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A Okawa, la vague fait 64 victimes dans une école

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Le 11 mars, une vague de quinze mètres submerge le village d'Okawa au Japon. Une école est ensevelie sous l'eau et 64 personnes périssent. Certains ...


japon séisme tsunami vague disparu mort 11 mars catastrophe naturelle école victime parent enfant eau évacuation mer okawa mur noirr corps recherche okays okay oaks aka oak away oks akas ok's oked awe go away owe okd okker aokay on way oneway organa skyway orca ok'd lock away sock away ukase akita awake oking look away took away go war go way aok in awe is awe one way out way o k d o k'd o.k.d a.k.a a okay o.k.'d ok'ing am awe a ok o. k. d o. k.'d ambiguous dubious equivocal faint fuzzy hazy imprecise lax nebulous obscure uncertain unclear unsure amorphous amphibological bewildering bleary blurred cloudy dark dim doubtful dreamlike enigmatic generalized ill-defined impalpable indefinite indeterminate indistinct inexplicable loose misunderstood muddy perplexing problematic puzzling questionable shadowy superficial tenebrous undetermined unexplicit unintelligible unknown unsettled unspecified apparent certain clear definite determined distinct explicit obvious plain secure sure abstruse Greek to me abstract clear as dishwater complex complicated deep esoteric heavy hidden incomprehensible intricate involved profound recondite subtle unfathomable vague simple lucid easy concrete cryptic enigmatical inconclusive inexplicit multivocal opaque polysemous understandable unambiguous unquestionable known baggy blobby characterless formless inchoate irregular nondescript shapeless unformed unshaped unstructured shaped shapely distinctive blank deadpan dull empty fruitless hollow immobile impassive inane inexpressive inscrutable lifeless masklike meaningless noncommittal poker-faced stiff stupid uncommunicative unexpressive vacant vacuous occupied habited light full sensitive understanding excited aware animated filled lively meaningful clouded borderline chancy concerned dubitable in doubt in question indecisive troubled untroubled Delphian Delphic apocryphal arcane cabalistic evasive murky mysterious mystic mystical mystifying occult oracular secretive strange uninformative veiled straightforward seen normal common Vague Gen C fiat fat fit faint fair faith gait ait fart fact fast flit bait fail fain wait fan it Fait Gen C victims victimize victim victimizes victimizer victimized victimizers victories big times dnas darns dawns deans damns dangs dabs dams fans sans das dens dins dons duns tans da's dais days bans cans dads dang dank daps lans mans pans vans wans Dan Gen C dan D.A.N one dune lune rune tune use Une Gen C Unes une UNE cole eagle exile ogle agile cola coll cowl heckle ogler coaler color cooler coulee scale eclair éclair oculi clue coal coil cool eke oleo cloy cajole cockle recoil eclat éclat locale acolyte ale cal ecology ego ell uncle re coil a couple capon japan japing japping carp on gaping jap capons japans jargon jape japs upon harp on weapon japer coupon keep on jump on up on seism seisms seis seismic seize slime seem semis same seam some seaside sises seams seems sis ism sadism schism simmer seas sees semi sews siss size woe is me woes is me eagre giant sea swell giant wave rogue wave seiche seismic sea wave surface wave tidal bore white horses tidal wave deluge downpour glut flow spate surge tide stream wave torrent freshet profusion plenty superabundance bore surplus current eager bounty multitude inundation drift cataclysm alluvion excess overflow abundance rush pour outpouring flux superfluity cataract Niagara drencher outgushing want need deficiency dearth lack flood tsunami Gen C Tsunami diaspora disport display despair disparity dispirit dispatch dispel disparage disparate spare despairs disappear disarray dispeace disperse dispute disrepair dis play dispose dispraise spray diasporas dis parity dis array dis patch disappears does part spry disagree sparer despaired dis agree dis peace dis perse disproof disprove dis pose dis praise disparager spire spore dis appear dis repair dis appears dis prove day spa time spare cadaver corpse hulk remains skeleton body framework shell stiff cold meat loved one carcass cage deceased being carcass\u002Fcarcase carrion departed bones mort carcases carcasses Mort Gen C