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Amazing Floating Cube - Optical Illusion

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awesome fascinating incredible marvelous prodigious shocking stunning surprising unbelievable wonderful bad believable credible insignificant ordinary plausible poor astonishing amazing astounding bewildering breathtaking extraordinary impressive miraculous spectacular staggering startling striking stupefying stupendous wondrous homely normal ugly unimpressive usual boring dull expected awe-inspiring grand majestic mind-blowing remarkable blah unexciting beautiful cool excellent exceptional fabulous great intense outstanding terrific trivial unimportant drop-dead exciting hair-raising heart-stirring heart-stopping magnificent moving overwhelming spine-tingling thrilling disgusting bizarre boss curious fab fantastic gnarly heavy inconceivable odd off beaten path out of the ordinary particular peculiar phenomenal rare singular special strange uncommon unfamiliar unheard-of unimaginable unique unprecedented unthinkable unusual unwonted weird wicked average common commonplace conventional familiar general indifferent inferior like plain regular similar standard typical unexceptional unremarkable worthless customary eye-popping Amazing soaring free hollow hovering inflated light loose sailing swimming volatile wafting nonsubmersible unattached unsinkable unsubstantial submerged sunk aquatic amphibian amphibious floating marine maritime natatory oceanic of the sea sea watery blissful beatific cool crazy delighted dreamy ecstatic elated enchanted enraptured euphoric flying gone heavenly in ecstasy in seventh heaven in the twilight zone joyful joyous mad on cloud nine rapturous sent turned-on grieving miserable sorrowful unhappy upset wretched buoyant afloat airy bouncy floatable resilient supernatant weightless depressed down heavy heavy-hearted weighted drugged benumbed blown-away coked comatose dazed doped dopey high junked-up loaded narcotized on a trip out of it ripped smashed spaced-out stoned strung-out stupefied unconscious clean athrill delirious enthusiastic entranced fervent flying high happy in exaltation overjoyed pleased as punch ravished rhapsodic sunny thrilled tickled pink tickled to death transported turned on upbeat wild apathetic indifferent not happy reasonable sad unenthusiastic unexcited despairing tormented troubled fanciful absurd aerial bizarre blue-sky capricious castles in the air chimerical curious dreamlike extravagant fabulous fairy-tale fancied fantastic fantastical fictional fictitious fictive flaky ideal illusory imaginative imagined incredible kinky legendary mythical notional offbeat pie in the sky pipe dream poetic preposterous shadowy suppositious unreal visionary whimsical normal sensible usual grave ordinary real serious sincere unimaginative unromantic FLOATING Float Float On Float on float die hexahedron block bar brick cake chunk cube hunk ingot loaf lump oblong piece section segment slab slice solid square whole opening brickwork cinder block stone chop axe cleave clip dice divide fell fragment hack hackle hash hew lop mangle mince sever shear slash truncate whack join unite lengthen chopped axed cleft clipped cubed diced divided fragmented hacked hackled hashed hewed lopped mangled minced severed sheared slashed truncated whacked joined lengthened united bun dough mass pastry roll twist loaves buns cakes cubes doughs lumps masses pastries rolls slabs twists Cube Cube cube cube Cubing visual seeing visible optic beheld discernible imaged observable observed ocular optical perceptible seeable seen viewable viewed visional optics Optics Opticate Optic confusion deception delusion fantasy hallucination image misconception myth pipe dream semblance apparition bubble chimera daydream error fallacy fancy ghost hocus-pocus invention make believe mirage misapprehension mockery paramnesia phantasm rainbow trip déjà vu false impression figment of imagination fool's paradise head trip idolism ignus fatuus misbelief misimpression optical illusion seeming virtual reality fact reality truth being certainty correction right event bogeyman bump in the night haunt illusion phantom revenant specter spirit spook visitant animate apparitions bogeymans bump in the nights chimeras delusions hallucinations haunts illusions phantasms phantoms revenants specters spirits spooks visitants beings animates truths facts certainties realities appearance aura beard blind countenance dream facade front guise idea impression phenomenon reflection screen sound vision actuality absence departure disappearance leaving bogy fabrication fata morgana figment ignis fatuus monster monstrosity snare bilk bluff boondoggle catch cheat chicane con con game confidence game cover-up crock decoy device dodge fast one fast shuffle feint fib fraud gimmick hoax hogwash hustle imposture jive lie malarkey mare's-nest pretext ride ruse scam sham shift shuck snow job stall sting story stratagem subterfuge swindle trap trick whitewash wile wrinkle blunder casuistry chicanery deceptiveness eidolon lapse mistake oversight self-deception shade speciousness spuriousness trickery accuracy fix honesty success surety
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