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A Map Of Supernovas

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Throughout history humans have observed stars turning supernova. There was an instance in AD 185 recorded in Chinese records, and an astronomer Tyco ...


Tycho Brahe Gray Milky Way Star Constellations Supernova Remnant Sun 30 Years A.D. Representative picture sketch outline graph design plan print drawing elevation projection globe diagram draft portrayal tracing plat atlas depression aspect biscuit cast demeanor expression face features gills kisser look looks map mask mien mug phizog physiognomy poker face potato puss visage architecture arrangement blueprint chart comp composition conception constitution construction delineation depiction doodle dummy form formation idea layout makeup method model paste-up pattern perspective scheme study tracery treatment air appearance clock countenance dial disguise display facet finish frontage frontal frontispiece frown glower grimace guise light lineaments obverse paint pout presentation profile scowl seeming semblance show showing silhouette simulacrum smirk surface top codify coin compose concoct contrive cook up couch define detail develop devise draw up dream up evolve express forge frame give form to hatch indite invent make make up originate particularize phrase prepare put set down systematize vamp work work out apple ball balloon big blue marble orb planet rondure round spheroid terrene world enchiridion field guide how-to book instruction book manual reference book road map travel book vade mecum formulate guidebook MAP maps Map void great void supernova theoretical mass black hole Tycho drab lead iron sere grey ash Dove age-old ancient antediluvian antiquated antique been around creaky elderly getting on gray moth-eaten oldie over the hill passé rusty senescent senior citizen shot timeworn venerable worn worse for wear anemic blanched cadaverous colorless ghastly leaden pale pallid pasty sallow wan white becloud bedim blacken cloud over cloud up deepen dim eclipse fog haze make dim murk obfuscate obscure overcast overshadow shade shadow tone down blah bleary blurred caliginous cloudy dark dingy dreary dull dusk dusky faded faint flat fuzzy gloomy ill-defined indistinct lackluster lightless mat monotone monotonous murky muted obscured opaque poorly lit shadowy sullied tarnished tenebrous unclear unilluminated vague weak arid bleak boring brown characterless cheerless desolate dismal dry dull as dishwater grungy lusterless muddy run-down same shabby somber subfuse unchanging uninspired vapid zero aged aging declining hoary long in tooth lot of mileage no spring chicken old olden on last leg retired tired ashen darken Gray Grays G Ray spiral galaxy star cluster star system Milky Way elliptical galaxy irregular galaxy island universe galaxy Milkyway Milky-Way milkyway pearly opaque clouded frosted lacteal opaline whitish black dark creamed feathery fluffy gloppy gooey gooky goopy greasy gunky luscious lush milky oily rich soft velvety argent blanched bleached blond blonde chalky colorless creamy faded fair-haired fair-skinned flaxen-haired light neutral pale pale-faced pallid sallow silvery snowy tow-haired tow-headed white bleary blurred cloudy dim hazy membranous misty opalescent fair iridescent ivory nacreous off-white pearl silver achromatic achromic alabaster ashen bloodless clear ghastly hoary immaculate pasty transparent wan waxen dull filmy style fashion form means process move idea system thing step course manner use measure policy action plan shot habit hook stroke design plot custom vehicle usage scheme kick hang-up tack wont wise outline mode groove modus end trend path line road walk street march avenue row space access gate door track trail drag extent artery lane room ride orbit length entry byway denial egress halt block exit tone nature detail state aspect sense status point fettle trait gait trick shape guise praxis whole admittance approach connection contact entrance entree entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door passage route way acceptance certification confirmation designation initiation permission reception recognition welcome alley clearing corridor gangway hallway opening accession advance advent coming drawing near landing nearing reaching attitude concept crack fling lick method modus operandi new wrinkle offer procedure program stab technique whack wrinkle boulevard canal conduit duct highway pathway sewer thoroughfare tube admission aisle major chief main lesser minor extra unknown hero name idol draw lead commoner champion genius master pro star virtuoso winner wizard be on bring down the house burlesque characterize do a turn dramatize emote enact feign go on go over ham ham it up impersonate lay an egg make debut mime mimic mug parody perform personate personify play play act play gig play part play role portray pretend put it over rehearse represent say one's piece simulate stooge strut take part tread the boards amateur artist barnstormer bit player character clown comedian entertainer foil hambone headliner impersonator ingenue ingénue pantomimist performer play-actor