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A different way to visualize rhythm - John Varney

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View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/a-different-way-to-visualize-rhythm-john-varney In standard notation, rhythm is indicated on a musical bar line.


John Varney Biljana Labovic Peyton Harrison TED-Ed TED Ed TED TEDEducation rhythm music standard notation how to visualize rhythm wheel mythod world music convene convey convened convenes confine convent converge converse conveys on vine connivance container converter convince coin money convoy govern convincer go insane joining in vain con man go on one contrasting disparate distant distinct distinctive divergent diverse offbeat other particular peculiar various a far cry from altered antithetic at odds at variance changed clashing colorful contradistinct contradistinctive contrary contrastive deviating differential discrepant divers incommensurable incomparable inconsistent individual like night and day mismatched mismated opposed otherwise poles apart single unalike unequal unrelated unsimilar variant alike common like normal ordinary resembling same similar standard uniform usual conventional correspondent harmonious homogeneous unified united unusual rare unconventional original specific extraordinary strange bizarre unique special another atypical discrete especial express novel out of the ordinary several singular specialized startling uncommon another story something else general regular familiar unimportant commonplace indefinite varied assorted asymmetrical collected dissonant heterogeneous incongruous indiscriminate jarring manifold many multifarious numerous some sundry variegated diversified multiform varicolored anthologized diversiform omnifarious omniform varietal variform aberrant abnormal deviant different flaky mental nonstandard odd off-base off-color out of line psycho weird true alternative back-up flipside other side second substitute surrogate hybrid miscellaneous mixed motley unvaried anomalous exceptional heteroclite irregular preternatural unnatural unrepresentative typical conforming conflicting contradictory dissimilar discordant antagonistic antipathetic cacophonous contrarient disagreeing grating harsh incompatible inconsonant inharmonious on a sour note opposite quarreling strident uncongenial unharmonious unmelodious unmixable concordant agreeable cooperating agreeing Different action approach course fashion form idea manner means measure move plan policy practice procedure process step style system thing use contrivance custom design expedient groove habit habitude hang-up hook instrument kick mode outline plot scheme shot stroke tack usage vehicle wise wont course of action modus disorganization idleness ignorance inaction inactivity end trend progress path alternative line road bearing ingress walk street headway march avenue gateway tendency row boulevard space stretch admission admittance passage access gate advance highway movement entrance door thoroughfare opening track trail drag journey extent artery distance lane room progression ride orbit length channel entry entrée pathway byway elbowroom forward motion thataway conclusion exit block halt egress refusal denial stoppage tone behavior nature particular circumstance detail state aspect sense situation respect condition status idiosyncrasy point fettle trait consuetude feature gait trick shape personality guise conduct praxis dullness whole connection contact entree introduction key open arms open door route way outlet acceptance certification confirmation designation initiation permission reception recognition welcome repudiation disallowance expulsion exclusion prohibition aisle alley clearing corridor gangway hallway aisles attitude concept crack fling lick method modus operandi new wrinkle offer program stab technique whack wrinkle leaving distancing departure approaches ways steezy Way Ways anticipate dream up envision apprehend create divine envisage fancy feature foresee image imagine object picture reflect see think view bring to mind call to mind call up conceive of conjure up get the picture vision disbelieve disregard ignore neglect assume await bargain for be afraid conjecture count chickens count on cross the bridge entertain figure forecast foretaste foretell have a hunch hope for jump the gun look for look forward to plan on prepare for prevision prognosticate promise oneself prophesy see coming see in the cards suppose visualize wait wait for be surprised doubt anticipates anticipating conceive become pregnant brainstorm cogitate consider contrive cook up depicture design develop devise form formulate head trip make up meditate originate ponder produce project purpose realize