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Age is just a number. You’re never too old to learn.

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Age is just a number.


Age is just a number. life maturity old age youth adolescence adulthood boyhood childhood dotage girlhood infancy lifetime majority milestone senility seniority elderliness middle age wear and tear century date day era generation millennium aeon duration epoch interim interval span blue moon continuation deteriorate develop get along grow grow up mature decline mellow push ripen wane grow feeble grow old put mileage on cease decrease halt lessen stop increase rise antiquity age ancientness antiqueness archaicism archaism hoariness venerableness convention modernity newness now caducity lapse cycle alternation chain circle circuit course eon isochronism loop orbit period periodicity revolution rhythm ring rotation round run sequel sequence series succession wheel hour juncture moment quarter reign spell stage term time while year ascendancy height heyday prime years zenith bottom nadir evening night decrepitude decay dilapidation infirmity weakness strength ages ag ag ag Agness Aged equitable aloof blameless condign conscientious decent dependable dispassionate due equal ethical evenhanded fair-minded good honest honorable lawful nondiscriminatory nonpartisan objective pure reliable right righteous rightful rigid scrupulous strict tried true trustworthy unbiased uncolored upright virtuous imprecise inaccurate inappropriate inequitable partial unfair unfitting unjust unjustified unsuitable unsuited wrong cogent correct exact faithful justified normal proper regular sound undistorted veracious veridical well-founded well-grounded apt befitting deserved felicitous fit fitting happy legitimate meet merited reasonable requisite well-deserved exactly precisely absolutely accurately completely directly entirely expressly perfectly sharp smack-dab square squarely unmistakably indefinitely barely hardly scarce scarcely almost a moment ago approximately at this moment by very little just a while ago just now lately nearly now presently recently right now but only simply at most no more than nothing but plainly solely accurate authentic careful close concrete defined definite deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct explicit factual genuine judicious just literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular punctilious punctual rigorous scientific severe skillful solid specific systematic ultraprecise unerring unmistakable careless counterfeit easygoing false general improper incorrect indefinite inexact lenient uncareful uncertain undetailed unreal unreliable untrustworthy vague doubtful erroneous faulty lax misleading mistaken questionable untruthful admissible acceptable allowed applicable appropriate concedable fair justifiable legal licit likely logical not impossible not unlikely okay passable permissible permitted pertinent possible probable rational relevant suitable tolerable tolerated warranted worthy irrelevant illegitimate inadmissible inapplicable all across the board all in all altogether fully purely quite totally utterly wholly incompletely partially partly adapted appurtenant apropos becoming belonging congruous convenient desired germane opportune seemly tailor-made useful well-suited well-timed evil inopportune misbehaving unskilled unbecoming unfit unseemly apposite timely disinclined inapt incapable stupid balanced equivalent evened offset proportional stabilized symmetrical uniform biased prejudiced unreasonable imbalanced unbalanced unequal unsymmetrical Just Just The Numbers Number number by-numbers numbers You’re You’r you’re you’re clapped You’re fired! at no time don't hold your breath forget it nevermore no way not at all not ever not in any way not in the least not on your life not under any condition always forever absolutely not by no means negative never nix not by any means nay not nope nothing doing Never further more besides likewise additionally along as well furthermore in addition into the bargain moreover to boot withal little awfully ever exceptionally extremely highly immensely overly remarkably unduly very beyond exorbitantly greatly immoderately in excess inordinately notably over over and above overmuch strikingly unconscionably unreasonably moderately accompanying also as companion at same time coupled with in addition to side by side simultaneously too with apart far separate again along with and as well as conjointly in conjunction with in like manner including more than that on top of plus still together with added to and all apart from aside from else exceeding exclusive of extra in distinction to in excess of in other respects more than not counting on the side on top of everything other than otherwise secondly supplementary to what's more with the exception of yet bloodiest blasted damn full good much well bloody acutely almighty drastically exceedingly excessively extraordinarily hugely intensely markedly mortally parlous plenty powerful prohibitively quite radically rarely severely surpassingly terribly terrifically to nth degree too much totally ultra uncommonly unusually utterly violently vitally incompletely mildly Too Too toos too in it too on aged ancient decrepit elderly gray mature tired venerable fossil senior versed veteran along in years broken down debilitated enfeebled exhausted experienced geriatric getting on gray-haired grizzled hoary impaired inactive infirm matured not young olden oldish over the hill past one's prime seasoned senile skilled superannuated wasted new young youthful green inexperienced contemporary current fresh late modern recent up-to-date age-old antique crumbling former old-fashioned old-time original outmoded primitive traditional aboriginal antediluvian bygone past relic remote antiquated archaic cast-off dated decayed démodé done early erstwhile hackneyed immemorial moth-eaten of old of yore oldfangled once onetime out-of-date passé primeval primordial pristine quondam rusty sometime stale time-worn unfashionable unoriginal worn-out present established familiar constant firm perennial solid steady vintage continuing enduring hardened inveterate lifelong long-lasting long-lived of long standing perpetual practiced staying time-honored broken changeable intermittent interrupted soft unstable unsteady untrustworthy wavering weak old timeworn well-established ancestral affiliated born with congenital consanguine consanguineous familial genealogical in the family inborn inbred inherited innate lineal maternal paternal running in the family totemic tribal obsolete fusty moldy obsolescent old hat outworn forward-looking broken-down battered bedraggled deteriorated falling apart in disrepair neglected ramshackle run down seedy shabby threadbare unsound good healthy intact sound sturdy well-kept cast off deserted discarded forsaken left behind thrown away thrown out Old An Old Learn learning learn Learnings learned Age is just a number age is just a number
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