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'Are You Kidding?' Report: Judge Accused Of Helping Illegal Evade ICE Won't Face Criminal Charges

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Last week we told you that an Oregon judge who has been accused of helping an illegal alien evade ICE agents and leave the courthouse through a private door was still on the bench. Here’s an update: Judge won't face criminal charges in illegal's escape. -- The internal investigation is ongoing, but it’s looking less like the judge will face any sort of reprimand. -- Why do so many normal Americans go to jail for the same type of things, politicians/judges and the like NEVER DO? Sick of it!Seriously! This is why people are so divided, it not a level field anymore criminals get protection even from judges. ARE YOU KIDDING? Is this Criminal Judge at least removed from the bench? Travesty of Justice if not!!! What a load of CRAP!! She aided a CRIMINAL! Isn't that breaking the damn law?#EnoughIsEnough -- She's in Oregon… what did you expect? Get out of jail free card for the judge … nice.YouTube: Judge Accused Of Sneaking Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Out Of Courtroom To Help Him Avoid ICE Agentshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhH-iU...Twitchy: ‘Are You Kidding?’ Report: Judge accused of helping illegal evade ICE won’t face criminal chargeshttp://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2017/03...


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