ruminate spark speculate spitball think up trump up abort stop dismiss forget end misunderstand ruin destroy result conceived deduce discern forebode forefeel foreknow go out on a limb guess infer intuit perceive predict previse surmise suspect take a shot take a stab understand misinterpret overlook know calculate measure cadence flow movement pattern pulse swing tempo bounce cadency downbeat lilt measure meter metre periodicity regularity rhyme time uniformity rise and fall accent accentuation articulation beat emphasis enunciation force inflection intonation modulation pronunciation rhythm stroke timbre tonality tone unimportance flutter oscillation palpitation pound pressure pulsation quake quiver ripple shake surge swell throb thump tick undulation vibration stillness classicism Atticism Ciceronianism Hellenism aesthetic principle balance clarity class classicalism conventional formality dignity elegance excellence finish formal style formality grand style grandeur high art lucidity majesty neoclassicism nobility objectivity polish proportion propriety pure taste purity rationalism refinement severity simplicity sobriety sublimity symmetry crudeness bad manners unevenness imbalance disproportion composition agreement architecture beauty combination concord configuration consonance constitution content design distribution form formation harmony layout make-up placing relation spacing style weave disagreement discord compositions cycle aeon age alternation chain circle circuit course eon isochronism loop orbit period revolution ring rotation round run sequel sequence series succession wheel steezy bathroom comfort station lavatory toilet water closet public bathroom latrine outhouse head powder room privy urinal rest room restroom washroom throne commode can W.C. potty garderobe pot johnny sandbox litter box john John steezy vane vainer warner carny van vary vain vine wane warn vanes vainly warned darner garner gurney valley wanner varney steezy Varney convene convey convened convenes confine convent converge converse conveys on vine connivance container converter convince coin money convoy govern convincer go insane joining in vain con man go on one blocking back bilking bologna bilging bulking blank balking bulging bylane billing balcony by lane Biljana steezy lawbook bivouac lavage lay back locofoco lay before wert on horizon art on horizon putting horns on putting price on putting a price on puton petting put on pertain pie tin peon eton pectin put in pylon seton petition piston heaton pennon person putons pardon patina patron pelting pen pet ton pay down petty bet on get on let on potion set on pent pean peat pert poteen pets kept on platoon pontoon heat on put ons wert on pinto peter puts on put to peg down pile it on pin it on Peyton steezy peyton garrison hairraising harridan horizon harries carries on hair raising harassing harps on harriest arisen orison prison harriers has on hauls on harrison steezy Harrison tied tend red tad tea ter bed fed ied jed led ned tec ten wed xed 86ed tended tidied ceded deeded toted tested traded deed teased teddy toadied treed tweed tented beaded bedded feuded headed herded teamed teemed teheed tender termed wedded steed tatted tide tied tooted totted touted oded tend heeded needed seeded weeded dieted dudded dueted tied to od'ed tied tend red tad tea ter bed fed ied jed led ned tec ten wed xed 86ed Ted steezy dedication deduction board education detraction detection de traction right education melody opera piece rap rock singing soul tune acoustic air bebop bop chamber classical folk fusion harmony hymn jazz measure modern plainsong ragtime refrain song strain swing a cappella hard rock heavy metal instrumental popular rock and roll silence chorus bob burden chorale main section motif music recurrent verse response ritornelle theme undersong composition arrangement article cantata chart concerto dissertation drama essay exercise exposition fiction getup literary work manuscript novel number opus paper play poetry rhapsody romance score setup short story stanza study symphony thesis verse work writing compositions din babel bedlam boisterousness brouhaha buzz clamor clangor clash clatter commotion confusion crash disquiet hoo-ha hubbub hullabaloo hurly-burly jangle outcry pandemonium percussion racket row shout sound stridency tintamarre tintinnabulation tumult uproar order peace quiet calmness calm lullaby berceuse croon medium art interpretation manifestation mark painting revelation sculpture speech Music steezy standardization standard deviation standing ovation standard accepted basic classic common definitive normal typical usual average boilerplate general official regulation set staple stock vanilla authoritative canonical customary established everyday garden