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After 3 Decades, Exonerated After False Rape Accusation | Innocence Ignored

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doom denounce acquitted clarify defog emancipate explain find innocent run into hit find guilty pile up clutter imprison defend advocate aid apologize for argue assert back back up bear one out befriend champion come to defense of cover for endorse espouse go to bat for guarantee maintain plead prove a case put in a good word rationalize recommend ride shotgun for say in defense second speak up for stand by stand up for stick up for stonewall support sustain thump for uphold warrant quit leave attack abandon neglect oppose renounce forsake deny surrender resign relinquish desert ignore protest disapprove reject exonerated Mutual bogus deceitful dishonest distorted erroneous fake fanciful faulty fictitious fraudulent improper inaccurate incorrect invalid misleading mistaken phony specious spurious unfounded unreal untrue untruthful apocryphal beguiling casuistic concocted contrary to fact cooked-up counterfactual deceiving delusive ersatz fallacious fishy illusive imaginary inexact 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popularized tasteless Mutual False abduction abuse maltreatment molestation violation depredation despoilment despoliation pillage plunder plundering rapine spoliation criminal attack forcible violation statutory offense assault statutory attack molest loot ransack betray force violate seize ruin sack despoil compromise deceive corrupt spoliate defend save build let go receive give improve guard construct surrender protect appropriation kidnapping rape seizure theft advance assail bash beset blast blitz bushwhack charge come down on go for haul off on invade jump jump down one's throat jump on one's case lay into let have it light into set upon shoot down slam slap around storm strike trash work over zap praise decrease retreat aggression incursion invasion offensive onset onslaught storming assaulted assailing assailment barrage blitzkrieg defilement dirty deed drive encounter encroachment foray initiative inroad intervention intrusion irruption mugging offense onrush outbreak push raid rush skirmish thrust volley support flight defense pull health submission reprisal sustenance shield shelter resistance protection aid attacks Rape Mutual allegation complaint denunciation impeachment indictment recrimination arraignment attribution beef blast censure citation dido gripe imputation incrimination insinuation roar rumble slur squawk stink bum rap exposé approval commendation praise compliment flattery exculpation accusation affirmation asservation avowal charge claim declaration deposition overment plea profession statement denial allegations animadversion criticism faultfinding flak knock observation perception blame attack castigation chiding depreciation diatribe disapprobation disapproval disfavor disparagement expostulation exprobation implication inculpation invective objurgation obloquy opposition rebuke remonstrance reprehension reprimand reproach reprobation reproof repudiation tirade exaltation retreat exoneration peace harmony sanction thanks applause 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responded to answered shared returned mutual settled determined unattended left alone untended Ignored Mutual
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