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A zigzag journey into the inner workings of cellular nano-machines

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Understanding the molecular machines work in our cells is key to developing new therapies for human diseases. Professor Xiaodong Zhang from Imperial ...


imperial college london imperial college lecture inaugural Xiaodong Zhang nano-machines nano medicine university bent crooked diagonal fluctuating inclined irregular jagged meandering oblique oscillating rambling serrated sloping snaking twisted twisting undulating winding askew awry devious erratic indirect sinuous tortuous transverse direct even level smooth straight straightforward V-shaped Y-shaped akimbo bifurcate cornered crossing crotched divaricate forked intersecting sharp-cornered skewed slanted staggered zigzag askance askant aslant catawampus cockeyed crookedly curved knotted lopsided obliquely off-center slanting to one side topsy-turvey turned yaw ways afield astray badly wrong angle away angle off arch bow buckle camber careen circle contort crimp crinkle crook crouch curl deflect deform detour double droop flex genuflect hook incline incurvate lean loop pervert round spiral stoop swerve tilt turn twist veer verge warp waver wilt wind yaw angle arc bending corner curvation curvature deflection deviation flection flexure sag shift tack curve fork meander notch slither snake angular weighted thick heavy fat bend rise beautify straighten line stagnation zig zags zig zag Zig Zag zig-zag joint cigarette tobacco rolling paper cig papers zigs marijuana rolling jib splif doobie dope adventure campaign course crossing drive expedition exploration hike itinerary jaunt migration odyssey outing passage pilgrimage progress quest route sojourn tour travel trek trip visit wandering airing beat caravan circuit constitutional junket march patrol peregrination promenade ramble range roaming round run safari sally saunter stroll survey tramp transit transmigration traveling traverse vagabondage vagrancy venture voyage wayfaring inaction actuality animation journey life living presence reality subsistence vitality world ambit area circle circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution compass cycle district gyration gyre lap limit line orbit perambulation perimeter periphery region tract turn turning twirl way wheel whirl wind winding zone boat trip sail sailing sea trip boat coast drift fare gad gallivant hie keep steady pace meander navigate pass proceed push on repair wander about wend cover explore look at pass through stop in track fly roam wander peregrinate hop jet process rove cruise knock about globe trot go places take a trip break stay wait being inanimate deadness abstract center middle interior inside cruising did undo neglect miss lose idle fail defer put off destroy Journey journeys name beautiful sweet person power ballads 80's family guy world series rock synonyms - cool good band good songs awesome; antonyms - crap bad songs fall out boy seperate ways lights dont stop believin who's cryin now toward within acquainted alert alive appraised appreciative apprehensive apprised attentive au courant awake cognizant conscious cool enlightened familiar go-go groovy grounded heedful hip in the know in the picture informed into know the score know-how knowing latched on mindful on the beam on to perceptive plugged in receptive savvy sensible sentient sharp tuned in up on wise wise to wised up with it bound grateful in hock obligated obliged on a string on the arm on the cuff on the tab owe one owing responsible under obligation abreast au fait aware comprehending down with hep kept posted knowledgeable learned percipient practiced proficient skilled up-to-date versant versed well-informed witting addiction beaten path characteristic consuetude daily grind fashion form grind groove habit habitude hang-up manner matter of course mode observance practice praxis precedent procedure routine rule second nature shot swim thing trick usage use way wont abstracted centered concentrated enfolded engaged fixed focused immersed intent lost musing preoccupied rapt set wrapped wrapped up insensitive unfamiliar unknowledgeable unconscious neglectful uninformed unfriendly unaware inattentive heedless ignorant beholden conversant silent quiet inexperienced custom irregularity difference departure divergence deviation deep soft light open shallow pale flighty artless aboveboard unintelligent trivial superficial frivolous deeper Into sex homosexual times multiply math indian india pick interception take away block catch affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense the histrionical The why and peter griffin family guy comedy what fuck wtf word teh sex close constitutional essential familiar focal inherent innermore inside interior internal intestinal intimate intrinsic inward nuclear exterior external outer outside physical at halfway point centermost deepest equidistant inmost inner innermost intermediary intermediate mean medial mid middlemost midpoint midway axial basic cardinal center centric centroidal chief dominant foremost fundamental important key leading master median middle midmost omphalic outstanding overriding paramount pivotal predominant primary prime radical ruling salient significant umbilical Delphic abstruse acroamatic arcane cabalistic cryptic deep heavy hermetic hidden inscrutable mystic mystical occult orphic private profound recondite secret sibylline deep-seated emotional heartfelt innate instinctive