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A second youthful skin using an elastic, wearable crosslinked polymer layer (XPL)

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Scientists developed a new elastic, wearable crosslinked polymer layer (XPL) that can temporarily protect, tighten skin and smooth wrinkles. The silicone-based ...


Nanoscience Biomaterials polymer crosslinked polymer layer lower extra double twin place further another lesser other important superior moment wink flash jiffy shake sec helper backer placer opponent assist uphold endorse back aid forward promote approve back up stand by reject block hinder impede cease oppose hurt halt stop move accessory accomplice co-conspirator confederate cooperator partner in crime second supporter abettor adjutant aide-de-camp assistant attendant coadjutant coadjutor crew crewman deputy lieutenant backup equivalent fill-in proxy replacement stand-in sub surrogate back-up different flipside other side substitute accede accept accredit acquiesce advocate affirm agree assent authorize bless boost buy buy into certify charter concur confirm consent dig empower encourage establish get behind give go-ahead go along with groove hats off to lap up license maintain make law make valid mandate okay permit pronounce push for ratify recommend sanction seal sign sign off on 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untried unversed bosky burgeoning developing flourishing foliate grassy half-formed leafy lush maturing pliable pullulating sprouting supple undecayed undried unfledged ungrown unripe verdant verduous childish fur crust husk rind bark film hide pelt shell peel hull fell shuck case derma cutis core body trim shave graze pare scrape shed scale slough remove cast bare abrade scalp strip gall flay cover casing coat cortex peeling skin bank note buck certificate currency dollar greenback long green admonish ascribe attribute blast blow the whistle on censure charge chide climb all over condemn criticize denounce denunciate disapprove express disapprobation find fault with finger frame hold responsible impute indict jump all over jump down one's throat knock lay a bad trip on lay at one's door lay to let one have it lower the boom pass the buck point the finger rap rebuke reprehend reproach reprove roast saddle stick it to tax upbraid blackmail confiscate deplete drain exhaust extract fleece 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accomplishing administering at work conducting contriving determining directing driving executing finishing fulfilling guiding maintaining managing manipulating moving ordering performing practicing regulating revolving running serving spinning supervising sustaining transacting turning wielding do an injustice to exploit impose on use wrong employment enjoyment exploitation through operating abuse pliable springy supple plastic limber buoyant ductile lithe bouncy rigid stiff hard tense gay airy lively animated blithe cheerful cheery effervescent elastic fanciful flippant frolicsome graceful happy high-spirited jaunty light light-hearted merry nonchalant resilient sprightly volatile whimsical breezy bright carefree debonair expansive full of zip invigorated jovial joyful laid back lighthearted peppy sunny vivacious boiling bubbling bubbly carbonated fermenting frothing frothy sparkling all-embracing ample big dilatant expanding expansile extensive far-reaching great inclusive large scopic scopious stretching thorough unrepressed unsuppressed voluminous wide wide-ranging widespread adjustable bending extensible extensile flexile formable formative impressionable like putty malleable moldable pliant soft spongy stretch stretchable stretchy tensile tractable tractile whippy willowy yielding adroit aesthetic artistic balletic beautiful becoming comely controlled curvaceous dainty decorative delicate dexterous easy elegant exquisite fair fine flowing handsome harmonious lissome natural neat nimble pleasing poised practiced pretty refined rhythmic seemly shapely skilled slender smooth statuesque symmetrical tasteful trim flexible wearable polymer sheet floor coat bed slab row fold seam film story zone couch flap ply band flag lap panel cover area district layer region stretch territory tract afghan carpet cloak coating comforter covering coverlet envelope fleece mat puff quilt rug sheath throw wrapper bark crust finish glaze gloss lacquer lamination overlay painting plaster priming roughcast set tinge varnish wash whitewashing blanket bloom dusting encrustation membrane patina skin veneer board up bury bush up cache camouflage canopy cap clothe conceal cover up crown curtain daub disguise do on the sly dress eclipse encase enclose enfold ensconce enshroud envelop hood house invest mantle mask obscure overcast overspread protect put on screen secrete set on shade shield shroud stash superimpose superpose surface veil border caking concretion edge hull incrustation integument outside rind scab shell verge belt Layers layers XPL
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