variety orthodox popular prevailing recognized run-of-the-mill abnormal atypical irregular rare uncommon unconventional unorthodox unusual exceptional extraordinary different requirement code specification rule ideal measure test model law norm morals grade canon sample gauge archetype par pattern criterion yardstick type axiom belief benchmark ethics ideals median example exemplar fundamental paradigm guide touchstone mean beau ideal rule of thumb mirror barometer extreme guess insignia emblem figure color symbol ensign colors jack pennant banner streamer banderole bannerol A-OK adequate admissible all right big cooking with gas cool copacetic decent delightful fair fairish goodish hep hip hunky-dory in the swim kosher large moderate okay on the ball on the beam passable peachy keen pleasant pleasing respectable right on satisfactory standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional unobjectionable up to code up to snuff welcome unreasonable bad unacceptable acceptable disagreeable unrespectable poor unwelcome unsatisfactory disturbing inadequate intolerable insufficient unsuitable accustomed acknowledged allowed approved arrived at authorized card-carrying chosen confirmed conventional credited current endorsed fashionable in vogue legit okayed passed preferred received regular sanctioned straight time-honored touted universal unopposed welcomed disapproved questionable unpopular appropriate fit fitting good okey-dokey proper satisfying wrong unhealthy sick archetypal clichéd exemplary hackneyed paradigmatic prime quintessential representative stereotypical textbook trite unique classic exemplar form original perfect specimen prime example prototype disorganization steezy Standard Standards documentation characters chit code figures jotting memo memorandum note record representation script signs symbols system noting digit Arabic chiffer cipher figure integer notation numeral symbol whole number letter excerpt extract fragment part passage pericope piece portion quotation quote saying section selection insert whole entirety refusal excerpts agenda annotation calendar comment commentary datum definition diary dispatch entry epistle gloss inscription journal line marginalia mark message minute missive obiter dictum observation remark reminder scratch scrawl scribble summary thank-you word silence memoranda announcement directive notice tickler according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof steezy H.O.W. 'how' How whelmed wellmarked mealymouthed wellmade foulmouthed fullmouthed well marked well made wellaimed wellmeant mealy mouthed foul mouthed full mouthed well aimed well meant disk drum roller caster circuit circulation circumvolution cycle gyration gyre hoop pivot pulley ratchet ring roll rotation round spin trolley turn twirl whirl swivel orbit circle gyrate swing revolve reel trundle pirouette boss administrator big cheese big gun big person chief chieftain controller director dominator employer exec executive foreperson head head honcho helmer honcho leader overseer owner person in charge superintendent supervisor taskperson top dog wheel worker employee bosses amphitheater aureole band belt bowl bracelet circlet circumference circus cirque coil colure compass cordon corona crown disc ecliptic enclosure equator full turn globe halo horizon lap meridian parallel of latitude perimeter periphery record revolution ringlet sphere stadium tire vortex wreath zodiac center stagnation middle interior inside begird cincture circulate circumduct circumscribe curve embrace encircle enclose encompass ensphere envelop gird girdle hem in loop mill around rotate spiral surround tour wind about open free let go exclude release circled circling Wheels Wheel method mythos mythoi mouthed myths myth methods mythic Mythod Fourth World music adult contemporary ambient music easy listening electronic music fusion lite jazz minimalist music relaxation music space music New Age music world music world musics earth nature cosmos creation macrocosm microcosm sphere star universe heavenly body terrene everyone realm race group division humankind humanity class everybody human race province life business area system field domain atmosphere memory ambience pursuits matters Homo sapiens flesh human species man mortality people society world being actuality animation journey living presence reality subsistence vitality inanimate deadness abstract galaxy macrocosmos megacosm solar system star system living world totality death ruin destruction creations existence breath continuance continuation duration endurance entity essence hand one is dealt individuality lifing permanence perseverance rat race real world something survival the big game end steezy World
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