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A sneaky grey whale tried to startle me out of my kayak near Ucluelet, BC.

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devious disingenuous nasty shifty sly tricky base contemptible cowardly deceitful double-dealing duplicitous furtive guileful indirect low malicious mean recreant secretive slippery sneaking snide stealthy surreptitious underhand unreliable unscrupulous untrustworthy yellow frank honest open straight straightforward trustworthy aboveboard candid forthright clandestine artful cloak-and-dagger closet concealed covert foxy fraudulent hidden hush-hush illegitimate illicit in holes and corners on the Q. T. on the quiet private sneaky under wraps under-the-counter undercover underground public truthful known authorized legal hugger-mugger intriguing mysterious quiet secret astucious astute beguiling counterfeit crafty cunning deceiving deceptive delusive delusory designing fallacious false feline hypocritical illusory impostrous insidious knavish lying mendacious misleading rascal roguish slick subtle treacherous two-faced underhanded untruthful wily faithful upright just genuine actual loyal authentic sincere naive ingenuous reliable valid real ambiguous bum catchy deluding fake fishy imposturous mock oblique off phony plausible scheming seeming serpentine specious spurious true calculating crooked errant erring evasive faking one out insincere not straightforward obliquitous playing games playing politics put on roundabout shady shrewd direct fair artless dirtiest below the belt cheating corrupt foul shabby sleazy sordid unethical nice good clean pure sterile spotless moral astrotourist Sneaky drab dusty silvery Dove ash clouded dappled heather iron lead neutral oyster pearly powder shaded silvered slate stone ashen cinereal dingy dusky leaden livid mousy peppery sere smoky somber gray battleship granite gray\u002Fgrey grey grayer grayest Grey astrotourist greys mammal porpoise baleen beluga cetacean finback grampus narwhal orca rorqual whopper ceta cete orc sei Goliath Hercules behemoth bulk colossus cyclops elephant hulk jumbo leviathan mammoth monster mountain ogre polypheme titan whale beat bang bash bat batter belt box break bruise buffet cane castigate clout club collide crush cudgel drub flagellate flail flog hammer hit knock lambaste lash lick maltreat mash maul pelt pound pummel punch punish ram rap slap slug smack spank strike swat thrash thresh thump thwack trounce wallop whip help tap lose fail retreat relinquish cede guard assist aid protect surrender praise compliment blubber blub fat flab flitch nettle seethe sob swell swollen thick wail weep whimper whine dolphin narwal smash sock flailing bashing battering clubbing flogging hitting knocking lashing maltreating pummeling slugging smacking smashing socking thrashing thwacking whaling praising complimenting Whale astrotourist approved proved tested certified demonstrated secure staunch used constant dependable faithful steadfast tried-and-true true-blue trustworthy trusty unreliable untried believable aboveboard acceptable authentic colorable conceivable convincing credential credible creditable fiduciary honest-to-God imaginable impressive likely persuasive plausible possible presumable presumptive probable rational reasonable reliable satisfying straight supposable tenable tried unquestionable up front unreasonable incredible unthinkable unconvincing unlikely unimaginable unbelievable inconceivable improbable implausible always there carrying the load certain good as one's word loyal rocklike stable steady sturdy sure to be counted on true unfailing weak unsure unsteady uncertain irresponsible dishonest disloyal undependable untrustworthy unfaithful wobbly unstable experienced accomplished accustomed adept been around been there broken in capable competent cultivated dynamite expert familiar in the know instructed knowing one's stuff knowing the score mature matured old old hand practical practiced pro professional qualified rounded seasoned skillful sophisticated sport the right stuff trained versed vet veteran well-versed wise worldly worldly-wise unknowledgeable unfamiliar untrained amateur untalented inept green unsophisticated unseasoned immature unskillful unskilled unable incompetent incapable inexperienced ignorant affectionate allegiant ardent attached behind one circumspect confiding conscientious devoted dutiful dyed-in-the-wool enduring fast firm genuine hard-core honest honorable incorruptible loving obedient on the level patriotic resolute scrupulous sincere string along with tried and true truthful unchanging unswerving unwavering upright veracious different treacherous unfixed wavering loose flexible false disliking cool cold corrupt careless inexact inaccurate untrue inconstant changeable fraudulent faithless untruthful lying disobedient negligent unscrupulous irresolute foolproof fail-safe faultless flawless goofproof guaranteed idiot-proof never-failing perfect safe sure-fire unassailable unerring inspected authorized checked investigated astrotourist Tried agitate alarm amaze astonish astound awe scare shake up shock stagger stun terrify affright bolt consternate floor fright jump rock spook spring start terrorize give a turn make jump scare to death spring something on take aback bore calm expect reassure soothe comfort compose daunt intimidate panic startle help encourage assist chill dismay distress frighten scare silly scare stiff surprise unnerve assure repose gladden affect bewilder blow away blow one's mind bowl over