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Archer | New Assignments? | FX

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Does Cheryl have a new job?? She's on it (maybe) 3/31 on FX. Subscribe now for more Archer clips: http://bit.ly/SubscribeFX Archer is an FXX original animated, ...


FX Archer spy espionage phrasing animated comedy h. jon benjamin sterling judy greer tunt amber nash chris parnell cyril aisha tyler lana jessica walter malory adam reed lucky yates krieger secret agent administrator cleric director patriarch pontiff pope prelate priest angel berretta cap coadjutor diocesan metropolitan miter mitre overseer primate suffragan abba bishop archer Archer advanced brand-new contemporary current different late modern original recent state-of-the-art strange unfamiliar unique unusual au courant cutting-edge dewy dissimilar distinct fashionable inexperienced just out latest modernistic modish neoteric new-fangled newfangled novel now spick-and-span topical ultramodern unaccustomed uncontaminated unknown unlike unseasoned unskilled unspoiled untouched untrained untried untrodden unused up-to-date virgin youthful antiquated common familiar future like normal old old-fashioned past regular similar standard usual deteriorated existent existing out-of-date outdated unstylish worn fresh more other added another else extra farther further increased supplementary improved altered changed redesigned refreshed regenerated renewed revived freshly newly afresh anew lately of late additional affixed appended new on the side option over and above padding perk spare necessary de novo from scratch from the beginning in a different way in a new way once again once more one more time over over again recently another time come again a distinct a further a separate one more some other that avant-garde Bohemian ahead of its time daring experimental forward-looking forward-thinking groundbreaking hip innovative innovatory inventive last-word leading-edge new-wave nonconformist off the beaten path offbeat pioneering progressive radical revolutionary trailblazing unconventional unorthodox untraditional way-out behind the times orthodox traditional conservative moderate conventional beta dubious flaky mostly working pre-release suspect testing unready assignation assignment Assignment assignate agent detective informer investigator mole operative secret agent secret service undercover agent emissary lookout observer patrol plant scout sleeper sleuth snoop spotter watcher double agent espionage agent foreign agent inside agent intelligencer plumber discover examine scrutinize case eyeball glimpse meddle notice observe peep pry reconnoiter search shadow spot stag tail trail view watch catch sight of fish out get a load of keep under surveillance look for recon set eyes on stake out take in take note ignore miss neglect overlook Benedict Arnold Brutus Judas backstabber betrayer defector deserter double-crosser fink quisling snake in the grass snitch spy stool pigeon treasonist turncoat agent provocateur agitator firebrand goad incendiary instigator intelligence agent noncooperator provocateur provocative agent provoker rabble-rouser radical ringleader spark troublemaker behold catch consider contemplate descry discern distinguish earmark eye feast one's eyes flash lay eyes on note perceive regard scan see survey witness disbelieve discard disregard forget look away misunderstand beholds catches considers contemplates descries discerns distinguishes earmarks eyeballs eyes feasts one's eyes flashes lies eyes on notes notices observes perceives regards scans sees spies spots surveys views watches witnesses looks away overlooks misses neglects forgets disbelieves misunderstands disregards ignores discards deceiver narc nark rat traitor weasel bug eavesdrop listen in overhear tap wiretap The Spy Spy The spy intelligence reconnaissance shadowing tailing secret service undercover operations undercover work underground activities cloak-and-dagger espionage intrigue suspense spying espial following voyeurism wiretapping Espionage Social Espionage Espionage Date Venetian Espionage Golf Shirt Espionage diction phrase terminology language locution manner mode parlance phraseology style verbalism words choice of words turn of phrase wordage command of language delivery elocution eloquence enunciation expression fluency gift of gab inflection intonation line lingo oratory phrasing pronunciation rhetoric usage verbiage vocabulary wording conciseness announcement argument articulation assertion asseveration commentary communication declaration definition elucidation emphasis execution explanation exposition formulation idiom interpretation issue mention narration pronouncement remark rendition set phrase speaking speech statement term utterance vent voice voicing word writ question silence concealment denial quiet suppression expressions airs aspects casts characters contortions countenances faces grimaces grins looks miens mugs pouts simpers smiles smirks sneers visages byword catchphrase catchword maxim motto saying