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Amateur boxer, 17, dies after collapsing in the ring

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Amateur boxer, 17, dies after collapsing in the ringNEWS: goo.gl/a3kAcQA 17-year-old amateur boxer has died after collapsing in the ring.Ed Bilbey from Ripley, Derbyshire, was treated by paramedics at the leisure centre where he was fighting but was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.Heart-breaking tributes have poured out to the aspiring boxer on social media.The youngster was fighting in the East Midlands Youth Challenge Belt at Post Mill Centre in South Normanton and was believed to be fighting against an opponent named as Tyler Rivers. The centre's website stated that an 'amateur open boxing show' was being held at the venue between 7pm and 11pm that night, organised by the South Normanton School of Boxing. Ed is believed to have been part of Somercotes Elite Boxing Academy.Police are appealing for footage of the fight.They were called to the boxing tournament at 10.17 last night when the youth collapsed.He died shortly after at Kingsmill Hospital in Sutton-in-Ashfield.Friends have posted touching tributes on social media to the aspiring boxer.His brother Henry posted of picture of himself with his arm round Ed with the caption 'love you'.Friend John Connolly wrote: 'He was a mighty fine young man in the making and a talented boxer.'Cole Langham said: 'Stay strong mate we are all feeling for you and your family Eddie was a great boxer and will be truly missed.'Vicky Coxy Slinn wrote: 'Such a lovely lad....you're all lovely. Thinking of you all. So so sorry.'A friend who's watched the match wrote on Facebook: 'Ed Bilbey boxed like a bloody trooper last night and was with him n his mum and family till the end last night.'I can't believe the night ended like it did ……..RIP EDDY MY LOVELY U DID UR FAMILY PROUD LOVE U TOO BITS.'Another friend added: 'Thank you for being my trainer. Thank you for being my cornerman.'Thank you for being my friend. Heartbreaking news RIP Ed Bilbey.'Meanwhile the tragic death has shocked people in the community.Paul Cotton, who lives on Market Street, opposite the centre, said: 'It's an absolute tragedy. It's shocked a lot of people in the community to the core. 'The boxing event was a big thing, a lot of people were talking about it and getting excited about it.'I've spoken this morning to someone who was there and he left before it happened but he can't believe it. 'He said the event was fine and everybody was enjoying it. We're quite a close community and it's a quiet area. I saw the police leave this morning. 'I just feel so sorry for everyone involved.' Pat Stoppard, who owns shop P & M News, also in Market Street, said: 'We have advertised the event and I know there was a lot of excitement about it. 'The people that asked us to put up the posters were looking forward to it. 'It's terrible that it's turned to tragedy. It's so heartbreaking that he has died doing something he enjoyed. 'We've had people in the shop talk about it. It's very shocking.' Derbyshire Police said a post-mortem and formal identification will take place.A police spokesman said: 'At this stage there don't appear to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding this death.'If you were at the tournament and have any footage of the bout or information that might help, please contact Detective Sergeant Debbie Yoxall on 101, quoting incident number 1162 of March 24.'


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