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An anarchist perspective on China #1 | how nationalism & xenophobia cripple worker solidarity [19:40]

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agitator revolutionary terrorist insurgent insurrectionist malcontent mutineer nihilist rebel revolter adjy advocate agent anarchist champion demagogue disrupter dissident dogmatist fighter firebrand fomenter heretic incendiary inciter instigator leftist mover partisan propagandist provocateur pusher rabble-rouser radical reactionary reformer revisionist ringleader sparkplug troublemaker wave maker zealot moderate peacemaker anarch demonstrator frondeur resister revolutionist rioter insurgents insurrectionary antagonist apostate deserter disectarian dissenter experientialist experimenter guerrilla iconoclast independent individualist innovator nonconformist opponent overthrower recreant renegade resistance schismatic secessionist seditionist separatist subverter traitor turncoat adherent ally loyalist angle aspect attitude context mindset prospect viewpoint headset landscape objectivity overview panorama proportion relation relativity scene vista broad view frame of reference relative importance size of it way of looking aim approach direction hand intention outlook perspective plan point of view position side slant standpoint angles bends corners crooks crotches cusps declines divergences doglegs edges elbows flares flections flexures forks inclines intersections knees nooks notches obliquities points slants turnings turns twists bearing facet feature gimmick phase regard situation switch twist view whole aspects bearings directions facets features gimmicks hands outlooks perspectives phases point of views positions prospects scenes sides situations switches views vistas wholes air belief bent bias character demeanor disposition frame of mind inclination leaning like it is mental state mindtrip mood notion opinion philosophy posture predilection prejudice proclivity reaction routine say so sensibility sentiment set stance stand standing temper temperament where one is at fairness attitudes airs approaches beliefs bents biases characters dispositions frame of minds headsets inclinations leanings mental states mindsets mindtrips moods notions opinions philosophies postures predilections prejudices proclivities reactions routines say sos sensibilities sentiments sets stances standings standpoints stands temperaments tempers where one is ats Perspection Perspectivitis Perspected ceramics crockery porcelain pottery service stoneware tableware ware china pots slipware terracotta wares dish bowl casserole ceramic container cup mug pitcher plate platter porringer pot salver saucer tray vessel dishes bowls casseroles chinas containers cups mugs pitchers plates platters porringers potteries salvers saucers trays vessels crackleware earthenware China according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof loyalty allegiance chauvinism flag-waving public spirit patriotism fanaticism narrowness jingoism zealotry bellicism ethnocentricity fanatical patriotism nationalism animosity bias bigotry chauvinism discrimination enmity injustice preconception racism sexism ageism antipathy apartheid aversion contemptuousness detriment disgust dislike displeasure illiberality mindset narrow-mindedness partiality pique prejudgment prepossession repugnance revulsion slant spleen tilt twist umbrage unfairness warp bad opinion disrelish foregone conclusion jaundiced eye misjudgment one-sidedness preconceived notion fairness good will impartiality love tolerance admiration approval esteem fondness happiness like liking loving pleasure respect sympathy justice regard prejudice xenophobia prejudices animosities antipathies apartheids aversions bad opinions biases bigotries contemptuousnesses detriments discriminations dislikes disrelishes enmities foregone conclusions illiberalities injustices jaundiced eyes mindsets misjudgments narrow-mindednesses one-sidednesses piques preconceived notions preconceptions prepossessions slants spleens tilts twists warps justices sympathies approvals respects lovings pleasures likes loves tolerances likings good wills Xenophobia debilitate hamstring hurt immobilize incapacitate injure paralyze sap stifle undermine weaken attenuate blunt disarm dismember enfeeble lame maim mangle mutilate palsy prostrate sideline dislimb unstrengthen aid assist cure heal help mend mobilize strengthen repair allow capacitate enable encourage support halt ruin damage impair destroy cramp vitiate spoil bring to standstill put out of action build improve create construct abate constrict contract cripple deflate disable dissipate extenuate lessen mitigate shrink thin expand extend stretch amplify enlarge intensify increase attenuated abated constricted contracted crippled debilitated deflated disabled dissipated enfeebled extenuated lessened mitigated sapped shrank thinned undermined vitiated expanded extended strengthened helped stretched amplified enlarged enabled intensified increased assisted aided batter assault bash beat break bruise buffet clobber contuse crush dash deface demolish disfigure drub