shibboleth slogan styling tag watchword phrases bywords catchphrases catchwords idioms locutions maxims mottoes phrasings remarks sayings shibboleths slogans stylings tags terminologies utterances verbalisms watchwords wordages wordings silences mode of expression treatment vein Phrasing Phrased Phrase Phrase! energetic spirited vivid activated alert animate brisk elated energized excited active ardent buoyant dynamic ebullient enthusiastic fervent gay happy passionate peppy quick snappy sprightly vibrant vigorous vital vivacious zealous zestful zingy zippy lazy lethargic sluggish aggressive agile alive animated assiduous bold bustling busy chipper daring dashing determined dexterous diligent eager engaged enlivened enterprising eventful fireball forceful forcible fresh frisky hard-working high-spirited hyper industrious intense inventive jumping keen lively nimble on the move perky persevering purposeful pushing rapid ready resolute sharp spry whiz afraid apathetic calm cowardly disinterested dispirited dull idle ignorant inactive indifferent irresolute lifeless meek quiet slow stupid uneducated unenthusiastic weak abeyant dormant immobile inert quiescent airy blithe bouncy cheerful cheery effervescent elastic fanciful flippant frolicsome graceful jaunty light light-hearted merry nonchalant resilient volatile whimsical burdensome close closed heavy oppressive stuffy abounding awake overflowing replete rife stirring swarming teeming morose spiritless unanimated dead discouraged shy beaming genial grinning joyful radiant shining smiling sparkling sunny dark gloomy sad unhappy frowning sullen ugly carefree chirpy gladsome gleeful jocund jolly jovial lighthearted mirthful depressed troubled worried heavy-hearted sorrowful Anime Animators farce fun humor satire sitcom ball burlesque camp comicality drollery facetiousness funnies funniness grins hilarity hoopla humorousness interlude laughs merry-go-round picnic schtick slapstick takeoff travesty vaudeville witticism wittiness chaffing comic drama comicalness drollness field day fun and games gag show high camp high time jesting joking light entertainment send-up wisecracking sadness tragedy seriousness comedy farcicality jocoseness jocosity jocularity nonsense wit zaniness drama climax crisis dramatics emotion excitement histrionics melodrama scene spectacle tension theatrics calmness peace hilariousness waggery waggishness absurdity broad comedy buffoonery caricature horseplay joke low camp mock mockery parody play pratfall comedy ridiculousness sham skit solemnity sobriety clowning farcicalness jest ludicrousness Comedy JON Jon Jon Jonning it Benjamin admirable excellent first-rate magnificent marvelous outstanding splendid stunning choice fine grand superior exquisite pure the best very best bad inferior insignificant ordinary poor regular ugly unworthy cold cash cash hard cash money ready cash sterling estimable admired appreciable august big-name big-time commendable decent deserving esteemed good high-powered honored in limelight laudable major-league meretorious meritable name noble palmary praisable praiseworthy reputable reputed respectable respected valuable valued venerable well-thought-of dishonorable inestimable A-1 accomplished attractive capital certified champion choicest desirable distinctive distinguished exceptional exemplary finest first first-class great high hotdog incomparable invaluable meritorious notable noted peerless piked premium priceless prime select skillful striking superb superlative supreme tiptop top-notch transcendent world-class common crude detestable ignorant repulsive unable unexceptional unknown unskilled failing imperfect second-class second-rate unnoteworthy batting a thousand blameless bueno characteristic classic classical correct guiltless honorable illustrative inculpable innocent irreprehensible model neato not bad not too shabby paradigmatic prototypical punctilious quintessential representative righteous typical virtuous worthy erring incorrect wrong extraordinaire eminent fantastic incredible phenomenal rare remarkable uncommon familiar basic boring dull abstruse acute clear critical cryptic delicate distinct enigmatic esoteric fastidious fine-spun hairline hairsplitting intelligent keen minute nice obscure petty precise quick recondite refined sensitive sharp strict subtle tasteful tenuous trifling unadulterated unpolluted forthright indefinite blunt imprecise coarse undiscriminating unrefined Sterling Judy Greer Judy Greer Tunt brown tan golden yellowish gold yellow amber auburn bay beige bister brick bronze buff burnt sienna chestnut chocolate cinnamon cocoa coffee copper drab dust ecru fawn ginger hazel henna khaki mahogany nut brown ochre puce russet rust sepia snuff-colored sorrel tawny terra-cotta toast umber gum adhesive cement cohesive substance exudate glue mucilage paste pitch plaster resin rosin tar wax bisque blond chrome cream ivory lemon saffron sand xanthous Amber nash Chris Parnell Parnelle Parnell University Kenneth Parnell Mr Parnell issobel parnell Cammi Parnell Cyril Aisha Tyler Lana Jessica