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Ann Wilson Wiltern Fool No More / Anguish / Hendrix Manic Depression Live on Tour 2017

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One of the best female vocalists in rock music history performs original composition Fool No More from her 2015 EP The Ann Wilson Thing #1. Anguish and Jimi Hendrix Experience influenced cover of Manic Depression are from The Ann Wilson Thing #2."Fool No More," with its lyrics about pulling down the blinds and shutting out life, is actually a song of self-awakening, Ann Wilson says, one that recognizes the stark reality of time marching on. "This is about emerging from the blues," she says. "I have been such a fool all my life, just wasting it. It's got a pretty intense message. . . Who among us hasn't gone, 'I don't like this day, so I'm just going to hang out and waste it.' There are parts in this song that say I've been 'a fool on the ceiling, a fool on the floor' — that's talking about my own forays with addiction. I'd been wasting time, just being drunk, just wallowing. And so it's awakening from that." (Rolling Stone excerpt)Ann Wilson of Heart Tour band members are Heart guitarist Craig Bartock, bassist Andy Stoller (a member of the Ann Wilson Thing) and former Heart drummer Denny Fongheiser live in concert at Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA on March 12, 2017.


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