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Another isolation crag FA. Very Fun trad climb with a crux finish!

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Birth Control Shirt WITH bottom line core essence gist nub body heart kernel matter meat nitty-gritty pith purport substance thrust decisive point meat and potatoes exterior outside exteriority nothing nothingness trivia affliction adversity anguish calamity cross crux depression difficulty disease disorder distress grief hardship illness infirmity misery misfortune ordeal pain plague plight scourge sickness sorrow suffering torment trial tribulation trouble woe help peace good fortune blessing benefit pleasure cheer comfort well-being good health relief consolation aid encouragement contentment calm good luck delight boon profit advantage joy happiness health basis antecedent assumption authority axiom backbone background backing base bedrock cause center chief ingredient data dictum essential evidence explanation footing fundamental hard fact infrastructure justification keynote keystone law nexus nucleus postulate premise presumption presupposition principal element principle proof reason root rudiment sanction security source substratum support theorem theory underpinning warrant end effect fact result surface periphery auxiliary reality bodies ashes bones cadavers carcasses carrion clays corpus delicti dead bodies deceaseds dust relics remains stiffs ones thoughts inanimates immaterialities spirits souls minds individuals nothings fantasies concepts abstracts assembly bed box chassis corpus frame fuselage gravamen groundwork hull main part majority mass material skeleton staple substructure sum tenor total trunk whole one thought inanimate immateriality spirit soul mind part individual fantasy concept abstract conclusion determination fiber final decision fundamentals income key point last word loss main idea main point main thing name of the game net nuts and bolts point sum and substance what it's all about whole story amount bulk burden consequence focus foundation import importance middle midpoint midst nitty gritty origin pivot quick significance upshot unimportance perimeter covering insignificance Birth Control Shirt Crux
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