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AR and AI in the Enterprise: staying abreast of the smart technology revolution

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strike transformation turmoil unrest upheaval uprising violence anarchy bloodshed cabal crime debacle destruction disorder insubordination metamorphosis outbreak overthrow overturn plot reformation reversal rising row shake-up strife subversion tumult turbulence turnover uproar upset foment golpe guerrilla activity radical change underground activity calm harmony peace stagnation calmness order submission chaos confusion disorganization disregard hostility misrule mob rule nihilism nongovernment reign of terror revolution riot about-face addition adjustment advance break compression contraction conversion correction development difference distortion diversification diversity modification modulation mutation novelty permutation reconstruction refinement remodeling revision surrogate switch tempering transition transmutation turn variance variation variety vicissitude amphitheater aureole band belt bowl bracelet circlet circuit circumference circus cirque coil colure compass cordon 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