player soubrette stand-in straight person thesp thespian trouper understudy ventriloquist villain walk-on VIP ace big cheese big deal big gun big name big shot big stuff bigwig celeb cynosure famous person figure heavyweight hotshot immortal lion luminary magnate mahatma major leaguer notable personage personality somebody someone superstar the cheese worthy arch capital cardinal central consequential controlling crucial effective especial first foremost grand head highest key leading momentous number one outstanding paramount potent predominant preeminent premier primal primary prime principal ruling significant stellar superior supreme telling uppermost vital weighty Purple Heart accolade award badge bays citation colors cross distinction emblem garter kudos laurels medal mention order ribbon act actor celebrity decoration constellations Constellation void great void supernova theoretical mass black hole Supernova super nova Super Nova shred bit piece end dross scrap excess rest dregs part strip rump heel lees orts lack core need want base butt end fragment leaving particle portion remainder remnant residue share side stub tag end ace atom bite chunk crumb cut fraction gob grain hunk iota job lump minim morsel shiver slice sliver smithereen collapse enervation lassitude prostration rag battleground benchmark bend blaze feature guide hill mark marker memorial milepost milestone monument mountain museum promontory ruins souvenir specimen stone survival trace tree vantage point vestige waypost antique antiquity archaism artifact curio curiosity evidence heirloom keepsake memento remains remembrance remembrancer reminder testimonial token trophy bottom of barrel butt carry-over detritus garbage hangover junk leavings leftover obverse oddment odds and ends overplus refuse relic residuum salvage stump surplus waste wreck wreckage frazzle landmark remnants Remnants star tan bask sol sunset laze loll lounge relax sun sunbathe swim in toast oneself warm oneself bake blaze boil broil calorify chafe char enflame enkindle fire flame flush frizzle fry glow grill grow hot grow warm ignite incandesce incinerate inflame kindle melt oxidate oxidize perspire raise the temperature reheat roast scald scorch sear seethe set on fire singe smelt steam swelter tepefy thaw toast warm warm up aurora beacon brightness brilliance brilliancy bulb candle coruscation dawn daybreak daylight daytime effulgence emanation flare flash fulgor glare gleam glimmer glint glitter illumination incandescence irradiation lambency lamp lantern lighthouse luminosity luster morn morning phosphorescence radiance radiation ray refulgence scintillation sheen shine sparkle splendor sunbeam sunrise sunshine taper torch window heat light Sun dotage oldness youth age ascendancy cycle epoch generation height heyday period prime term time years zenith aeon ages time period advancing years agedness autumn of life caducity debility declining years decrepitude elderliness evening of life feebleness geriatrics golden age golden years infirmity longevity retirement age second childhood senectitude senescence senility seniority winter of life course date days duration era interval measure season space span spell stage stretch while coon's age forever and a day forever and ever long time century day hour juncture moment quarter reign year eon old age blue moon Year Years fuck fuckery hell woot woot 2014 new years leap year the year twelve months crapulence shitness past 1984 plural long ago wog wogtastic wogalicious jurassic park kiss my face week minute A.D a.d. advert ads adverts advertisement advertisements popup banner arrested development george michael jetpack tobias mole fox a.d s.a.d butt booty ass anti-depressant depression anxiety add apple bottom god damn lil momma rep model ideal imperfect atypical different deputy agent member lawyer proxy case sample epitome type abettor actor advocate ambassador assignee assistant attorney broker commissioner delegate doer emissary envoy executor factor factotum functionary go-between handler intermediary mediary middleperson minister mover negotiator officer operative operator principal proctor promoter representative salesperson servant steward substitute surrogate ten percenter worker appointee assignment berth candidate employment nominee office officeholder place post situation station work average classic clichéd conventional exemplary hackneyed most characteristic paradigmatic prime quintessential standard stereotypical stock textbook trite addition arriver caller cargo comer conferee delivery entrant freight guest mail newcomer package parcel passenger shipment tourist traveler visitant visitor accessory accomplice adherent adjunct aide ally apprentice associate attendant auxiliary backer backup coadjutant coadjutor collaborator colleague companion confederate cooperator fellow worker flunky follower friend gofer help helpmate mate partner patron peon right-hand person secretary subordinate supporter temp temporary worker client consumer customer easy make emptor end user prospect purchaser shopper sucker user vendee appointment archetypal arrival buyer
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