blight bruise harm impair ruin scar spoil stain sully taint tarnish wreck bend blemish blot break deface deform detract ding disfigure injure maim mangle mutilate queer scratch tweak vitiate warp foul up louse up mess up rough up shake up aid assist build clean create fix grow help adorn beautify cure decorate embellish heal mend ornament repair schedule set up straighten solar system Copernican system Jupiter Mars Mercury Neptune Pluto Saturn Uranus Venus earth heliocentric system planetary system terrestrial planet inner planet Mar Gen C accident adversity calamity casualty cataclysm crash debacle devastation disaster emergency failure fiasco hardship meltdown misery mishap tragedy trouble wreck affliction alluvion blow contretemps culmination curtains denouement desolation end fatality finale grief havoc ill infliction misadventure mischance misfortune reverse scourge stroke termination trial upshot waterloo bad luck bad news the worst advantage aid assistance benefit blessing boon creation favor fortune gain good fortune good luck happiness help joy miracle peace profit prosperity success win wonder beginning birth cause comfort commencement delight luck opening origin start adversities bad break bummer can of worms catastrophe clutch crunch difficulty distress downer drag evil eye hard knocks hard times hurting ill fortune jam jinx kiss of death on the skids pain in the neck poison sorrow suffering tough luck pleasure ease encouragement health contentment apocalypse Armageddon annihilation decimation end of the world holocaust calamities blue ruin collapse cross downfall holy mess ruin tribulation unholy mess visitation woe wretchedness casualties chance contingency certainty Gen C Catastrophe Cat-astrophe cat- astrophe naturally natural natural law naturelover nature natures naturalize neutrally naturals nature lover not real natural life naturelle Gen C victim victims victimize nick time father mother ancestor architect author begetter cause center creator folks forerunner fountainhead guardian origin originator progenitor prototype root source wellspring procreator consequence effect end outcome outgrowth result child ascendant antecedent ascendent forbear forefather foregoer foremother parent predecessor caregiver au pair babysitter caretaker custodian governess nanny nurse create actualize beget bring into being bring into existence bring to pass build cause to be coin compose conceive concoct constitute construct contrive design devise discover dream up erect establish fabricate fashion forge form formulate found generate give birth to give life to hatch imagine initiate institute invent invest make occasion organize originate perform plan procreate produce rear set up shape sire spawn start halt fail break stop neglect lose finish conclude prevent wreck ignore dismantle demolish raze ruin refuse deny disorganize disorder destroy created creates creating Parents Gen C parents infant infants enchant invent infantry infancy infinite infinity affiant entente in fact in want infarct unmeant anent event in vent unfit in fancy anoint in finite in front in fit in fun un fit un meant on foot in event in a fit ear beau eat evacuation evacuations evocation evaluation evacuating eviction avocation maer merc mere met mar mew meg men fer per ter mr. Mer Gen C mer okays okay oaks aka oak away oks akas ok's oked awe go away owe okd okker aokay on way oneway organa skyway orca ok'd lock away sock away ukase akita awake oking look away took away go war go way aok in awe is awe one way out way o k d o k'd o.k.d a.k.a a okay o.k.'d ok'ing am awe a ok o. k. d o. k.'d murmurer mirier mourner menorah minor moonier mingier murine mirror menhir minority minors munger manor moira merrier moniker monitor mangier manlier mourners mourning murderer muring mariner manors mentor mini mourn mure minion monger monied monies mucro moorier morning moron merino moirai mourns mani morn ornerier maroon monish mung gnarr mania masonry moan over moon over minor in more on men room mure murk mar mud mug mum cur fur mr. Murs Gen C Mur MUR mur nosier birr nor gnarr moira noise noner noter nower narrer nearer norm noisier chirr noing noisy whirr bore borer burr mire more nicer niner north note orier purr ire nit nobbier not ore no ear dourer fourer gorier moirai naiver navier neoner poorer snore soiree sourer torier tourer zori biri cirri core dire direr fire