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According to Terry Francona, this one particular pitch stifled the Indians hitters on Sunday

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invariable level look-alike matched matching one and the same proportionate same same difference spit and image stack up with tantamount to the same degree two peas in pod unvarying unequitable not alike mismatched unequal unjust unfair disproportionate biased varying unmatched variable changing more equal Firecracker Fart terry Firecracker Fart Terry aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned that the indicated the present the aforementioned one the one in question the thing indicated this one this person such aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like this a certain a particular a well known one This Firecracker Fart THIS Thi thi particular separate single singular sole solitary special specific alone definite different lone odd one and only only peculiar precise uncommon unique combined common general indefinite mixed normal ordinary together unimportant united 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American indian Firecracker Fart indians Hitter Firecracker Fart hitter HITTERS day off rest day Lord's day Sabbath Sabbath Day Saturday day of rest Sunday sunday Firecracker Fart Cleveland Indians Firecracker Fart Cleveland Firecracker Fart detroit tigers Firecracker Fart Detroit tigers Motown Arsenal of Democracy Automobile City Big D City of Straits Fordtown Motor City Rock City Sport City USA detroit Firecracker Fart Detroit cougar cub leopard lynx carnivore cat feline jaguar bobcat cheetah grimalkin kitten kitty lion malkin mouser ocelot panther puma puss pussy tabby tiger tom tomcat cats bobcats cheetahs cougars grimalkins jaguars kittens kitties leopards lions lynxes malkins mousers ocelots panthers pusses pussies tabbies tigers tomcats toms civet wildcat manful audacious beefcake bold brave colt confident daring dauntless dignified fearless firm gallant hardy he-man heroic hunk intrepid jock jockstrap lion-hearted macho male manlike mannish masculine muscular noble powerful 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