recognition scholarship schooling scoop substance theory background discipline Education logic hope seeing judging knowing regard musing study heed disdain vacancy neglect vacuity concrete thing image worry belief plan theory dream notion view design guess object drift fancy aim caring reality dislike hate cruelty fact truth proof awareness comprehension grasp idea intellect intelligence judgment ken knowledge perception perspicacity thought absorption application assiduity consideration contemplation debate deliberation diligence engrossment heedfulness immersion industry intentness mind scrutiny thinking thoughtfulness canniness caution circumspection contrivance discretion foresight planning precaution prudence bee caper changeableness contrariety crotchet fad fickleness fitfulness fool notion freak gag humor impulse inconsistency inconstancy jerk kink mood peculiarity perversity put on quirk rib temper vagary vein whim whimsy alertness concentration concern conscientiousness direction discrimination effort enthusiasm exactness exertion fastidiousness forethought interest management meticulousness nicety pains particularity scrupulousness solicitude trouble vigilance wariness watchfulness abstraction apprehension approach big idea brain wave brainchild conceit conception conceptualization hypothesis impression intellection slant supposition twist wrinkle attention calculation caprice care concept Thought though't thoughts think brain understanding meaning processing unexplainable subjugation character thot hoe trick ass forehead fivehead butt big search probe attempt study practice enterprise analysis research trial procedure venture measure operation exercise essay rehearsal assay fling dissection agreement scrutiny try tryout quiz check proof dry run trial run try-on R and D idleness inaction neglect explore analyze examine sample prove verify weigh try on try out ignore abstain abstracts brass tacks chapter and verse circumstances compilations conclusions details documents dope dossier evidence experiments facts figures goods info input knowledge materials measurements memorandums notes picture reports results scoop score statistics testimony whole story conclusive test crucial test decisive test definitive test experiment genuineness proving ground substantiation sure test test of value verification all one's got attack bid crack endeavor exertion header lick one's all one's darnedest one's level best pursuit shot stab striving struggle undertaking whack workout aim do level best exert oneself give a fling give a whirl give best shot give it a go give it a try give old college try go the limit have a crack have a go at make a run at pursue push seek shoot the works solicit strive tackle take a stab at take best shot take on try one's hand at undertake effort hassle labor test toil travail work audit battery blue book breakdown canvass catechism checking checkup cross-examination diagnosis exam exploration final grilling inquest inquiry inquisition inspection interrogation investigation legwork make-up observation once-over oral perlustration perusal quest questioning questionnaire raid reconnaissance review scan survey the eye third degree view written data acid test examination
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