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After all the whining, IJF seems to allow leg grabs again /s

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afterwards later subsequently back back of behind below ensuing hind hindmost in the rear next posterior postliminary rear subsequential succeeding thereafter before afterward after another time ensuingly eventually intra late latterly post hoc soon then thereon ultimately earlier previously beforehand afterward\u002Fafterwards a while later at a later time by and by in a while on the next day aback abaft aft astern backward final following in the wake of rearmost rearward tail beginning first future preceding front at the heels of at the rear of bringing up the rear eating the dust in the background in the wake later than off the pace trailing paid beyond above ahead apart from as well as at a distance away from besides beyond the bounds clear of farther free of good way off hyper in addition to in advance of long way off more remote moreover on the far side on the other side out of range out of reach outside over over and above over there past remote superior to without yonder consecutive chronological connected constant continuing continuous going on in order in turn increasing logical numerical one after another progressive running sequent sequential serial serialized seriate seriatim succedent successional successive understandable uninterrupted broken interrupted intermittent infrequent discontinuous afters melomaniac After complete entire full greatest gross outright perfect total utter incompletely none zero whole any every sum totality bar none barring no one each and every every bit of every single alone only solely nothing but fully exactly quite purely entirely totally altogether wholly just utterly all in all partly partially everything everyone group accumulation aggregate aggregation collection ensemble entirety jackpot mass quantity unit utmost works sum total across the board integer lock stock and barrel wall to wall whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show zip zilch a lot all considerably emphatically exceedingly extremely highly immensely incredibly infinitely intensely largely markedly notably powerfully substantially tremendously wholesale rarely mildly insignificantly inconsiderably barely hardly across-the-board all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive blanket broad broad in content comprehensive encompassing extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic sweeping wide widespread agglomerate agglomeration amount assemblage body bulk combination conglomerate conglomeration heap lump mixture pile the works one fraction part individual aggregates gathering all things considered all told bodily by and large collectively conjointly en masse everything considered everything included for the most part generally in all in sum in toto on the whole taken together ALL melomaniac alls affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The melomaniac grumble moan wail bellyache carp drone fuss gripe grouse howl kick mewl murmur pule repine snivel sob whimper yowl compliment praise carping bellyaching censorious critical criticizing deprecatory disparaging fault-finding griping grouchy grousing grumbling hypercritical kvetching moaning nagging niggling nit-picking overcritical quibbling scathing whining complimentary forgiving complaining accusing charging disapproving discontented dissenting fretting lamenting malcontent mourning murmuring peevish protesting querulous regretting repining resentful weeping praising enjoying appreciating acrimonious angry bad-tempered cantankerous captious childish churlish crabbed cranky cross crotchety crusty cussed fractious fretful grumpy huffy ill-natured mean morose obstinate ogre ornery out-of-sorts pertinacious petulant short-tempered snappy splenetic sulky sullen surly tetchy touchy ugly waspish waspy happy accepting pleasant friendly crybaby displeased ill-humored impatient irritable perverse pouting snappish sour testy ungracious uptight whiny nice agreeable good-natured cheerful willing patient bearish bemoaning crying dissatisfied edgy grumbly huffy irascible out of sorts peevish plaintive scrappy thin-skinned touchy wailing whimpering easy-going melomaniac Whining IJF melomaniac IJFS imply look show sound suggest assume hint insinuate intimate pretend resemble be suggestive of convey the impression create the impression give the feeling of give the idea of have the appearance of have the aspects of have the earmarks of have the features of have the qualities of look as if look like look to be make a show of show every sign of sound like strike one as being grant acquiesce avow concede confess own let on deny disagree disavow disown dispute dissent reject repudiate disallow disapprove forbid hold keep prohibit protest refuse resist withstand authorize oblige recognize support tolerate favor pass release approve accord certify okay license consent indulge endorse brook bear commission admit let stand sanction suffer warrant empower accredit endure hear of be big be game for free up give a blank check give carte blanche give leave give permission give the go-ahead give the green light go along with grant permission hold with live with pass on put up with sit still for take kindly to repel oppose prevent withhold veto provide assign give deduct apportion remit spare allocate lot admeasure allot mete take abet accede accept agree allow approbate bless blink at boost buy charter concur condone enable franchise go for have humor leave let pass privilege sanctify say yes shake on sign sign off on thumbs up wink at hinder sell OK'd assent cave in comply cooperate cry uncle enter into fold permit play ball roll over and play dead subscribe throw in the towel yield decline denounce demur condemn obstruct impede award bestow confer endow present render tender vouchsafe contest question argue challenge accorded according melomaniac lap limb part pole stage brace column member pile portion post prop section segment shank stake stilt stretch stump support upright whole boost aid assistance backup buildup goose hand handout help helping hand improvement leg leg up lift praise promotion shot in the arm discouragement blow check stop setback decrease silence obstruction hurt harm injury hindrance extremities toe backside finger flipper foot paw posterior front extremity haunch buttocks hip loin rump thigh haunches arm bough branch extension fin gam lobe offshoot pin pinion process projection spray sprig spur stem switch unit wheel wing Legs melomaniac legs Leg capture catch clutch grasp grip seize snag snatch take collar corral glom grapple hook land nab nail pluck catch hold of snap up take hold of free give let go liberate lose misunderstand offer receive release abduct carry off dognap grab kidnap make off with put the snatch on remove shanghai sneeze spirit away give up acquire access achieve amass annex attain bring in buy collect cop earn gain gather get get hands on get hold of have hustle latch onto lock up pick up procure promote rack up scare up secure take possession of wangle win yield pass miss fail throw away spend divide surrender relinquish forgo forfeit scatter disperse acquiring amuse break one up charm cheer crack up delight divert fracture gladden gratify interest kill knock dead make roll in the aisles occupy panic please put away regale slay tickle wow dull bore give birth bear depress upset disturb tire anger create displease pain offend disappoint annoy annexation addition appropriation attachment incorporation increase increment merger takeover detachment subtraction loss decrease apprehend bag bust place under arrest run in take in take into custody take prisoner melomaniac Grab G.R.A.B anew over repeatedly afresh anon bis by and by come again encore freshly newly once more one more time over and over recurrently reiteratively further also then additionally besides furthermore moreover on the contrary on the other hand again de novo lately of late once again over again recently along along with and as well as well as conjointly in conjunction with in like manner including likewise more more than that on top of over and above plus still to boot together with too withal afterward directly ere long immediately presently shortly soon tomorrow beyond distant farther in addition yet yonder intermittently betimes every so often from time to time now and again occasionally on occasion once in a while periodically sometimes sporadically later after at another time behind come Sunday down the line down the road in a while in time infra later on latterly more recent next subsequently succeeding thereafter earlier before melomaniac
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