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Area 21: NFL Triple Double Equivalent | March 20, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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NBA Basketball Lebron James Cavs GSW Stephen Curry Steph Curry field operation range space breadth compass distance expanse size sphere stretch width sector city square neighborhood zone locality section county state territory kingdom division domain parcel plot vicinity patch precinct dominion tract turf ward quarter enclosure block belt neck of the woods township principality whole bailiwick area beat diocese district jurisdiction province realm bed border frame garden piece row strip layer region amplitude comprehensiveness dimension extensiveness fullness gamut greatness inclusiveness largeness magnitude measure orbit reach scale scope spread sweep vastness circuit ambit circle circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution course cycle gyration gyre journey lap limit line perambulation perimeter periphery round route tour turn turning twirl way wheel whirl wind winding center middle interior inside compartment alcove bay berth booth carrel carriage category cell chamber corner cubbyhole cubicle department hole locker niche nook part pigeonhole place portion slot stall Area la chancla areas NFL la chancla Nfl threefold ternary third treble trine trinitarian ternate trichotomous trinal increase advance aggrandize aggravate amplify annex augment boost broaden build build up deepen develop dilate distend double enhance enlarge escalate exaggerate expand extend further heighten inflate intensify lengthen magnify mark up mount multiply pad progress proliferate prolong protract pullulate raise redouble reinforce rise sharpen slap on snowball spread step up strengthen supplement swarm swell tack on teem thicken triple wax widen lose decline fall deflate abbreviate divide contract shrink reduce diminish lower drop stop halt discourage hurt subtract deplete degrade play down retreat recede take back shorten condense abridge raze destroy demolish compress repress prevent curtail cease lessen undermine slow hinder decelerate 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beat circuit course path precinct route walk way March la chancla 2.0 la chancla 2017 la chancla 2016 la chancla nba la chancla NBA fall period summer time winter autumn division interval juncture occasion opportunity spell spring term while lace color pep enliven leaven salt spice pepper qualify discipline accustom school anneal inure fit acclimate steel harden train mature habituate toughen temper climatize neglect flex weaken soften acclimatize accommodate acculture conform get used to season acclimated indurate acculturate acquaint adapt familiarize accustoms baste brush with liquid drip grease lard Season la chancla ball B-ball brownball Basketball la chancla basketball Lebron James la chancla lebron james LeBron James Lebron la chancla LeBron lebron James la chancla james jame gsw la chancla GSW Gsw Stephen Curry la chancla Stephen curry Stephen la chancla sauce seasoning condiment relish comb groom powder clean adjust card cleanse curry disentangle dress hackle hatchel lay smooth rasp scrape separate smooth sort straighten tease untangle twist upset wrinkle disorganize disorder cook bake barbecue blanch boil braise brew broil brown burn coddle decoct deep fry devil doctor escallop fix french fry fricassee fry griddle grill heat imbue melt microwave mull nuke panfry parboil parch percolate poach pressure-cook reduce roast ruin sauté scald scorch sear seethe simmer sizzle spoil steam steep stew toast warm up cool help neglect be happy freeze wet aid ignore grow cooked brush coach drill educate lick into shape make attractive make presentable nurture preen prep pretty up prim prime primp put through grind put through mill ready refine refresh rub down shape up sleek slick up smarten up spiff up spruce up tend tidy train turn out forget mess up damage dirty groomed grooming Curry la chancla Steph Curry la chancla Steph curry Steph la chancla
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  Area 21: NFL Triple-Double Equivalent - March 20, 2017   Area 21: NFL Triple-Double Equivalent - March 21, 2017   The GameTime: Russell Westbrook's historic season.   LeBron James Triple-Double (24 pts, 12 rebs, 13 asts) Highlights - Cavs vs Magic - March 11, 2017   James Harden (18 pts, 13asts,12rebs) triple-double Highlights - Lakers vs Rockets - March 15, 2017   Nikola Jokic 5th Triple-Double (17pts, 14rebs, 11 asts) Highlights - Clippers vs Nuggets - March 16   GameTime: Triple-Double Fails - When good play goes bad while chasing a triple-double.   LeBron James grabs his 10th triple-double Highlights - Pistons vs Cavs - March 14, 2017   LeBron James grabs his 10th triple-double Season Highlights - Pistons vs Cavs - March 14, 2017   GameTime: Most Triple Double in A Season - 78 so far and counting   Russell Westbrook's - Highlights - Cavaliers vs Thunder - January 29, 2017 NBA Season   Area 21 Lakers March 14 2017 2016 17 NBA Season   David West Dunks All Over the Dallas Defenders - Warriors vs Mavericks -March 21, 2017   Is there a way to Stop Russell Westbrook in getting Triple-Double ?   