fore forer gore hire lore lorry miry mora nadir narrow nice nine node noed noel noes none nook noon nope nose noun nous pore sire sore sorer sorry tire tore wire wore worry yore nar naris nei now err ira nib nig nil nip band body contingent crew detachment division squad squadron troop troupe unit brigade company outfit party posse regiment team connection whole individual armies artillery battalion battery cavalry column command corps detail flight formation infantry legion patrol unit platoon soldiers soldiery troops wing army assembly association bevy bunch clique club cluster collection coterie covey gang gathering horde menagerie society one force host multitude throng group organization companies aggregation assemblage circle clan community concourse congregation convention cortege ensemble jungle league mob muster order pack retinue ring ruck set turnout zoo Gen C corp C.O.R.P.S Corp choice costly dear exquisite fine high-priced inestimable invaluable priceless prizable prized recherché rich treasurable valuable worth eyeteeth cheap common defective deficient disfavored impaired inexpensive useless valueless worthless precious limited unusual singular uncommon occasional extraordinary strange unlikely subtle scarce unique unthinkable attenuate few flimsy inconceivable isolated light out of the ordinary rarefied scanty scattered seldom short sparse sporadic tenuous thin unimaginable unwonted attenuated few and far between semioccasional subtile unfrequent unheard of well-done ordinary regular normal familiar typical commonplace frequent usual standard sufficient rare great delicate admirable dainty elegant extreme incomparable matchless peerless select superb superlative serious poor weak exclusive selected preferred selective eclectic privileged prime elect chosen top boss cool screened favored pick discriminating best cream first-class first-rate number one posh special superior topnotch winner blue-chip tops weeded picked culled handpicked world-class second-rate inferior open unpopular least exceptional magnificent outstanding preeminent remarkable towering standout unblemished acceptable ace commendable congenial crack deluxe entire excellent flawless gnarly gratifying honorable intact pleasing reputable satisfactory satisfying shipshape spanking sterling stupendous super unbroken undamaged unharmed unhurt unimpaired welcome wonderful worthy agreeable bad bully capital favorable marvelous neat nice perfect positive rad sound splendid super-eminent super-excellent tip-top uninjured up to snuff whole unmarred phony forced affected elaborate strained overdone labored fake artificial unnatural false manipulated unspontaneous genuine unforced real contrived cute tasteful petite ethereal lacy graceful tasty trim fair sweet frail tender delicious savory darling lovely airy attractive beautiful bonny charming comely delectable delightful diaphanous feeble palatable pretty refined soft toothsome well-made easy accepting heavy harsh coarse disagreeable dark rough crude unrefined tasteless ugly clumsy horrible distasteful unpleasant repulsive unsophisticated gentle fragile mild aerial balmy breakable faint filmy gauzy pale pastel slight subdued finespun frangible fine-grained fracturable gossamery hairline muted shatterable shattery uncareful insensitive imprecise hard tough firm strong loud violent unscrupulous uncritical healthful robust inelegant indelicate healthy callous swank sumptuous palatial swanky opulent luxurious ritzy expensive grand luscious lush luxuriant destitute chic polished stately simple ornate fashionable fancy classic stylish dignified handsome appropriate apt aristocratic artistic august clever courtly cultured effective genteel ingenious majestic modish noble ostentatious stuffy turgid well-bred cultivated stylized ornamented plain unimpressive undignified unfashionable dull insignificant old-fashioned precise impeccable striking meticulous consummate discerning fastidious irreproachable errorless horrifying homely corrupt careless wrong flawed drab inaccurate imperfect misbehaving vicious mean rotten wicked unvirtuous unhelpful unnoteworthy expected inconsiderable inconsequential unreal forged unreliable tainted inadequate unsuitable unskilled incompetent vile sinful noxious immoral evil detestable minor unsatisfactory unacceptable unimportant good
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