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A German Pilot Stopped Fighting to Save a Damaged American B-17

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german aviator captain flier leader navigator ace aerialist aeronaut bellwether conductor coxswain dean director eagle flyer guide jockey lead scout steerer doyen\u002Fdoyenne helmsperson one at the controls one at the wheel steersperson wheelperson astronaut cosmonaut moonwalker pilot rocket scientist rocketeer space person star person airperson barnstormer bird legs hotshot blaze a trail lead the way spearhead CEO CFO authority boss cap chieftain commander exec executive four-striper head head honcho higher up number one officer operator owner skip skipper top top dog follower cicerone conduct accompany attend bring carry chaperon companion convoy escort move pass on route send shepherd show steer transfer abandon desert drop hold keep leave lose neglect Pilot blocked interrupted cancelled cut short gridlocked congested chock-full choked closed crammed crowded filled glutted gorged jam-full jam-packed jammed massed mobbed obstructed overcrowded overfilled overflowing packed packed like sardines plugged stopped stoppered stuffed stuffed-up teeming up to the rafters empty clear free open unblocked uncrowded finished accomplished achieved brought about ceased come to an end compassed concluded consummated decided discharged dispatched disposed of done for done with effected effectuated elaborated ended entire executed final finalized fulfilled full in the past lapsed made over over and done perfected performed put into effect realized resolved satisfied settled sewn-up shut terminated through tied-up worked out wound-up wrapped-up incomplete unfinished prevented interfered with restricted barred bound bounded bridled chained checked clogged confined controlled cramped curbed decreased defined deprived deterred diminished encircled fastened fettered foiled frustrated governed hampered held-back hitched impeded inhibited manacled moderated modified narrowed prescribed reduced reined in repressed restrained secured shortened small stayed suppressed surrounded tempered tethered unbounded static at a standstill constant deadlocked fixed format immobile immovable inactive inert latent passive rigid stabile stable stagnant stalled standing still stationary sticky still stuck unchanging unfluctuating unmoving unvarying mobile movable moving unfixed unsteady inconstant unstable active changeable continuous variable Stop stop STOP! no stop The STOP Stop. Stop it battling belligerent boxing brawling contending determined fencing hostile jousting martial militant sparring tilting warmongering wrestling angry argumentative bellicose combative contentious disputatious disputative ferocious hawkish jingoistic militaristic pugnacious quarrelsome ready to fight resolute scrappy truculent unbeatable under arms up in arms kind nice peaceful bloodshed combat conflict dispute exchange hostility melee riot scuffle strife struggle war warfare argument beef blowup bout brush contention flap fracas free-for-all hassle joust match mix rough-and-tumble roughhouse row rowdy rumble rumpus run-in scramble scrap scrimmage set-to spat tiff words wrangle battle royal brannigan donnybrook hell broke loose punch out accord agreement calm harmony peace ceasefire surrender action battle contest encounter engagement fight fighting fray skirmish retreat truce cessation assault attack barrage blitzkreig bombing campaign carnage clash crusade havoc onset onslaught press ravage significant contact sortie battles actions assaults attacks barrages blitzkreigs bombings brushes campaigns clashes combats conflicts contentions crusades encounters engagements fightings hostilities onsets onslaughts presses ravages scrimmages significant contacts skirmishes sorties struggles wars harmonies ceasefires retreats truces surrenders accords aggressive antagonistic ardent at loggerheads cantankerous fierce flip have a bone to pick have chip on shoulder have it in for hot hot-tempered mean on the outs ornery warlike agreeable friendly cooperative helping annihilation bloodbath bloodletting butchery extermination gore killing massacre murder embattled beset crenelated fortified prepared Fight fight on deliver free recover salvage defend emancipate extricate liberate ransom redeem spring unchain bail out come to rescue get off the hook get out of hock give a break pull out of fire save one's neck set free unshackle confine hold limit lose restrain abandon endanger harm hurt leave open make vulnerable squander throw away waste collect conserve keep maintain manage spare store amass cache deposit gather hoard reserve retrench scrimp skimp squirrel stash stockpile treasure be frugal be thrifty cut corners feather nest hide away lay aside lay away make ends meet pile up pinch pennies put by roll back salt away save for rainy day sock away stow away tighten belt disperse give ignore neglect use distribute divide let go scatter spend preserve shield sustain take care of safeguard screen keep safe keep up look after destroy lay open bank heap hill invest mass mound pile save speculate disburse straighten banked amassed deposited heaped hilled hoarded invested massed mounded piled saved socked away speculated squirreled stashed spent straightened disbursed besides aside from bar barring beside but except excepting excluding exclusive of in addition to other than outside of without accumulate bury conceal cover ditch duck ensconce park plant put away put in the hole secrete squirrel away stash away forget lay bare open reveal tell uncover aggregate array assemble cluster compile congregate congress convene converge convoke corral flock flock together get hold of group muster rally rendezvous round up scare up separate dissemble spread compensate dispense disseminate meed share convert actuate alter conviction assimilate to baptize be born again bend bias brainwash bring around budge cause to adopt change into change of heart convince create anew impel incline lead lead to believe make over move persuade proselyte proselytize reform regenerate see the light sway turn dissuade repress suppress endure persist remain Save it Save As. Saved It! flawed impaired injured run-down bent blemished busted dinged down flubbed gone hurt marred shot snafued spoiled sunk totaled beat-up fouled-up glitched imperfect in need of repair in poor condition in smithereens kaput loused up messed-up mucked up no-go on the blink on the fritz out of action out of kilter out of whack screwed-up unsound healthy fixed mended perfect repaired unbroken undamaged working affected afflicted altered changed compassionate concerned damaged distressed excited grieved impressed influenced overwhelmed overwrought sorry stimulated stirred sympathetic tender touched troubled upset calm collected happy sane untroubled hard unmoved unperturbed unswayed beat up broken-down decrepit dilapidated shabby worn-out broken burst collapsed cracked crippled crumbled crushed defective demolished disintegrated dismembered fractured fragmentary fragmented in pieces mangled mutilated pulverized rent riven ruptured separated severed shattered shredded slivered smashed split complete connected continuous flowing kept satisfied uplifted whole crazed bedridden deformed enfeebled game halt hamstrung handicapped harmed hog-tied housebound incapacitated laid up lame maimed out of commission paralyzed sidelined able capable walking abnormal amiss deficient faulty inadequate incomplete insufficient lacking on the bum out of order poor seconds sick subnormal unfinished unhealthy wanting adequate ample enough sound strong sufficient well excellent faultless flawless Damaging damage Damage Americans
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