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5 Comics You Should NEVER Let Your Kids Read

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5 Comics You Should NEVER 5 Comics You Should NEVER Let Your Kids Read clown comedian humorist stooge banana buffoon card jester joker jokester wag wit droll funnyman life of the party million laughs quipster stand-up comic top banana tragedian animation cartoon cell animation claymation comic comic strip drawing antic bozo fool harlequin merry-andrew zany caricatural ironical ludicrous mock mocking parodic satirical animated movie cut-up dolt farceur funnyperson funster gagman gagster jokesmith madcap merrymaker mime mountebank mummer picador pierrot prankster punch punchinello ribald wisecracker actor cutup entertainer laugh animated cartoon burlesque cartoon animation comics Comic comical entertainment entertaining funny hilarious humorous marvel superhero comedy joke action awesome books pictures spider man hulk heroes comic sans microsoft windows font computer linux teacher book treasure bird artist You you yous bear wildfire forest fire trees smokey urbandictionary urban dictionary web surfing sex more than one many lot plural will be going to shall allow be compelled to be forced to be up to become consider enjoy entertain experience fall on feel know leave let meet with must need ought permit put up with rest with see should suffer sustain think about tolerate undergo may kill want stop halt keep hold neglect forget exclude lack disallow refuse deny reject ignore have had has hast hath having Should better fucking dinner bitch ability beer at no time forget it nevermore no way not at all not ever not in any way not in the least not on your life not under any condition always forever nay never nix not absolutely not by no means negative not by any means nothing doing nope Never gay homo your mom dick sex impossible neever cant nvr bullshit reject accredit approve authorize cause certify commission concede enable endorse give grant have leave license make permit sanction suffer tolerate warrant be big free up give leave give okay give permission hear of live with sit still for contradict deny disagree disallow disapprove fight halt hold invalidate keep oppose prevent refuse reject repudiate stop veto withhold buy forbid hinder impede inhibit obstruct sell abet accede accept acquiesce admit agree allow approbate bless blink at boost charter concur condone consent empower endure franchise go for humor indulge let let pass okay pass privilege sanctify say yes shake on sign sign off on take kindly to thumbs up wink at assent be game for cave in comply cooperate cry uncle enter into fold give the go-ahead give the green light go along with play ball roll over and play dead subscribe throw in the towel yield accord adopt affirm avow bare bring to light communicate confide confirm cop a plea credit declare disclose divulge enumerate expose go into details indicate let on make known narrate number open up own own up proclaim profess recite recognize relate reveal spill subscribe to talk tell uncover unveil hire lease sublease sublet OK'd decline repel denounce demur condemn resist dispute dissent protest expel dismiss cover secrete argue differ gainsay confute shut oust exclude eject debar disown suppress object listen misunderstand hide conceal admits admitted let's LETS Let L.E.T contraction easy take it easy ease up forget about it chill lit legit let! your Your YOUR you'r misspelling you're noob you are lazy there their they are grammar grammar nazi idiot retard spelling nazi asshat fucktard asshole baby boy child daughter girl infant son teenager youngster youth bairn juvenile lad lass tot little one adult blood relative children clay consanguinean family kids kin kith and kin offspring organism relatives uterine kin begats breed descendants get issue lineage posterity progeniture race seed stock young joke bother tease pretend delude flimflam rag razz jest jape hoax josh banter cozen gull jolly dupe trick beguile bamboozle roast fun spoof hoodwink rib mock make fun of make sport of flesh and blood progeny parent kid Kids Kid being the best safesex kidding joking gather interpret know learn refer to scan see study translate view apprehend comprehend construe decipher discover glance perceive peruse skim unravel bury oneself in dip into flip through go over go through leaf through make out pore over scratch the surface forget ignore misinterpret misunderstand neglect overlook lose miss write adjudge assay assess audit calculate check check out deem evaluate examine eye figure figure in figure out gauge guesstimate inspect look over peg price rate read review set at size survey take account of valuate value acknowledge be aware of be cognizant of be conscious of catch the drift dig fathom grasp realize recognize savvy see daylight sympathize with understand recite show explain deliver say utter announce hold display speak expound declaim affirm render indicate register pronounce mark assert record restate paraphrase be quiet abandon deny withhold hide conceal appraise appraised appraises appraising appreciate lose value depreciate criticize decrease disregard disparage mistake appreciated Read humiliate make fun mock tease predict anticipate hard-read hoe
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