daze dumbfound electrify flabbergast impress move perplex put one away strike stupefy touch clear up explain amazed affected alarmed astonished astounded bewildered blew away blew one's mind bowled over dazed dumbfounded electrified flabbergasted impressed moved perplexed shocked staggered startled struck stunned stupefied touched expected calmed explained amazes affects alarms astonishes astounds bewilders blows away blows one's mind bowls over dazes dumbfounds electrifies flabbergasts impresses moves perplexes puts one away shocks staggers startles strikes stuns stupefies touches expects bears calms explains boggle confound knock over overwhelm spring on throw a curve Startle astrotourist away outside absent antiquated cold dated dead ended exhausted expired extinguished finished impossible outmoded at an end behind the times demode not allowed not on old-fashioned old-hat passé ruled out unacceptable unfashionable used up animated existing incomplete interested modern new saved stored unfinished warm here possible outward without out of doors indoors inside argument altercation beef bickering blowup bone bone of contention bone to pick brannigan brawl brush clash controversy crusher debate difference of opinion disagreement dispute donnybrook dustup exchange face-off falling feud finisher flap fuss gin hassle knock down and drag out knockdown out quarrel rhubarb romp row ruckus ruction rumpus run-in scene scrap set-to shindy spat squabble static stew tiff words wrangle harmony peace agreement calm arguments altercations beeves bickerings blowups bone of contentions bone to picks bones brannigans brawls brushes clashes controversies crushers debates difference of opinions disagreements disputes donnybrooks dustups exchanges face-offs fallings feuds finishers flaps gins hassles knock down and drag outs knockdowns outs quarrels romps rows ruckuses ructions rumpuses run-ins scenes scraps set-tos shindies spats squabbles stews talking heads tiffs wrangles harmonies agreements aside abreast afar alone alongside apart beside by oneself down in isolation in reserve near nearby neck and neck out of the way privately separately sidewise middle asleep catching some zzz's comatose conked crashed dormant dozing dreaming flaked out getting shut-eye in dreamland in repose inactive inert napping on the kip out cold out like a light out of it reposing resting sacked out sleeping slumbering snoring somnolent taking forty winks conscious attentive awake begone depart hightail leave off scat scoot scram shoo skiddoo vamoose broken busted coming unglued coming unstuck defective disabled fallen apart faulty feeble gone gone to pieces gone to pot haywire imperfect in disrepair in need of repair in the shop inoperable kaput not functioning on the blink on the fritz on the shelf out of commission out of kilter out of order out of whack ruined run-down screwed up shot spent unsatisfactory weak wracked wrecked kept uplifted happy whole unbroken fixed complete perfect flowing working satisfied continuous connected repaired astrotourist Out outrigger coracle dugout pirogue piragua canoe kayak astrotourist Kayak adjacent adjoining immediate nearby neighboring warm abutting bordering burning close nigh ready touching abreast along toward alongside approximal around at close quarters available beside close shave close-at-hand close-by conterminous contiguous convenient hair's breadth handy in close proximity near-at-hand next door not remote practically proximal proximate side-by-side vincinal within stone's throw away detached distant far faraway separate cool deferred expired gone past postponed remote unfamiliar imminent impending expected coming approximate looming approaching at hand comparative next relative in the offing later dear friendly intimate related connected allied affecting akin attached unrelated disconnected unfriendly accessible attainable door's always open employable exposed getatable near obtainable open operative possible practicable public reachable susceptible unrestricted usable limited unhandy restricted inaccessible useless close by apart divided bordering on connecting coterminous interconnecting joined joining juxtaposed verging approach advance be comparable to be like bear belly up to border buzz catch up close in come come at come close compare with contact converge correspond to creep up draw near equal gain on go toward impend loom up match meet move in on move toward progress reach resemble surround take after threaten verge upon go away stop miss leave depart distance decrease retrogress retreat avoid approached advanced approximated bellied up to bordered bore buzzed came came at came close caught up compared with contacted converged corresponded to crept up drew near equalled impended loomed up matched met moved in on moved toward neared progressed reached resembled surrounded threatened took after verged upon was comparable to was like went toward went away stopped missed left went departed distanced decreased retrogressed retreated avoided approaches advances approximates bears bellies up to borders buzzes catches up comes comes at comes close compares with contacts converges corresponds to creeps up draws near equals goes toward impends is comparable to is like looms up matches meets moves in on moves toward nears progresses reaches resembles surrounds takes after threatens verges upon goes away stops misses leaves goes departs distances decreases retrogresses retreats avoids Near astrotourist Ucluelet astrotourist
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