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7 Sassy Questions You Can Ask Windows Phone's Cortana

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Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1's new voice-response personal digital intelligent assistant has a sense of humor. We get personal with Cortana, posing a few ...


arrant audacious bold brassy brazen cheeky discourteous disrespectful flip flippant fresh insolent mouthy overbold rude saucy smart-alecky smart-mouthed wise aggressive assertory cocky come on domineering dynamic energetic enterprising forceful get up and go go after hard sell imperious masterful militant nervy pushing pushy sassy shooting from the hip smart smart alecky strenuous tough vigorous zealous easy-going calm slow dull shy weak complaisant laid-back idle inactive impotent lethargic apathetic timid meek assumptive arrogant assuming brash forward impertinent malapert overbearing overconfident presuming presumptuous barefaced coming on strong confident gritty gutsy immodest impudent pert shameless spunky light fair faint quiet afraid reserved fearful timorous retiring reticent cowardly cautious bolder boldfaced blatant obvious contumelious abusive contemptuous derisive disdainful humiliating insulting opprobrious scornful scurrilous Sassy bricked up inquiry investigation query questioning catechism examination inquest inquiring inquisition interrogation interrogatory poll wringer Q and A third degree answer reply agreement concord harmony mystery objection confusion challenge uncertainty argument difficulty problem debate dispute contention remonstration puzzle protest misgiving demur enigma dubiety remonstrance demurral certainty acceptance calm point discussion topic theme proposal subject motion proposition grill search interrogate quiz investigate interview seek examine knock hit roast inquire probe pump quest enquire solicit catechize pry petition cross-examine go over ask about give the third degree hit up hold out for make inquiry put through the wringer put to the question raise question show curiosity sound out sweat it out of work over pick one's brains surety sureness doubtlessness find oppose suspect hesitate impugn distrust disbelieve mistrust controvert suspicion impeach call into question cast doubt upon puzzle over wonder about trust believe Questions bricked up question Question they she zie sie him her them ver xem hir zir anyone one you You bricked up bottle bucket canister jar package aluminum cannikin gunboat receptacle tin vessel gutbucket pop top pot throne head latrine privy outhouse lavatory washroom johnny restroom potty sandbox john litter box water closet backside butt behind seat posterior tush fundament rump fanny gluteus maximus hind end derrière front keep put up employ hire commit manage may make out take care of be capable of be equal to be up to can do could cut the mustard have it made make it make the grade be within one's area be within one's control lie in one's power expel terminate dismiss boot sack bounce cashier discharge kick out give the heave ho let go engage hold allow welcome permit arrest block can check delay drop end freeze halt hinder inhibit interrupt knock off obstruct prevent restrain restrict retard scrub shut down stall stay suppress continue free push promote help encourage advance activate liberate expedite release further assist aid cleaver fire hatchet poll tomahawk ax\u002Faxe cancel cut back dispense with eliminate get rid of give a pink slip give the boot lay off remove throw out axed chopped cut cut down fell hewed hired axes chops cuts cuts down falls hews hires axing chopping cutting cutting down falling hewing hiring bricked up cans Can challenge demand inquire quiz request buzz canvass catechize direct enjoin examine grill hit institute interrogate investigate needle pump query roast sweat cross-examine give the third degree go over hunt for pick one's brains pop the question pry into put the screws to put through the wringer answer reply ignore claim command insist repudiate tell urge sue plead beg call for charge appeal seek order petition knock beseech mooch angle pray bite impose levy entreat implore crave requisition solicit bum touch apply supplicate promote hustle contend for file for give disapprove disclaim deny summon propose suggest bid call upon address adjure advance ask call contest hit on importune proposition question refer require resort to strike submit turn off turn away recall disgust revoke retract renounce refuse conceal dissuade appealed addressed adjured advanced applied asked bade begged besought called called upon claimed contested craved demanded entreated implored importuned petitioned pleaded prayed proposed propositioned questioned referred required resorted to solicited struck submitted sued supplicated urged turned off turned away recalled gave answered disgusted revoked retracted renounced refused disclaimed ignored concealed replied denied dissuaded appeals addresses adjures advances applies asks begs beseeches bids calls calls upon claims contests craves demands entreats hits on implores importunes petitions pleads prays proposes propositions questions refers requires resorts to solicits strikes submits sues supplicates urges turns off turns away recalls gives answers disgusts revokes retracts renounces refuses disclaims ignores conceals replies denies dissuades beckon allure attract coax draw entice gesticulate gesture invite motion nod pull sign tempt wave push repulse repel deter beckoned allured attracted coaxed commanded drew enticed gesticulated gestured invited motioned nodded pulled signed summoned tempted waved pushed repulsed repelled deterred beckoning alluring asking attracting bidding coaxing commanding demanding drawing enticing gesticulating gesturing inviting motioning nodding pulling signing summoning tempting waving pushing turning off repulsing repelling replying deterring bricked up Asks aperture bay bow casement dormer fanlight fenestella fenestra fenestration jalousie lancet lunette oriel porthole skylight bay window lucarne lunette window mullioned picture window rose window operating system MS-DOS MacOS OS\u002F2 UNIX Windows disk operating system dos executive system software systems program bricked up windows window cortana bricked up Cortana
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