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Arbitrary Government: How the Founders Defined Tyranny

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capricious discretionary erratic frivolous inconsistent irrational irresponsible random subjective unreasonable willful approximate fanciful injudicious offhand optional supercilious superficial unaccountable unscientific wayward consistent definite dependable logical reasonable regular reliable sensible steady unchanging circumspect democratic rational reasoned supported autocratic absolute bossy despotic dogmatic domineering downright flat out high-handed imperious magisterial monocratic no ifs ands or buts no joke overbearing peremptory straight out summary tyrannical tyrannous absolutist arbitrary authoritarian autonomous dictatorial full preeminent sovereign supreme totalitarian accountable circumscribed complaisant compliant conditional dependent flawed imperfect limited partial restricted submissive tractable yielding all-powerful czarlike driving pushing any way the wind blows blowing hot and cold careless changeful contrary crotchety effervescent every which way fickle fitful flaky flighty freakish gaga helter-skelter humorsome impulsive inconstant kinky lubricious mercurial moody mutable notional odd picky punchy queer quirky temperamental ticklish unpredictable unstable up and down vagarious variable volatile whimsical yo-yo cautious constant predictable stable thoughtful staid steadfast arrogant clamorous crack-the-whip dictative doctrinaire egotistic firm haughty imperative iron-handed oppressive pompous proud stern throwing weight around unlimited unrestricted humble meek obedient servile docile passive assertive bigoted bullheaded categorical cocksure confident determined egotistical emphatic fanatical fascistic formal high-and-mighty intolerant narrow-minded obdurate obstinate one-sided pigheaded prejudiced stiff-necked stubborn tenacious unequivocal wrong-headed ambiguous equivocal impartial indefinite vague willing amenable doubtful doubting dubious flexible fluctuating indecisive manageable not positive questioning skeptical uncertain vacillating aberrant abnormal anomalous bizarre changeable desultory devious dicey directionless eccentric fluctuant idiosyncratic iffy incalculable irregular meandering nomadic oddball peculiar planetary rambling roving shifting spasmodic strange stray undirected unnatural unreliable unusual weird calm common normal standard usual certain sure according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof every the architect author benefactor builder creator designer inventor organizer patron planner beginner constructor framer generator initiator maker originator establisher forebearer institutor prime mover opponent abort stumble sprawl collapse misfire lurch trip stagger sink submerge fall submerse miscarry go down fall through break down be lost come to nothing go lame go to bottom succeed rise achieve accomplish increase authentic careful correct definite detailed exact factual meticulous proper rigorous scientific skillful solid specific strict systematic true close concrete deft discriminating discriminative distinct explicit faithful genuine judicious just literal matter-of-fact methodical on the button on the money on the nose particular punctilious punctual regular right rigid scrupulous severe sharp ultraprecise unerring unmistakable veracious careless counterfeit easygoing false general imprecise improper inaccurate incorrect indefinite inexact lenient uncareful uncertain undetailed unreal unreliable unsuitable untrustworthy vague doubtful erroneous faulty lax misleading mistaken questionable untruthful wrong accurate belted bordered surrounded circumscribed compassed delimited edged encircled enclosed encompassed enveloped fenced flanked fringed girdled hedged hog-tied restricted rimmed ringed walled boundaried contiguous determinate finite limitary free loose unbounded unconfined unlimited bounded individual numerous precise special specified various a couple a few divers express many marked one several singular some sundry upwards of common usual undecided unpredictable unsure certain assigned assured beyond doubt convinced decided determined established guaranteed limited narrow prescribed set settled sure indeterminate indistinct not clear obscure unclear undefined unfixed bare disclosed discovered naked resolved solved uncovered unprotected bared caught clear debunked denuded divulged exhibited manifest open peeled revealed shown stripped unmasked unsealed unveiled apparent brought to light dug up evident for show found out laid bare made manifest on display on-the-spot on view unconcealed unhidden unsheltered visible clothed hidden ambiguous blocked closed concealed guarded private protected safe secret sheltered shielded exposed agreed definitive inflexible planned stated abiding arranged confirmed enduring firm level prearranged rigged rooted steady still stipulated unbending changeless inalterable in the bag inveterate never-failing set-up steadfast unblinking unchangeable undeviating unfaltering unflinching unmodifiable unmovable unqualified unwavering flexible soft unstable weak changeable irresolute unsteady variable fixed bound checked confined constrained controlled curbed hampered local modified qualified reserved restrained sectional hemmed in topical unrestricted extroverted outgoing adequate limitless satisfactory sufficient banded delineated zoned configurated outlined characterized described expressed pictured drawn illustrated interpreted mirrored personified portrayed sketched symbolized represented barred deprived reduced secured shortened tethered bridled chained clogged cramped decreased deterred diminished fastened fettered foiled frustrated governed hitched impeded inhibited manacled moderated narrowed obstructed prevented repressed stayed stopped suppressed tempered held-back reined in small appropriate different exceptional exclusive extraordinary main major memorable peculiar personal primary rare significant specialized unique unusual best characteristic chief choice first gala smashing sole designated earmarked especial festive momentous out of the ordinary red-letter select uncommon commonplace conventional familiar insignificant like minor normal ordinary secondary similar standard unimportant unnoteworthy least worst indistinctive undistinguished truthful veridical defined authoritarianism autocracy coercion cruelty despotism domination oligarchy oppression terrorism totalitarianism absolutism fascism high-handedness imperiousness monocracy severity totality peremptoriness reign of terror unreasonableness democracy absolute power autarchy dictatorship tyranny tyrannical rule czarism monarchy totalitarian government command ability aplomb authority authorization charge compulsion constraint control dominion expertise expertism expertness government grasp grip hold jurisdiction know-how leadership management might prerogative primacy restraint right royalty skill sovereignty strings supervision supremacy sway upper hand ignorance inability weakness freedom release submission contradiction countermand opposition recall reversal revocation subordination commands abilities authorities authorizations charges coercions compulsions constraints controls despotisms dominions expertisms governments grasps grips holds jurisdictions know-hows leaderships managements mights prerogatives restraints rights royalties skills tyrannies upper hands recalls oppositions countermands releases freedoms subordinations revocations reversals contradictions submissions inabilities weaknesses
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