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5 20 17 Vicksburg, MS River Flood Drone Shots Of Flooded Roads And Bilges Pump A Leaking Levee

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***NOT FOR BROADCAST***Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to [email protected] List: 1-2: Drone Footage Of A Road Flooded For Several Miles 3-4: Wide Shots Of MS River Bridge 5: Water Rushing in River 6-7: Large Barge Narrowly Passes Beneath MS River Bridge 8-9: Leaks In Vicksburg, MS Levee 10-12 Large Pumps Work To Send Water Back Into The River 13 Flooded Steps 14 Vicksburg Sign on Levee 15 Historical Water Level Gauge 16 Flooded Signage 17-18 Birds Play In Flooded Road 19 Road Closure Sign 20 Flooded Signage 21 Road Closure Sign


Vicksburg Vicksburg Mississippi vicksburg mississippi estuary stream tributary beck branch brook course creek rill rivulet run runnel watercourse bayou backwater outlet river burn rindle streamlet cleaver axe foe hatchet knife meat ax brooklet crick ditch race spring current draught drift ebb and flow flood flux jet juice progression rush spate tidal motion tide flow breeze continuance continuation continuity deluge discharge draft draw dribble ebb effusion electricity emanation gush leakage movement oozing outflow outpouring plenty plethora progress sequence series spout spurt succession train wind end few finish lack little need scarcity stop stoppage want trickle River deluge downpour flow glut spate stream surge tide torrent tsunami wave Niagara abundance alluvion bore bounty cataclysm cataract current drift eager excess flux freshet inundation multitude outpouring overflow plenty pour profusion rush superabundance superfluity surplus drencher outgushing trickle dearth lack choke drown engulf fill overwhelm saturate swamp sweep gush immerse oversupply swarm whelm brim over pour over underwhelm avalanche barrage flood landslide landslip snowslide bathe bath clean cleanse dip douse dunk hose imbathe imbue moisten rinse scour scrub shower soak soap sponge steep submerge suffuse tub water wet dehydrate dirty dry ignore cascade chute downrush falls force fountain precipitation rapids spout watercourse waterfall descend disgorge heave pitch plunge spew spill spit up throw up tumble vomit bad thing calamity catastrophe collapse convulsion crunch curtains debacle disturbance double trouble flooding holy mess misadventure ruin tragedy unholy mess upheaval waterloo woe blessing boon good fortune good luck happiness miracle wonder success floods Flooded The Flood flooded idler leech loafer lounger parasite slug sluggard sponger overachiever quiet silence workaholic buzz hum murmur purr sound vibration whirr bombinate chant drawl intone nasalize strum thrum vibrate be quiet bee bumblebee drone honey bee killer bee queen bee fizz fizzle hiss ring ringing sibilation whir whisper bumble reverberate sibilate whiz cantillate carol chorus croon descant doxologize recite shout tune vocalize warble chanted cantillated carolled chorused crooned descanted doxologized droned intoned recited shouted tuned vocalized warbled couch potato TV viewer bystander goof-off inactive person laggard lazy person lazybones lotuseater observer slouch sofa spud spectator televiewer television viewer video-gazer viewer Drone artillery barrage blast bombardment burst detonation firing shooting thunder volley crackle discharge enfilade salvo cannonading gunfire shots Shot-For-Shot Shot for Shot afloat inundated flush flushed overflowing awash brimming oversupplied falling rolling running sinuous streaming tidal cursive fluid full issuing liquefied liquid overrun rich rippling rushing smooth spouting sweeping teeming continuous easy fluent fluidic pouring out prolific unbroken 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dike\u002Fdyke Levee The Levee leve Leving
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