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An outrageous act of hate Blacks respond to racist video circulating

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An outrageous act of hate, Blacks respond to racist video circulatingStudents and Old Dominion University officials on Tuesday forcefully condemned a racially offensive rap video featuring a young white woman in an ODU sweatshirt.As the video spread through social media, the university president issued a statement calling it "outrageous" and "vile," and the campus chapter of the NAACP organized a "safe space" to discuss it and decide what steps should be taken.“It’s scary to know that in 2017, I could be sitting next to someone in class who wants to see me back on a plantation or hung,” said Matt Thomas, ODU NAACP public relations chair.YouTube has since removed the video that was posted Feb. 4. After someone shared it on Twitter Monday night, it racked up more than 3,500 views and prompted outrage online. It was removed a little before 11:30 a.m. Tuesday “for violating YouTube’s policy on hate speech,” according to the website.Titled “White Gal – White Power,” the video showed a white woman in an ODU sweatshirt using a series of expletives in a rap rant against black people. The woman encourages killing all black people, using a highly offensive term, and holds a gun to the camera. She is also shown crushing a lit cigarette over a napkin that reads “Black Lives Matter” and wearing a T-shirt that says “My President is White.”A user called "Wobble Head" posted the video. It includes a tagline that says “ODU student aspired rapper.”Neither The Virginian-Pilot nor the university could determine whether the person in the video is an ODU student.At the "safe space" on campus Tuesday night, more than 100 people – including ODU faculty and students, and students from Hampton and Norfolk State universities – listened and spoke.“A lot of time when things of racial content happen on campus, the student body looks to the NAACP to take action,” said KeVonya Webb-Riley, ODU NAACP education chair. “I feel like in the black community, people don’t know where to start when it comes to taking action so we want to be a resource, a shoulder to lean on and a seed so that when/if future things happen, they don’t necessarily have to look to us but be leaders beside us to make change.”Community activists were also present, including Rocky Hines, founder of the Young Black Council, and Japharii Jones, founder of BlackLivesMatter757.“It was hurtful,” Hines said. “For it to actually go into full detail about what should happen to black people in the world was extremely hurtful.”Jones said he’d like to see other universities react swiftly to incidents like the video, and said he appreciates ODU’s quick response.“We’d like to let the ODU students know that we’re here for you,” he said.Broderick also said the school’s counseling center is open to anyone who needs support.Welcome To My life In The Chi www.twitter.com/MyLifeInTheChiwww.Instagram.com/MyLifeInTheChiwww.YouTube.com/c/MyLifeIntheChiChiraq


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