lacerate lambaste lash mar maul pelt pommel pound pummel punish shatter smash thrash wallop wreck decorate fail let go lose restore fix ornament beautify adorn praise compliment surrender protect battered assaulted bashed broke bruised buffeted clobbered contused crushed dashed defaced demolished destroyed disfigured drubbed injured lacerated lambasted lamed lashed mangled marred mauled mutilated pelted pommelled pounded pummeled punished ruined shattered smashed thrashed walloped wrecked decorated failed let went encouraged cured lost restored repaired fixed built ornamented beautified adorned praised complimented mended surrendered protected created constructed healed battering assaulting bashing beating breaking bruising buffeting clobbering contusing crippling crushing dashing defacing demolishing destroying disabling disfiguring drubbing hurting injuring lacerating lambasting laming lashing mangling marring mauling mutilating pelting pommelling pounding pummeling punishing ruining shattering smashing thrashing walloping wrecking decorating failing let going encouraging curing losing restoring repairing fixing building helping ornamenting beautifying adorning praising complimenting mending surrendering protecting assisting creating constructing healing aiding benumb dampen deaden desensitize hebetate numb obtund soften take the edge off water down point sharpen needle enliven Cripple employee laborer peasant trader artisan breadwinner hand help operative proletarian serf slave stiff toiler blue collar company person craftsperson nine-to-fiver tradesperson wage earner white collar working person working stiff check hindrance obstruction unemployed agent abettor actor advocate ambassador assignee assistant attorney broker commissioner delegate deputy doer emissary envoy executor factor factotum functionary go-between handler intermediary lawyer mediary middleperson minister mover negotiator officer operator principal proctor promoter proxy representative salesperson servant steward substitute surrogate ten percenter worker agents abettors actors advocates ambassadors assignees assistants attorneys brokers commissioners delegates deputies doers emissaries envoys executors factors factotums functionaries go-betweens handlers intermediaries lawyers mediaries middlepersons ministers movers negotiators officers operatives operators principals proctors promoters proxies representatives salespeople servants stewards substitutes surrogates ten percenters workers income producer jobholder meal ticket provider carpenter builder cabinetmaker chips joiner mason woodworker clerk amanuensis auditor bookkeeper cashier copyist counter jumper counterperson notary office helper paper pusher paper shuffler pen pusher pencil pusher receptionist recorder registrar secretary seller shopperson stenographer teller transcriber drudge grind menial nose to grindstone peon plodder workaholic workhorse laze idler No-worker; will worker Workers Decompensation Government Worker Light Worker agreement consensus harmony support teamwork unanimity unification accord alliance comradeship confederation federation fellowship oneness sameness uniformity union indivisibility undividedness disagreement antagonism discord divorce separation coherence adherence attachment bond cementation cling clinging comprehensibility concordance conformity congruity connection consistency consonance construction continuity correspondence inseparability inseparableness integrity intelligibility rationality relations solidarity stickage tenacity unity unintelligibility difference nonsense incongruity incoherence nonconformity esprit de corps camaraderie common bond communion community community of interests cooperation esprit group loyalty group spirit morale team morale team spirit friendship acquaintanceship affection affinity amiability amicability amity association attraction benevolence closeness coalition comity company concord consideration devotion empathy esteem familiarity favor favoritism fondness friendliness fusion good will intimacy league love pact partiality rapport regard sociability society sodality understanding disassociation division neglect justice opposition enmity disrespect disregard impartiality fairness animosity ignorance aloofness incompatibility hostility estrangement disunion hatred hate dislike friendships accords acquaintanceships affections affinities agreements alliances associations attachments attractions coalitions comities companies concords considerations devotions familiarities favors fusions good wills harmonies intimacies leagues loves pacts sociabilities societies sodalities solidarities understandings disassociations divisions justices oppositions disagreements enmities animosities incompatibilities separations hostilities estrangements divorces disunions discords antagonisms hatreds dislikes propinquity kinship nearness proximity relationship togetherness vicinity remoteness distance soundness correctness durability heartiness horse sense integrality levelheadedness solidity solvency stability strength truth weight wit unhealthiness unsoundness Solidarity 19:55:40
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