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Adele huge decision British superstar Australia

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Adele huge decision British superstar AustraliaNEWS: goo.gl/a3kAcQAdele brought the curtain down on the Australia leg of her international tour on Sunday. And the gig at Auckland's Mount Smart Stadium may be the final time the British superstar performs a tour date. The emotional 28-year-old thanked fans across Australia and New Zealand and said she was pondering taking the decision to never tour again as she addressed the crowd at her final gig. According to the New Zealand Herald, she said: 'Touring isn't something I'm good at - applause makes me feel a bit vulnerable. I don't know if I will ever tour again.RELATED ARTICLES'The only reason I've toured is you. I'm not sure if touring is my bag. My greatest accomplishment in my career is this tour.'The singer embarked on her massive Adele Live 2016 tour last February, taking her around Europe, North America and Australia before she plays four dates at Wembley Stadium to finish the tour. Meanwhile, it appears Adele's fondness of swear words has spread to her four-year-old son Angelo, with the British singer revealing that her youngster swears at her.Last night onstage in New Zealand as he watched on from the crowd she said: 'My son swears at me. What can I say? Everything I do, he does. He even calls me a bloody bumhead.'And given her own behaviour at concerts, the Rolling In The Deep singer has no leg to stand on when it comes to telling him off. She said: 'I'm like, 'Well, mum says a lot worse, so...'.' Adele emphasised the point perfectly during her latest gig on Saturday night as she performed in Auckland. The London-born star picked out Angelo - who she has nicknamed 'Peanut' - in the crowd while singing Sweetest Devotion, which she wrote about her son's birth in 2012.And Adele promptly went on to utter an expletive mid-song when she forgot the words. The artist has previously told how Glastonbury organisers asked her not to swear while headlining the festival last year. However, Adele's mouth managed to get the better of her and she swore a mammoth 33 times.The hitmaker's love of swearing even extends to her phone, which has an app specifically designed to utter an expletive - a function she used after losing her voice in 2011. She later revealed: 'I have an app on my phone that you type the words in to and then it speaks them. I love to swear. Most apps you can't swear on but this one you can, so I'm still really getting my point across.'


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