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ACLJ: Tax Invasion - Sekulow Ep. 298

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ACLJ made a new documentary film called Tax Invasion. Watch to learn more about this film.


ACLJ Jay Sekulow (Organization Founder) American Center For Law & Justice (Organization) IRS duty levy fine price rate cost tariff excise bite custom toll impost dues towage tithe charge load task weight drain strain onus demand aid help ease peace assess impose enact extract exact give exhaust weaken sap tire stretch lade cumber weary stress saddle try push weigh oppress prey on overtax overuse blame impugn impeach indict impute arraign censure reprove free allege apprehend arrest attack attribute betray blow the whistle brand bring charges cite complain criminate denounce file claim finger frame hang something on hold accountable implicate incriminate inculpate lay at door let have it libel litigate lodge complaint name pin on point finger at prosecute recriminate serve summons slander slur sue summon tax amount charge evaluate fix value appraisal estimate fee rating taxation valuation admonish ascribe blast blow the whistle on chide climb all over condemn criticize denunciate 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