Walter Malory Malorie malori malory Malori Adam fountain pen marker stick nib quill ball point felt-tip stylograph open space pencil pen chip slat splinter splint trunk twig axis bent helm pedicel pedicle shaft spike spire support upright stalk reed Reed fortuitous happy hot successful advantageous adventitious all systems go auspicious beneficial benign blessed charmed coming up roses everything going favored felicitous getting a break golden hit it big holding aces hopeful in the groove into something on a roll on a streak promising propitious prosperous providential serendipitous striking it rich timely well unlucky bad inopportune unfortunate unpropitious unsuccessful bright favorable fortunate halcyon lucky opportune rosy well-timed inauspicious unpromising unsuitable ominous unhappy beneficent benevolent charitable dexter encouraging good merciful salutary smiling cancerous disadvantageous harmful hateful hostile hurtful injurious malignant severe unkind blissful content contented endowed glad granted joyful joyous discontent dissatisfied disturbed upset chance at random by-the-way casual contingent fluky inadvertent incidental odd offhand unforeseen unintentional unlooked-for unplanned designed foreseeable planned understood enviable covetable desirable excellent privileged superior welcome poor disadvantaged undesirable undesired fair-haired best-loved cherished darling fair-haired one fancy pet preferred treasured Yate Krieger kriegering Kriegerism informer intelligence agent operative spy undercover agent cloak-and-dagger man double agent inside man mole plumber snoop undercover man agent infiltrator inside man\u002Fwoman secret agent moles spies agents detectives double agents emissaries espionage agents foreign agents informers inside agents intelligencers investigators lookouts observers operatives patrols pickets plants scouts secret agents secret services sleepers sleuths snoops spooks spotters undercover agents watchers detective emissary espionage agent foreign agent inside agent intelligencer investigator lookout observer patrol plant scout secret service sleeper sleuth spotter watcher Secret Agent classified covert furtive hush-hush mysterious obscure private secluded undercover underground undisclosed unknown unpublished backdoor close closet dark deep mystic occult unseen abstruse ambiguous arcane camouflaged cloak-and-dagger clouded conspiratorial covered cryptic disguised enigmatical esoteric mystical on the Q.T. out-of-the-way recondite reticent retired shrouded strange under wraps unenlightened unfrequented unintelligible veiled aboveboard apparent honest known obvious open public revealed sociable unconcealed light visible clear defined explicit forthright legal legitimate confidential restricted secretive surreptitious backstairs inside sneak discreet dissembled dissimulated in ambush incognito sly sneaky stealthy sub-rosa top-secret unacknowledged under false pretense underhanded under-the-table code confidential information key mystery cipher confidence enigma formula oracle password puzzle classified information magic number privileged information skeleton in cupboard public knowledge revelation anonymous Jane\u002FJohn Doe innominate nameless pseudo pseudonymous secret such and such unattested unavowed unclaimed uncredited undesignated unidentified unnamed unsigned unspecified what's his\u002Fher name whatchamacallit whatsis you know who named identified clandestine hugger-mugger intriguing quiet cloaked cabalistic screened buried concealed hidden incog masked obscured privy ulterior underhand unsuspected candid frank overt Delphic acute complex difficult discerning hard to understand heavy hermetic incisive intricate learned orphic penetrating profound sagacious serious sibylline wise simple stupid trivial unimportant frivolous shallow superficial unintelligent assistant broker commissioner deputy handler lawyer minister officer operative operator promoter representative worker abettor actor advocate ambassador assignee attorney delegate doer emissary envoy executor factor factotum functionary go-between intermediary mover negotiator principal proctor proxy salesperson servant steward substitute surrogate mediary middleperson ten percenter force cause channel means medium organ power vehicle end agent consul diplomat plenipotentiary bailiff bobby constable magistrate marshall sheriff bearer beast of burden carrier conveyor courier drogher internuncio messenger porter runner shipper transporter receiver business person dealer entrepreneur financier interagent interceder intercessor intermediate mediator merchant stockbroker customer agency approach avenue course instrument instrumentality instrumentation ministry route way clerk amanuensis auditor bookkeeper cashier copyist counter jumper counterperson employee notary office helper paper pusher paper shuffler pen pusher pencil pusher receptionist recorder registrar secretary seller shopperson stenographer teller transcriber white collar Agents The Agents Agent The Agent
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