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Apple’s faster, pinker new MacBook

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Apple has updated the MacBook with a new processor, faster storage, and better graphics. And it comes in Rose Gold, if you want something that looks hot.


Rose Gold Macbook Apple Macbook Rose Gold hands-on benchmarks laptop the verge verge 2016 macbook rapid agile brisk nimble hot quick swift fleeting electric flying hurried ready dashing snap fleet racing active breakneck hasty posthaste presto pronto snappy winged flashing PDQ chop-chop like mad speedball velocious screamin' clumsy boring tardy moral slow dull loose good tight sure stable sound firm set secure stuck held close ardent loyal true wedged glued wobbly untrue soft weak moving open ending easy wanton light wild bawdy giddy lewd lustful rakish sporty chaste strict clean pure decent gentle nice rapidly swiftly soon quickly apace flat-out hastily in a flash promptly fleetly full tilt hurriedly in haste hard deeply firmly constant continuing enduring eternal everlasting fast indissoluble lasting permanent perpetual persistent persisting steadfast steady concise curtailed ephemeral instantaneous little meteoric momentary passing short-lived short-term temporary transient transitory allegiant attached dependable devoted dogged faithful persevering resolute staunch tried-and-true trustworthy trusty unfailing unflagging unshaken unwavering brief careless depthless desultory half-assed half-baked haphazard hit or miss offhand perfunctory random shallow short sketchy slapdash slight sloppy speedy summary superficial uncritical abandoned corrupt debased defiled degenerate degraded depraved deteriorated dissipated dissolute gone bad gone to the dogs immoral in the gutter licentious perverted profligate reprobate vitiate vitiated wicked bad base debauched dirty dirty-minded evil filthy flagitous kinky lascivious low mean miscreant nefarious putrid rotten shameless sinful twisted unhealthy unnatural vicious vile villainous warped abiding cursory Fasters faster flush pink blowzy pale pallid white plain rose maroon cherry brick blush rust florid rosy ruddy coral wine copper russet puce garnet claret cerise salmon dahlia ruby titian crimson flushed fresh glowing healthy red roseate blowsy bronzed reddish scarlet high-colored reddened rubicund sanguine bittersweet bloodshot blooming burgundy cardinal carmine chestnut flaming fuchsia geranium inflamed infrared magenta rufescent vermilion full-blooded red-complexioned bright cheerful hopeful optimistic promising Pinker Pinkers pinker late modern unusual current strange unique recent latest modish novel now topical unknown unlike untried unused virgin dewy like usual future worn old normal common past fresh other more another else extra farther further added improved altered changed renewed revived newly anew affixed appended increased new on the side option over-and-above padding perk spare supplementary afresh another time come again de novo from scratch from the beginning in a different way in a new way lately once again once more one more time over over again recently a distinct a further a separate one more some other that beat experimental head hip innovative lead leading-edge liberal new wave pioneering progressive radical state-of-the-art vanguard dubious flaky mostly working pre-release suspect testing unready bare barren clean empty pale plain spotless uncompleted unfilled unmarked untouched vacant vacuous virginal void white additional avant-garde beta blank N.E.W. Macbook mac book macbook red pink blush burn color color up crimson flame glow go red mantle pinken redden rose rouge suffuse be suffused blare blaze brighten fill flare flush gleam glimmer glisten glitter ignite kindle light shine smolder thrill tingle twinkle coral fuchsia roseate salmon bittersweet bloodshot blooming brick burgundy cardinal carmine cerise cherry chestnut claret copper dahlia flaming florid flushed garnet geranium glowing healthy inflamed infrared magenta maroon puce rosy rubicund ruby ruddy rufescent russet rust sanguine scarlet titian vermilion wine bloody dye incarnadine paint rubify rubric rubricate ruddle tint turn red Rose Roses gilt gilded auric aurous accolade adjudication allotment bestowal citation conferment conferral decision decoration decree distinction donation endowment feather in cap gift gold gold star grant honor order presentation scholarship trophy verdict IRA business cash estate finances financing fortune funds interests investment kitty means money nest egg principal property resources savings stake stock substance treasure ways and means wealth wherewithal bread change chicken feed chips coinage copper currency doubloon dough jack legal tender meter money mintage piece scratch silver small change specie adornment anklet band bangle bauble beads bijou bracelet brass brooch cameo chain charm choker costume cross crown diamonds earring finery frippery gem glass ice jewel junk knickknack lavaliere locket necklace ornament pendant pin regalia ring rock rosary solitaire sparkler stickpin stone tiara tie pin trinket acclaim award badge bays blue ribbon commendation fame glory kudos prestige recognition renown reward commemoration hardware laurel medallion ribbon wreath capital coin jewelry laurels medal Gold golds Macbook mac book macbook orb drop pill center downtown place capital port burg borough polis urbs planet dust globe star universe creation sphere cosmos terrene vale terra world map ball balloon round rondure fir sap jade sage moss pine forest sea grass olive willow beryl kelly pea lime bice vert old earth marble circle globule pellet city hamlet seat sticks apple globoid spheroid boom town conurbation megalopolis metropolis metropolitan area municipality urban place big blue marble macrocosm sublunary world terra firma terrestrial sphere aquamarine blue-green chartreuse greenish-blue malachite peacock spinach verdigris viridian asteroid heavenly body luminous body planetoid wandering star Earth green apples Apple Apples rose gold manual primary direct automatic indirect hands-on gauge guess archetype basis benchmark canon example exemplar fact foundation law measure model norm opinion original paradigm pattern point of comparison precedent principle proof prototype rule scale standard touchstone yardstick barometer bore capacity check criterion degree depth extent guide guideline height indicator magnitude mark meter sample scope size span test thickness type width battleground bend blaze feature 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point rim lip brim hem skirt inside middle center trend bound touch border end lean tend adjoin march abut line incline join outline fringe trench margin butt on leave approximate be adjacent to butt communicate connect lie lie beside link neighbor verge angle away angle off arch bow buckle camber careen circle contort crimp crinkle crook crouch curl deflect deform detour double droop flex genuflect hook incurvate loop pervert round spiral stoop swerve tilt turn twist veer warp waver wilt wind yaw zigzag boundary bounds circumference confine extremity limit outskirt perimeter periphery selvage trim trimming bind circumscribe contour decorate define delineate encircle enclose flank frame mark off set off side surround abuttals ambit barrier beginning borderland borderline circumscription compass confines environs extent frontier horizon limits line of demarcation mark mere mete outpost pale precinct purlieus radius terminal termination terminus limitation term bend Verge Verges 2016 Macbook mac book macbook
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