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A different kind of carnival in Rio

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This week Rio de Janeiro’s famed carnival celebrations officially kicked off, more than 400 bands began to parade through the city, charging the atmosphere for the big event. One of the bands clearly stood out from the rest – instead of playing the traditional samba rhythms, the band plays Brazilian-style country music.(SOUNDBITE, Portuguese) Marcelo Vital, band leader:“This band, Chora Me Liga, personifies the largest cultural movement in the country, which is carnival, and it brings country music, which is played around the country in cities like Rio de Janeiro. It shows that carnival is Brazil’s biggest cultural movement.”The change in musical styles works well, and the city’s landmark Copacabana Beach was filled with tens of thousands of revelers. Chora Me Liga is an electronic trio that doesn’t perform at any particular venue, because it creates its own scene wherever it goes, drawing hundreds of music lovers.This year, Riotur expects more than a million tourists to converge on Rio for the carnival celebrations, so officials have announced a series of measures to improve the city’s safety, cleanliness and public transit.


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