James Harden's 18th Triple Double (41pts) Highlights - Rockets vs Pelicans - March 17, 2017   Russell Westbrook's Record Setting Triple-Double Highlights - Jazz vs Thunder - March 11, 2017   Marc Gasol triple-double (18pts, 10rebs , 10asts) Highlights - Grizzlies vs Hawks - March 16, 2017   Russell Westbrook Gets Standing Ovation at Barclays Center After getting triple-double   Elfrid Payton (22pts,14asts, 14 ebs) Triple Double Highlights - Bulls vs Magic - March 8, 2017   Inside the NBA - Is Russell Westbrook Shooting TOO Much ? | Mar 2, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season   Russell Westbrook on the scuffle - Warriors vs Thunder - March 20, 2017   GAME RECAP: Warriors vs Thunder - Highlights - March 20, 2017   Nikola Jokić on the Nuggets Perspective Moving Forward After Loss to Rockets - March 20, 2017   Steph Curry and the Warriors' bench celebrate his first dunk of the season - Warriors vs Thunder   Russell Westbrook Triple Double (19 assists) Highlights - Thunder vs Nets - March 14, 2017   Area 21: Can AD and Cousins Make it Work? KG and Sprewell discuss whether or not Things will work   NBA TV: The Art of Triple Doubles Feat. Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Jason Kidd   GAME RECAP: Nuggets vs Rockets - Highlights - March 20, 2017   James Harden, Eric Gordon & Trevor Ariza - Post Game Interview - Nuggets vs Rockets -March 20, 2017   Brandon Jennings and Terry Rozier Get Chippy Wizards-Celtics Beef - March 20, 2017   Russell Westbrook (17pts, 18rebs, 17asts ) 3ple-Double Highlights - Lakers vs Thunder - Feb 24, 2017   GameTime: Draymond Discusses His Non-Scoring Triple Double Night   Utah Jazz vs Indiana Pacers - Full Game Highlights - March 20, 2017   Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder - Full Game Highlights - March 20, 2017   GameTime Triple Double Fails March 13, 2017 2016 17 NBA Season   Fan Night: LeBron James Numbers Over Last Four Game after his 10th triple-double of the season.   Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game Highlights - March 21, 2017   Nikola Jokic 5th Triple-Double | Clippers vs Nuggets | March 16, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season   Phoenix Suns vs Miami Heat - Full Game Highlights - March 21, 2017   Russell Westbrook 34th Triple-Double | Thunder vs Raptors | March 16, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season   Jason Williams in Area 21 Shows the Elbow Pass - Inside the NBA   Area 21: Jason Williams Shares The origin of the “White Chocolate” nickname.   Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder - 1st Half Highlights - March 20, 2017   Area 21 Greatest Combinations March 6, 2017 2016 17 NBA Season   GameTime: Thunder's Playoff Run - March 11, 2017   Draymond Green Triple-Double Highlights | Cavaliers vs Warriors | Jan 16, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season   Cristiano Felício Steals Dwyane Wade's Triple-Double - Cavs vs Bulls | Feb 25 | 2016-17 NBA Season   Cristiano Felício Steels Dwyane Wade's Triple-Double - Cavs vs Bulls | Feb 25 | 2016-17 NBA Season   Vince Carter Blocks Demarcus Cousins Sends It Into The Stands - Grizzlies vs Pelicans - March 21   Area 21 Crazy to Play March 14 2017 2016 17 NBA Season   Detroit Pistons vs Brooklyn Nets - Full Game Highlights - March 21, 2017   Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks - Full Game Highlights | 3/21/2017   Area 21: Sprewell with Timberwolves - KG and Sprewell reflect on their days in Minnesota.   Area 21: Handles - KG and White Chocolate discuss the art of Ball Handling Skills   Area 21: Caron Butler in Afghanistan: speaks on his trip to Afghanistan.   GAME RECAP: Jazz vs Pacers Highlights - March 20, 2017   Rasheed Wallace joins Kevin Garnett on Area 21 | Feb 23, 2017 | 2016-17 NBA Season   Stephen Curry on Two Hand Dunk and Scuffle - Warriors vs Thunder - March 20, 2017   Damian Lillard 'We had Our Opportunities' vs Bucks - Post Game - Bucks vs Blazers - March 21, 2017   Julius Randle (13pts, 18 rebs, 10asts)Triple-Douple Highlights - Lakers vs Mavs - March 7, 2017   Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis & Jrue Holiday - Post Game - Grizzlies vs Pelicans - March 21, 2017   Denver Nuggets vs Houston Rockets - Full Game Highlights - March 20, 2017   Washington Wizards vs Boston Celtics - Full Game Highlights - March 20, 2017   Rajon Rondo Notches 6,000 Career Assists Milestone - Bulls vs Raptors - March 21, 2017   LeBron James - Pre-game Practice Interview - March 21, 2017   Demarcus Cousins Monster Night (41 Points) Highlights - Grizzlies vs Pelicans - March 21, 2017   Damian Lillard Nasty Cross Breaks John Henson Ankles - Bucks vs Blazers - March 21, 2017   Nikola Jokic Triple Double 17 Pts, 21 Rebs, 12 Asts Full Highlights (2-13-2017)   Milwaukee Bucks vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game highlights - March 21, 2017   Pre-Game: Russell Westbrook Interview - Warriors vs Thunder - March 20, 2017   GAME RECAP: Hawks vs Hornets Highlights - March 20, 2017   Isaiah Thomas (25 points) highlights vs Wizards - Wizards vs Celtics - March 20, 2017   GAME RECAP: Celtics vs Wizards - Highlights - March 20, 2017   Tyler Ulis (20 Points) Highlights - Celtics vs Suns - March 5, 2017   James Harden (39 Points) Highlights Win Over Nuggets - Nuggets vs Rocekets - March 20, 2017

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