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Ann Reardon debunks the Deadliest craft hack. Originally a baking channel, Ann now uses it to warn of false and dangerous "hacks" and questions YouTube's negligence in allowing them to be promoted and monetized.

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demystify disparage mock puncture deflate discover expose lampoon uncloak unmask cut down to size show up unshroud flatter praise prove uphold confirm affirm approve attest authenticate back bear out bless buy certify check check out circumstantiate corroborate debunk double-check endorse establish explain give green light give high sign give stamp of approval give the go-ahead give the nod justify lap up make good make sure okay rubber-stamp sanction settle sign sign off on size up subscribe substantiate support thumbs-up underpin verify vouch warrant witness confuse contradict deny disallow disapprove discredit disprove invalidate oppose refuse reject disagree refute veto annul cancel destroy repudiate void confirms affirms approves attests authenticates backs bears out blesses buys certifies checks checks out circumstantiates corroborates debunks double-checks endorses establishes explains gives green light gives high sign gives stamp of approval gives the go-ahead gives the nod 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and pops cartels concerns corporations establishments factories firms fly-by-night operations houses institutions markets megacorps mills monopolies organizations outfits partnerships setups shoestring operations shops stores syndicates trusts ventures unemployment recreations avocations basically formerly primitively at first at the outset at the start by birth by origin first in the beginning in the first place incipiently primarily to begin with essentially actually approximately at heart at the heart of centrally characteristically chiefly determinately factually fundamentally importantly in effect in essence indispensably inherently intimately intrinsically materially more or less so naturally necessarily originally permanently principally quite radically really significantly substantially truly typically virtually vitally doubtfully apparently on the surface superficially ahead before all else beforehand initially to start with finally last at the beginning first and foremost 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the reason that inasmuch as seeing that since whereas all in all all things considered everything being equal forasmuch as in consideration of in light of in view of insomuch as pending seeing taking into account contemporary abreast au courant contempo current existent extant hot off the press in fashion in vogue instant just out latest leading-edge mod new newfangled present present-day recent red-hot state-of-the-art topical ultramodern up-to-date up-to-the-minute voguish with it old old-fashioned preceding succeeding accepted accustomed afoot circulating common knowledge customary cutting-edge doing fad fashionable general going around hot in circulation in progress in the mainstream in the news in use modern on the front burner ongoing popular prevailing prevalent rampant regnant rife ruling swinging trendy widespread antiquated uncommon du jour all the rage chic faddy in style stylish adoption benefit handling help need operation practice purpose service treatment usage value 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