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Ability to solve questions: banal or vital? | Natalia Tolstaya | TEDxMalayaOkhta

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When was the last time you achieved your goal? Achieved for real, and not just transform it into something different. Is it possible at all to achieve the goal as it is? The lecture is about how people act on their way to achieve a goal, and what tricks they use against themselves. Как давно вы достигали свою цель? Действительно достигали, а не отказывались от нее, не трансформировали в нечто иное? Реально ли вообще достигнуть цели в ее первоначальном виде? Выступление посвящено тому, как люди ведут себя в процессе достижения целей и какие уловки они используют против самих себя.Natalia Tolstaya is a managing partner of the company named “Amplua”. This company provides information and consulting services in HR management field. Natalia has been working in HR since 1997, and is in the “Top-1000 Russian managers” list of Managers Association rating. She is also at the 100th place in the annual “Top-200 businesswomen of Russia” rating of the “Career” magazine, March 2008 issue.Наталья Толстая, является управляющим партнером компании "Амплуа". Компания "Амплуа" предоставляет информационные и консалтинговые услуги в области управления персоналом. Наталья работает в области HR с 1997 года и входит в «ТОП-1000 российских менеджеров» (рейтинг Ассоциации Менеджеров). Также она занимает 100 место в ежегодном рейтинге «Top 200 деловых женщин России» (опубликован в журнале «Карьера» в марте 2008 года).This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


capability capacity competence intelligence qualification skill strength talent understanding aptitude competency comprehension dexterity endowment facility faculty might potentiality resourcefulness ignorance impotence inability incapability incapacity incompetence ineptness lack weakness clumsiness inadequacy inanity limitation paralysis stupidity ability achievement act art attainment bringing about carrying out completion conclusion consummation coup deed effecting effort execution exploit feat finish fulfillment performance production proficiency realization stroke triumph cleverness deftness flair gift giftedness knack savvy smarts stuff what it takes adroitness finesse ingenuity invention inventiveness know-how expertise expertness bent mastery genius craft command handiness skillfulness mind for the goods the right stuff want ineptitude accomplishment defeat unfulfillment start beginning failure nullification frustration loss introduction commencement forfeit idleness accomplishments inaptitude disinclination aptitudes artifice artlessness openness innocence ingenuousness honor simplicity truthfulness sincerity reality honesty frankness candor Ability abilty solemn fail depressing skills skillz clarify clear up deal with decide determine explain figure out fix have iron out settle work out break construe crack decipher decode disentangle divine elucidate enlighten expound fathom get hit illuminate interpret lick puzzle reason unfold unlock unravel untangle work find out get right get to the bottom hit upon make a dent make out pan out put two and two together think out unriddle complicate confuse defer destroy hesitate miss neglect put off unsettle agree fail hide lose mend misunderstand obscure tangle twist pose question search wonder accomplish acquire actualize attain bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through close complete conclude consummate deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effect effectuate enact end execute finish follow through fulfill gain get done manage negotiate obtain perfect perform procure produce rack up reach realize resolve score seal see through sign solve win wind up acknowledge answer back argue back at you back talk be in touch claim comeback contest counterclaim defend deny disprove dispute echo feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin remark respond retaliate retort return sass say shoot back squelch talk back top achieve open retain hold yield keep forget bear spend leave depart pass give up abandon stop halt start begin unseal imprison detain surrender create ignore forfeit commence achieved achieving answer allow ask prove renounce request answered answering Sølve sølve tallented dumb sexy scandinavian name norwegian vikings scandinavia nouns retard shoulder weak gym bland corny dumb hackneyed mundane stupid trite vapid blah bromidic clichéd common conventional cornball cornfed dull as dishwater everyday 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able-bodied athletic beefy bulky burly fleshy hardy hefty husky powerful robust sinewy stalwart strapping sturdy thewy tough forceful lusty strenuous red-blooded lethargic inactive idle quickening generative invigorative life-giving acute blunt not serious slow obtuse insensitive imperceptive dense stupid alive lifeless spiritless morose dispirited inanimate deceased shy quiet discouraged lazy outside peripheral auxiliary brawnier slim weak slight thin small frail skinny tiny natalia Natalia sweet caring awesome beautiful smiling meet forever hang best amazing girl perfect pretty smart funny cool paulion nat fantastic great
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