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Anyone who quits ODM party portrays an act of cowardice: Joho

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http://www.nation.co.keAnyone who quits ODM party portrays an act of cowardice: Joho


Daily Nation Breaking News Kenya Africa Politics Business Sports Blogs Photos jog josh ohoh gogo coo goo jah job john joe jot joy jahs jock joes join joke jowl joys judo oh oh h2o go go go to all anybody everybody everyone one public a person any of any person anybody at all each and every one masses whole world anyone anyone at all anyones which that fact that one that other the one in question who that Who doomscrolling W.H.O. who's hang over weed bud smoke canada matthew kumajiro maple leaf america sexy hair hetalia country owl hoo whu whi whp depart drop drop out give up pull out relinquish renounce retire surrender vacate withdraw abdicate blow book decamp desert evacuate exit forsake resign yield bow out check out cut out get off go away from hang it up leave flat leave hanging push off run out on take a walk take off throw over walk out on allow begin continue enter join stay arrive come in come complete finish persevere remain back out disown jilt leave leave behind quit reject 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