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Agree to Disagree | Richard Li | TEDxSMICSchool

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Embrace ideological diversity as you do physical diversity. By choosing a media diet that is eclectic, we not only learn information that oppose our firmly held beliefs but also develop the stomach to seek out and independently evaluate arguments that are antithetical to our own.Richard Li is a senior at the SMIC School.This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


acknowledge admit allow comply concede concur grant recognize set settle sign accede acquiesce check consent engage okay permit subscribe be of the same mind bury the hatchet buy into clinch the deal come to terms cut a deal give blessing give carte blanche give green light give the go-ahead go along with make a deal pass on play ball see eye to eye shake on side with take one up on yes contradict deny disagree disapprove dispute dissent oppose refuse reject repudiate resist object protest contend decline differ conform accord answer attune blend click cohere coincide concert concord consort correspond equal fit harmonize jibe match parallel square suit synchronize tally be in harmony fall in with get along with go hand in hand go together go well with clash diverge divide question separate abet accept agree approbate approve authorize bless blink at boost buy charter condone empower enable endorse endure franchise give a thumbs-up give leave give permission go for have humor indulge leave let let pass license pass privilege sanctify sanction say yes sign off on suffer take kindly to tolerate warrant wink at hinder hold keep prevent sell veto assent bear bear with bow capitulate defer to don't make waves don't rock the boat fit in live with play the game respect sit still for stand stand for stomach submit to swallow take yield to disallow misunderstand stop defend fight blackball demur discard renounce accommodate accustom adapt adjust bend over backwards compose coordinate go by the book go with the flow integrate make consistent modify proportion reconcile shape up tailor tailor-make tune disarrange disorder unfit mismatch upset bar block frustrate impede limit obstruct turn away turn out accommodates accords accustoms adapts adjusts agrees attunes bends over backwards complies composes conforms coordinates corresponds don't makes waves don't rocks the boat fits goes by the book goes with the flow harmonizes integrates makes consistent modifies plays the game proportions reconciles settles shapes up suits tailor-makes tailors tunes unsuits stops bars turns out turns away declines upsets disagrees opposes mismatches fights differs unfits prevents obstructs limits impedes hinders frustrates blocks rejects denies refuses disorders disarranges affirm be in tune argue challenge contest withhold attest to certify own ratify subscribe to support take an oath uphold yield condemn disavow invalidate abjure disregard forswear ignore clash contradict differ dissent diverge conflict counter depart deviate discord disharmonize vary war be discordant be dissimilar run counter to agree approve concur consent stay accept acquiesce aid coincide harmonize help bicker contend divide feud haggle object oppose quarrel quibble spar wrangle altercate battle brawl contest controvert debate disaccord dispute fight palter rip row scrap skirmish spat sue zap break with bring action controversialize discept fall out go for the jugular have words jump on lay into let have it logomachize set to take issue take on give in join make peace go along bother distress hurt injure nauseate sicken trouble upset be distasteful be disturbing be sickening be unsuitable discomfort go against the grain make ill assist calm cure heal mend please soothe argue bandy buck bump heads cross cross swords disagree face down face off gang up on get in one's face go one-on-one hammer hammer away hash hash over hassle have at each other have at it jump knock around lock horns mix it up pettifog pick an argument put up a fight put up a struggle rehash sass sock it to squabble stick it to talk back abstain comply ignore keep quiet overlook argues altercates bandies battles bickers breaks with bucks bumps heads contends crosses crosses swords disagrees disputes faces down faces off feuds gangs up on gets in one's face goes one on one hammers hammers away has at each other has at it hashes hassles jumps jumps on knocks around locks horns mixes it up pettifos picks an argument puts up a fight puts up a struggle quarrels quibbles rehashes rows sasses sets to socks it to squabbles sticks it to talks back wrangles keeps silent keeps quiet overlooks makes peace agrees abstains complies ignores harmonizes concurs gives in arguing altercating bandying battling bickering breaking with bucking bumping heads contending crossing crossing swords disagreeing disputing facing down facing off feuding ganging up on getting in one's face going one on one hammering hammering away hashing hassling having at each other having at it jumping jumping on knocking around locking horns mixing it up pettifoing picking an argument putting up a fight putting up a struggle quarrelling quibbling rehashing rowing sassing setting to socking it to squabbling sticking it to talking back wrangling keeping silent keeping quiet overlooking making peace agreeing abstaining complying ignoring harmonizing concurring giving in belie confute contravene deny disaffirm explode gainsay negate negative repudiate affirm allow endorse prove attest belies belying
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