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A glowing, even-toned complexion — (no matter how religiously we cleanse and tone)

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Could the key to perfect skin lie in your STAR SIGN? According to one astrologer, the zodiac symbol you were born under can result in very different grooming ...


flaming florid flushed gleaming luminous vibrant vivid beaming flush red rich sanguine suffused warm aglow lambent lustrous phosphorescent rubicund ruddy dull pale pallid sad unhappy unenthusiastic unsmiling aflame brilliant flashing glowing incandescent radiant refulgent sparkling bright clinquant effulgent fulgent glistening glittering lucent scintillating dazzling gleamy irradiant resplendent shiny bloom blossom burning color glow mantling pink tinge redness rosiness rosy tint ruddiness scarlet afire alight blistering broiling conflagrant fiery heated hot ignited illuminated in flames on fire red-hot scorching searing sizzling smoking smouldering torrid white-hot lit luminescent white rhapsodic blazing rave keen eager ardent avid complimentary desirous ecstatic fervent fervid fierce impassioned laudatory passionate zealous hot-blooded adulatory eulogistic panegyrical cool cold ablaze dim dark unexcited ugly sullen frowning beamy blush whiteness pallidity paleness unimportant apathetic candescent Glowing excitement intercourse appearance looks after sex smiling sex feeling having happy look fat this dress ass penis vagina glow stick alike balanced constant direct equal flush horizontal level matching parallel plane plumb proportional regular right same smooth square stabile stable steady straight surfaced true consistent continual continuous homogenous metrical planate unbroken unchanging undeviating unfluctuating uninterrupted unvaried unvarying unwavering unwrinkled broken changing corrupt different dishonest disloyal disorderly disproportionate imbalanced inconsistent inconstant indirect intermittent interrupted irregular rough unequal uneven unfair unfixed unjust unlike unstable unsteady untrustworthy upright variable varying vertical wavering wobbly agitated biased disparate partial troubled adjust allineate coordinate even even up fix make parallel order range regulate straighten Xerox akin allied analogous approximate associated carbon copy cognate comparable concurrent correspondent corresponding dead ringer ditto double duplicate equivalent facsimile identical indistinguishable kindred like look-alike matched proportionate related resembling same difference similar spitting image undifferentiated uniform accord attune cancel collate come out come out even compensate correspond counteract counterbalance equalize equate harmonize make up for match neutralize nullify offset oppose pair off poise readjust redeem set stabilize tie weigh composed cool equable even-tempered imperturbable peaceful placid serene tranquil unruffled well-balanced equanimous unexcitable upset excited annoyed tied drawn exact coequal neck and neck coterminous even-steven fifty-fifty horse to horse on a par smack in the middle divergent dissimilar nonpartisan disinterested dispassionate equitable fair and square honest just straightforward unbiased unprejudiced indeed much despite notwithstanding disregarding all the more in spite of so much as pancake grade align lay roll flatten regularize symmetrize roughen furrow break imbalance disproportion lump vary separate divide disjoin mess up disorder disorganize aligned aligning aligns distinct opposite diverse balance unbalance overbalance differ lose support help approve disagree forfeit assist aid Even Even! thot white girls starbucks live exist breathe die english language incredibly handsome sexy big dicked hung jacked ripped anabolic well-groomed beautiful slippery big-handed womanizing and perfect presidential race eeeeven; also: smooth still agreed! innit! totally! no shit! word! know understand perceive comprehend interpret delicate light pale peaches-and-cream soft-hued bright loud vivid able-bodied competent fit as a fiddle hale in good condition muscled robust slim sound strapping toned trim up to snuff well wholesome wrapped tight pastel poor unfit sick unhealthy weak unworthy unsuited unsuitable incorrect inappropriate inadequate infirm fit balance tone tweak fine-tune vary 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fitter fittest Toned TONED buff toning skinny basketball player sex bone tony bang hoe cheat really good sex buddy drugged laced smoked toner trunk tea-a-holic stoned stoner tired passed out drugs weed fucked screwed messed up made love to coloring hue skin texture tinge tint cast color coloration flush front glow looks mug phiz pigmentation tone skin tone white air complexion countenance demeanor embodiment expression face look manner mien semblance stamp style turn visage appearance aspect attribute badge bent caliber complex constitution crasis disposition emotions estimation ethos frame frame of mind genius grain habit humor kind makeup mettle mood morale mystique nature personality quality record reputation repute sense set shape singularity sort specialty spirit standing streak temper temperament trait type vein affection bag bearing component differentia distinction earmark endowment essence essential faculty flavor idiosyncrasy inclination individuality lineament mannerism mark 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AND so what and one and what what fuck the world as long as i get mine suck it fuck the children dick loser punk he-bitch jerk nand nor xor not xnor
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