involuntary natural spontaneous unthinking visceral viscerous built-in characteristic congenital connate deep-rooted distinctive elementary fixed genetic immanent implicit in the grain inborn inbred inbuilt indigenous indispensable individual indwelling ingrained inherited integral integrated latent native original part and parcel resident running in the family subjective unalienable central concealed esoteric gut intuitive personal psychological spiritual subconscious repressed unrevealed edging extreme peripheral marginal bordering inferior unsubstantial secondary subordinate extra auxiliary additional unimportant nonessential insignificant inessential trivial minor public common obvious known material acquired incidental added superficial learned extrinsic Inner inners urban inner-city city boobs breasts barbies outers instrument structure system tool apparatus appliance components contrivance doohickey gadget gimmick innards machinery motor works black box belly bowels center contents entrails guts heart inner parts internal organs middle recesses soul viscera womb workings logistics mechanism nitty-gritty nuts and bolts procedures agency execution functioning medium operation performance procedure process technique approach manner manner of working means method method of functioning method of operating method of operation mode of operation modus vivendi rule of thumb way way of doing things basic details basics brass tacks essentials fundamentals inner workings mechanics no frills no nonsense practical details practicalities failure M.O. modus operandi action practice conduct effectiveness efficacy working running pursuit exercise direction uselessness inefficiency ineffectualness inaction idleness room give activity space sweep motion leeway swing scope margin movement elbowroom work immobility extreme inactivity play development case proceeding course trial step growth rule measure progress unfolding evolution fashion wise progression advance outgrowth suit transaction formation mode routine stage red tape channels course of action decline halt cessation ignorance stoppage decrease calculation estimation invoice cost tab summation settlement check debt addition due figuring charge score statement arithmetic IOU fee estimate grunt count bill bad news adding ciphering counting reckoning control handling administration supervision regulation leadership maintenance organization oversight care coordination intendance superintendency neglect mismanagement disorganization border exteriority periphery outside exterior fear cowardice insides duty task operating behavior inertia horticulture farming gardening planting tillage agronomy agrology agronomics unsophistication hurt harm destruction cultivation mechanisms biological nuclear anatomical constitutional essential fundamental integral living necessary original primary prime primitive principal amoebic animate basal biotic elemental inherent innate live plasmic structural vital accessory auxiliary extra inessential minor secondary trivial unimportant unnecessary inorganic man-made unnatural cellular mobile radio organic wireless wired Cellular narly radical cool awesome legit nano ñaño Nano brother bro hermano pana short visayan abused length people apparatus appliance automobile engine gadget instrument motor tool vehicle automaton computer contraption contrivance implement mechanism robot thingamabob widget end accoutrement black box device dingbat doodad doohickey furnishings gaff gear gimcrack gimmick gizmo grabber idiot box jigger job machine machinery means outfit paraphernalia provisions setup stuff supplies tackle thingamajig tools utensils whatchamacallit whatsis whosis auto bucket buggy bus clunker compact convertible conveyance coupe gas guzzler hardtop hatchback heap jalopy jeep junker limousine motorcar pickup ride roadster sedan station wagon subcompact touring car truck van wagon wheels wreck Rube Goldberg device rig brainchild coinage convenience creation discovery equipment harness invention material utensil system structure agency party ring lineup movement laborer clone agent grind puppet drudge mechanical zombie car cars contraptions disorganization royal stately sovereign domineering kingly lordly magisterial majestic common administrative approved bureaucratic canonical departmental ex cathedra ex officio executive imperial lawful legal legitimate mandatory ruling sanctioned supreme Santa Claus Vandyke bristles brush five-o-clock shadow fuzz goatee muttonchops stubble aristocratic august courtly decorous distinguished distingué eminent formal grand grave great highbrow imperious lofty magnificent nifty noble proud refined regal reserved respected solemn somber superior upright arrogant autocratic bossy coercive crack the whip despotic dictatorial egotistic high-handed imperative insolent iron-handed on high horse overbearing peremptory tyrannical blue-blooded elite gentle highbred patrician queenly thoroughbred titled upper-class wellborn blood full-blooded graded highborn pedigree pedigreed pure-blooded pureblood pureblooded purebred authoritative democratic beard dignified poor bad ordinary unimpressive unrefined undignified indecorous dishonorable insignificant informal ignoble yielding surrendering humble submissive servile Imperial elder scrolls oblivion morrowind cyrodiil inch foot yard mile a lot star wars sith vader palpatine rebels star destroyer. unit pint gallon syck sweet cool awesome chinchilla chill association institute lyceum organization seminary university alma mater