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Alien: Isolation Preview - The Alien Game We Always Dreamt Of?

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Colm (@Colm_Ahern) has played 4-5 hours of Alien: Isolation, and based on this preview version of the game, it seems like it could deliver on the promises ...


privacy exile retreat hiding backcountry boondocks frontier hinterland interior isolation outback rural area sticks terra incognita timberland woodland blindness concealment denseness inscrutability seclusion secrecy unawareness bareness bleakness desert devastation dissolution extinction forlornness loneliness ruin solitariness solitude waste wildness wreck break disconnection disengagement disjunction distancing disunion division divorce segregation severance avoidance blackballing boycott cold-shouldering exclusion excommunication expulsion rejection shunning aloofness clandestineness confidentiality one's space penetralia privateness quiet retirement separateness separation sequestration backwoods darkness desolation dissociation ostracism iSolation Isolation research survey sneak show viewing ignorance criticism countdown curtain lifter curtain warmer inaugural kickoff lead-in opener opening gun opening shot preliminary preview run-up walk-up warm-up debut first appearance first night first showing gala opening gala performance premiere sneak preview world premiere command performance first performance curtain raiser opening night comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The exotic unusual remote separate contrary opposed usual akin normal native proper guest weed local abalienate abdicate accord alien alienate allow capitulate come across with communicate concede convey deed drop fold fork over give in give up grant hand over leave make over part with relinquish remise renounce resign sign over throw in the sponge throw in the towel transfer vouchsafe waive yield colonist departer displaced person evacuee exile expatriate fugitive migrant migrator outcast pilgrim refugee traveler wanderer wayfarer émigré antagonize break up disaffect disunify disunite 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