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Annoyed woman attempts to teach indecorous man a lesson on the train

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Annoyed woman attempts to teach indecorous man a lesson on the trainAnnoyed woman attempts to teach indecorous man a lesson on the train in Canada when he refused to move his feet off of a spare chair.'I'm about to spit in your f*****g face': Viral video shows heated argument on Canadian train when a woman SITS on a young man's feet when he wouldn't take them off of a seatMiel Vasulka sat on a young man's feet when he wouldn't take them off of a seatShe and the young man then had a heated argument on the trainA video of the incident was caught on tape and has since gone viral In a video which has gone viral, a heated exchange between to passengers takes place on Canada's public transportation system.A middle-aged woman attempts to teach a lesson to a young man who refuses to take his feet off of the train's seat - by sitting on them.The woman, who has since been identified as Miel Vasulka, said she's received an outpour of support for her actions - despite her aggressive way of going about them.She claims that she didn't actually sit on the unnamed man's feet, but rather sat in front of them, according to The Star.'I want to emphasize that I didn't sit on his feet,' she said.'That would be assault, and I did not assault him.'The young man became incredibly irate when she confronted him for his social faux pas. The two engaged in an expletive-filled argument that lasted several minutes. Vasulka sits down on the seat where the young man is resting his feet, to which he replies 'get off me please'.She then said: 'I'm trying to explain to you that your feet shouldn't be on the seat.'The argument accelerated as Vasulka calls the young man fat, and she later pulls the emergency lever which alerts transit employees to an incident. He eventually pushes her off of him.It ends climatically with the young man stalking away saying, 'I'm about to spit in your f*****g face.' Vasulka later said of the altercation that she was just trying to make the world a better place one step at a time. 'If I see some small injustice being done in society, I try to correct it,' she said.Woman in feet-on-subway-seats video denies sitting on TTC user¿s feet


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