brainery halls of ivy halls of knowledge academe academic community academicians college school book-learned bookish collegiate erudite intellectual learned pedantic scholarly scholastic studious academy institution old school place of graduation place of matriculation academics advisers body clinic corps department employees literati mentors personnel professorate profs researchers scholars society staff workers graduate school tertiary school academia academic simple practical plain ordinary untaught ignorant faculties students need ineptness lack incompetence inability faculty higher education College waste of money debt suicide faggots high school frat sports music cliques girls beer pong london London england country city location dark matter flat earth wales north lundon amazing imperial college Imperial College twat idiot asian imperial college freaks middle class unsocial weird fun male address discourse instruction allocution disquisition harangue oration pitch soapbox spiel talk chalk talk pep talk dissertation lecture sermon approach bespeak call deliver speech deliver talk discuss get on a soapbox give speech give talk greet hail memorialize orate pontificate root for sermonize spout stump take the floor rebuke scolding going-over censure castigation preaching reprimand reproof dressing-down chiding moralism preachment talking-to praise compliment expound teach recite deliver declaim speak prelect give a talk hold forth be quiet listen admonish scold chide preach flay berate moralize rate reprove tell off exprobate give going-over give piece of mind rank on flatter laud pass overlook slight shun ignore disregard cut avoid refrain addressed addresses addressing Lecture speech story nagging obnoxious immature classroom school sleep college teacher nag complain fuss chastise oral sex late missing lectured inauguration admission baptism beginning commencement debut enrollment entrance inception indoctrination induction installation investiture preliminaries instatement completion conclusion end ending expulsion finish countdown curtain lifter curtain warmer inaugural kickoff lead-in opener opening gun opening shot preliminary preview run-up walk-up warm-up aboriginal ahead antecedent anterior basic cardinal early elementary first off front fundamental head headmost in the beginning inceptive incipient initial introductory key lead off leading least number one numero uno opening original pioneer premier primary prime primeval primitive primogenial primordial pristine right up front rudimentary slightest smallest A-1 A-number-1 arch at the cutting edge at the leading edge champion chief heavy heavy stuff heavyweight highest hot stuff hotdog hotshot most important paramount preeminent primo principal supreme initiation institution launch launching setting up commencing earliest embryonic first foremost germinal inchoate infant initiative initiatory leadoff nascent virgin consecration draft greetings introduction ordination selection curtain raiser final secondary inferior nonessential insignificant inessential last subordinate extra additional minor unimportant trivial auxiliary following lowest close adjournment rejection xiaodong zhang Zhang zheng pro own best zahng zhnag zhng zhag effortless meaningless brundisha brothas lazy retarded outdoors indoors sex bad abstinence asian boy cool awesome n00b zhang zhanger zhinger fat sucks dota antibiotic cure drug medication pharmaceutical pill prescription remedy anesthetic antidote antiseptic antitoxin balm capsule dose elixir injection inoculation liniment lotion medicament ointment physic potion salve sedative serum tablet tincture tonic vaccination vaccine biologic pharmacon disease analysis biology cytology diagnosis dissection division embryology etiology examination genetics histology inquiry investigation medicine morphology physiology zoology antivenin corrective counteractant counteragent countermeasure counterstep negator neutralizer nullifier preventive antibody antipoison antiserum analgesic application balsam cerate compound cream demulcent dressing embrocation emollient formula poultice preparation soother soothing agent unction unguent aid alleviation assistance catholicon elixir vitae fix healing healing agent help medicant nostrum panacea placebo proprietary quick fix recovery redress reparation restora-tive therapeutic treatment anatomy connection counteractive problem stop obstruction hurt hindrance blockage injury Medicine ships medicin shipp names fuckbuddy sex dick pussy cock pills pain doctor hospital relieve poisonous animals super potion death medicine baby academy educational institution college book-learned bookish collegiate erudite intellectual learned pedantic scholarly scholastic studious university institution old school place of graduation place of matriculation alma mater association brainery halls of ivy halls of knowledge institute lyceum organization seminary academics advisers body clinic corps department employees literati mentors personnel professorate profs researchers scholars society staff workers graduate school tertiary school school academic simple practical plain ordinary untaught ignorant faculties students need ineptness lack incompetence inability faculty higher education University study education fun let your hair down deep thinker library sex life ivory tower expensive young adults day care. uni-ver-city higher learning community college junior college demise paper workload socializing uni degree uoft
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